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Why a Website Redesign Can Boost Your Traffic

Derek Robinson

By Derek Robinson

Month: October 2016

Why a Website Redesign Can Boost Your Traffic

Why a Website Redesign Can Boost Your Traffic

By Derek Robinson

So, have you been planning to redesign your website? If you haven’t then you probably should start thinking about that. It is a good idea to give your website a new look and we have a number of reasons why a website redesign can boost your traffic and consequently increase your sales.


The world of business on the internet is on a constant change. There are trends that will stay with us for a week, some for months and some for years. They all share a common element; they become outdated at a particular point. A while ago, owning a flash website was the in thing. Today, not a lot of people have flash sites. This website as a technology is slowly dying and giving way to new technology of today.


Let’s dive into more details and explain why it is important to give your website a different design.

  1. A New Look Gives Your Website Professionalism

Quick question; can you dress like you are straight from the 1950’s and meet a client for serious business that is not about dressing like you are from the 50s? We don’t think so. The impression the client will get is that you have outdated and still stuck to the old era.


Similarly, you cannot invite people to a website that looks like it is from the 90s. You do not want the cheesy, mobile unfriendly and bad graphics to give your clients doubts about your business. Most clients will start questioning your products and services based on how old and uncared for your website looks. To give it a boost and a new face, a redesign is one of the best ways to do this.

  1. Your Site needs to be Friendly to Mobile Devices

It is likely that when your website was built, the only thing a mobile phone would do is to call and text. There have been major changes and mobile phones have surpassed computers in access to the internet. Not most people actually thought we will come to this but now that we are here, it is important to make the necessary changes.


People are now accessing social platforms, reading news and buying items from their phones. Smartphone have become the new computers and are convenient because they are easy to carry around. If your website is unfriendly to these devices, the users will move on to another website very fast. A redesign with make sure you are not losing this important traffic and the consequent sales to your competitors.

  1. Changes are Inevitable

Initially, your visitors were attracted to your site because it looked innovative and professional.  Time passes and what used to attract them is now not that interesting. It is natural that clients will start looking forward to changes on your website. They will want to see fresh content and a different look. The best way to do this is through a website redesign.

  1. Most Old Websites are SEO Unfriendly

The reason SEO is very important is to ensure that the website is found and ranked by search engines. Most old websites do not follow the modern SEO practices and rules set by major search engines such as Google.  Not all new websites do but it’s more common in older sites.


There is not much that can be done on older websites in relation to SEO. There will be a time when the website will not be doing any good to your business without these practices. The best solution is to change the design and include the practices.

  1. Your Call to Action Needs to Work

Initially, most websites did not have a call to action on all pages. Today, you do not simply expect people to browse through your site and go to the contact page. You should therefore have a call to action on all the site pages. This will ensure that your visitors know the next step when they come to the end of the text. Whether it is downloading something, buying goods or services, subscribing or getting a quote, you need to be clear on what you want the visitors to do.


These are some of the reasons why you need to redesign your website if you have not done it in the recent past. As you make this important step, it’s a good idea to work with professionals in this web designing.


If you have any more reasons why redesigning your website is important or general ideas about redesigning feel free to share.

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Something About Ecommerce Website and Rebuilding

Something About Ecommerce Website and Rebuilding

By Derek Robinson

Most ecommerce store owners will want to rebuild their websites at some point. We will tell you why working with a professional will help you get a good one. There is something about Ecommerce website and rebuilding it that you need to know before you go ahead with the project.


This rebuilt will be for different reasons including the following:

– The current website slow leading to customer loss

– The current ecommerce store feels and looks old

– Direct competitors have rebuilt or built a new store that is better looking

– The conversion rates have dramatically dropped.

– Current store upgrades are taking more time and spending more money


Whatever the reason behind the rebuilt is, the storeowner will be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that having a new site will solve their problems in one blow. At this point, you need to keep in mind that the reason you have an ecommerce website is to make it easy to sell and make it easy for consumers to buy.


If the rebuilt goes right, you might see an increase in customers, sales, profits and an improvement of operations. However, it is worth noting that rebuilds can be a pain in the neck and can result in unforeseen risks and costs.


There are store owners with horror stories to tell. They got a rebuilt and the sales went to zero for a few days before the team could try and fix the existing problems on the new website. Prior to starting the rebuild process, there are a number of important questions you should answer.

Can your Business Afford the Ecommerce Rebuild?

One of the main risks that you face with an ecommerce rebuild is the fact that the process can wipe out your sales. So, can your business handle a few days without business? If the ecommerce is just a part of a larger business, it can tolerate the drop while the website is being fixed. If your business is entirely web-based, chances are that it cannot handle a complete shut down for a few days.


If you still need to go through with the rebuild, you need a plan. You should have a plan on how you will reverse the sales after the down time. The period could be long with multiple tests and checks or it could be just a simple process that does not take long.

What if the Rebuild Takes Longer and Spends More Money?

Almost all rebuilds take longer than planned and this brings with it extra costs. There are always important things that are overlooked during the process and they come back to bite your business. Think about if the business can really afford the process if it lasted twice as planned and doubled the budget. Keep in mind you will be closed for a longer period and will have to dig deeper in to your pocket without any sales.


Instead of one big rebuild that takes several months, you can think of smaller processes that will be rolled into one. This will prevent the extended downtime that might result in losses. This means that there will be limited changes which will cost less. You will also be in a position to track the process better and you can step things up or put them on hold when the budget is tight.

What Will the Ecommerce Rebuild Fix?

It is important to know what problems you will be fixing with the planned rebuild. The rebuild is risky and expensive and if you choose to follow this path, you should be sure that it will benefit your ecommerce website a great deal. This means that the rebuild should be fixing problems that other simpler and less expensive processes cannot solve.


Keep in mind that the problems that warrant a redesign are not minor things such as home page rearrangements. They should be significant changes like switching to one-page checkout, redesigning the showcasing and listing of products and adding backend testing frameworks to all store components. These are major changes that could bring significant benefits to the store.


It is, however, better to focus on one significant change than the entire project. This way you will prevent time wastage that goes to other unimportant elements that also waste resources. When the focus is on one problem, the decisions made will be clearer and this will ensure that the process is handled faster than usual. The only important thing is to ensure that the rebuild actually handles the main problems your ecommerce website has been facing without throwing it into other new problems.


To cut the long story short, the ecommerce rebuild can work, but you should expect chaos. It is likely that you will spend more than you budgeted and the process might take longer. The impact might not have the fireworks or be as big as you imagined. It’s just good to be prepared. For a better deal, you might want to consider working with professional web designers in New York for an affordable and fast ecommerce website rebuild.

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Reasons Why HTML5 Is The Future

Reasons Why HTML5 Is The Future

By Derek Robinson

Reasons why HTML5 is the future has become quite clear that more people are now accessing the internet via mobile devices than those using desktop computers. For this simple yet important reason, it is important that all businesses ensure that their websites are responsive to these widely used devices. There are many types of mobile devices and different operating systems which increase the challenges for the support of mobile devices.


Are you in search for a solution that will work perfectly? Well, HTML5 might be the solution you need. To start with, its capability to run anywhere is the main reason it manages to stay influential in the mobility world.


A while ago, HTML5 was mostly used for purposes of static catalog development and light weight micro sites structuring. However, HTML5 has since evolved and moved through many changes to attain WORA maturity in handling different applications in different mobility levels. The levels may include social engagement, gaming, trading business intelligence, entertainment and lifestyle. According to statistics, HTML5 has a share of about 68% in the mobile development world and its growth is progressive. The following are the benefits and reasons why HTML5 is the future:

The Semantics

Essentially, this means that there is a new set of tags that will enhance your HTML code and this will make it increasingly meaningful. Conventional developers use a lot of tag div. Now they can easily develop with the new tags which include nav, header and footer and this makes HTML more productive. When it comes to classification of different web page parts, HTML5 will provide all the necessary semantic elements.

Storage And Offline Benefits

If you are worried about the storage of user’s data for fast upload to servers, you shouldn’t. HTML5 will give you a bank you can use to store the data and synchronize it to the server when you need to. This feature will ensure that your application is working even when the user is to online and will greatly enhance performance.


It is not a good thing to have an application that will still function well without internet connection? It is and HTML5 can help you achieve this. HTML5 can create an experience that can be reached by users with or without the internet. In addition to this amazing feature, you will also be able to save important data to databases locally.

Interesting Connectivity

HTML5 has the capability of speeding up and boosting real time chats, and games. It also works in the delivery of improved communication. The connection and the video conferencing control is done in the browser directly and this does not require external applications or plug-ins.

Video Multimedia

HTML5 has the ability to integrate video and audio smoothly into browsers. This will not require any Silverlight or Flash. Initially, there was no solid way videos could be incorporated into website pages. This resulted in a need for video player development. These players were functioning well but the need for external plug-ins meant that you had to go through the annoying process of downloading them. Today, HTML5 does the work for you. Videos will run smoothly and users get a good browsing experience without any delays.

3D Graphics and Special Effects

Initially, developers had to use JavaScript or Flash/CSS in the fabrications of animations for website visual effects. HTML5 comes with new tags such as canvas which gives developers the ability to provide great visual effects that are similar to those produced through flash.  It explains why experts are saying it might be the right point to say goodbye to flash. Additionally, you will get other mazing features geared towards web graphics. These include WebGL, 2D Canvas among many other features. This just gives HTML5 more credits and authority in this sphere.

Integration and Performance

HTML5 will ensure that all your apps are fast and robust. This will allow you to handle multiple threading in the browser directly. There will be a JavaScript web worker running in the background and this will not need the assistance of any other scripts. Most importantly, it will not in any way affect the pages performance. Though the web worker will be busy running in the background other functions such as selecting and clicking will be much faster.

Flash Replacement

Without a doubt, mobile devices have won the computer vs. mobile devices war. They have taken over the world and more people are starting to use them in internet based activities. HTML5 is one of the most ready tools for a future full of mobile devices. It has the capability of developing modern applications and mobile sites. Adobe is already indicating the death of flash and developers will have to depend on HTML5 to handle web app development in the near future.


Mobile browsers have already embraced the use of HTML5 in the creation of mobile ready project. This is based on its uncomplicatedness in designing and building projects for smaller screen displays operated through touch. It will improve the markup tags including audio and video, animation canvas aspect, and modern semantic elements such as header, article and aside. This will give a different appearance and meaning to web page elements.

So, why Is HTML5 The Future?

According to statistics, about 60% of developers have already transformed to development through HTML5 for major projects. 19% native mobile developers are now using less of the traditional technology. For this reason, it is quite clear that HTML5 is becoming the new platform of choice. The technology in web development is maturing and improving every day. It is a matter of a short period before development through HTML5 surpasses any other native development methods.


There will always be people who believe they need native mobile application for more important platforms. Most of the developers are opting to go with the working smart and not hard bandwagon. In the near future a web application will be required to work for most of the mobile platforms if not all. For this and many other reasons, HTML5 is believed to be an important tool in future web development.

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reasons why your website design is not working

Reasons Why Your Website Design Is not working

By Derek Robinson

So you have had a website made and now your business is up to date with the current technology. Unfortunately, your website is not serving the purpose it was created for properly. The only reason behind failed web design and development is in the creation. We will have a look at some of the common reasons why your website design is not working as expected. You need to talk to a web design expert to have this corrected immediately.

Cluttered Homepage

If your design is involves a cluttered home page, then you can expect that the visitors will be greatly slowed down and this will significantly affect your website’s performance. We are not saying that your website home page should have limited things. What it means is that you can have all the topics you want but they have to be presented in an orderly manner. This way, your visitors will find what they are looking for faster. The reason you have a website is to provide information about your business online. When the website is not doing this, then it has failed.

Your Web Design Just Involves Paragraphs Of Texts

When your website is all about long paragraphs that have no visual breaks or some images to break the monotony it is highly unlikely that you will pass your message to enough target audience. Most users are in search of information they can scan through quickly and get an idea of what they are looking for. Simply put, blocks of text without any breaks or without some images are boring. Not many people will read through these blocks of texts and this just limits your website’s ability.  Web design professionals will help you with the layout of a perfectly balanced website content that will attract users and keep them reading what you have to say.

No or Improperly Placed Call To Action

Your web design and development is all about driving your visitor to what you want them to do. This is why you will explain what your business has to offer then tell your visitors what to do or where to go next. This is what is referred to call to action. If your site does not have a call to action or the call to action is not properly placed, then this will be a big problem. As your design is laid out, it is important to give the call to action the attention it deserves.

Unresponsive Web Design

It is sad that there are still many websites that will not format properly to fit in a small screen of mobile devices. This means that the design is unresponsive and you are losing a lot in matters of target audience. Note that most people now use mobile devices to access the internet.


If you think your design is not working properly, it is time to talk to a professional web design company.

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