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We Have Been Rated as Best of Long Island 2017

Derek Robinson

By Derek Robinson

Month: January 2017

We Have Been Rated as Best of Long Island 2017

We Have Been Rated as Best of Long Island 2017

By Derek Robinson

2016 and the years before have been good for both our company and our customers. This is best reflected in the recent best of Long Island award Top Notch Dezigns got for exemplary services in web design services. This is a good way to start a new year and we hope that our business will grow and reach more clients for the provision of high quality web design services.

Top Notch Dezigns is a Long Island New York web design company focusing mainly on the creation of attractive and highly functional sites. We have been providing our dedicated services to clients across industries for the past few years and this is what got us a nomination and a win in the Best of Long Island 2017 web design services category. This was a great honor and a good indication that the clients we have worked with over the years are satisfied with what the services they got. To us, this is motivation to keep on providing five-star services and adding more to always be the best at what we do. We believe that we cannot be the best of Long Island without clients and this is why we would like to take this moment to thank all of you for choosing Top Notch Dezigns in your projects.

Our focus is on the future and the ever-changing world of web design and development. Rules are always changing and we commit ourselves to always change our strategies with them. This is how we have managed to stay at the top of our game for the past years. Our aim is to remain the best of Long Island web design service provider and reach clients beyond this area. We always target providing high-quality services at pocket-friendly rates.

Beyond our top-notch service delivery, we also have follow-ups to make sure that what we started moves in the direction we set it. We have been dealing with clients with diverse needs and this has widened our scope of operation. Our hardworking and intelligent experts have a keen eye on every part of the processes they handle and this is how we ended up on the list of the best web design service companies in Long Island, New York.

We do not take this award lightly because it simply means that though the market has other players, we were voted the top company in our category. We would like to state that we have got here through hard work and the ever growing healthy relationship between our employees and our clients. Our company is based on a foundation made of discipline, hard work and creativity. These three pillars have ensured that we are always giving clients what they need and want and more.

If you are looking for the best of Long Island in web design services, you are in the right place. Talk to our experts about your web design, web development and any other related services and you will get award-winning services.

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Top UX Design Trends

Top UX Design Trends

By Derek Robinson

We have had a wild 2016 as far as user experience is concerned. There were some design trends that seemed weak at the beginning of the year but the year progressed, they became a big thing. These designs are rapidly evolving which creates the need to analyze your business in relation to the changes in the designs. As the digital era takes over all industries, it is important that you learn the importance of making a professional website for your business. This begins with understanding the expected Top UX Design trends that will change the game in the coming years.


The mobile and web design experience is changing every day. This is the main reason why you have to stay up to date with these changes. Failing to do so will only see you being left behind in your industry. It is important to have a look at the trends that are expected to rock the UX design world in the near future to make the necessary adjustments for your business website before you start losing.

  1. Skeumorphism Will Be Coming Back

Material design has been in the forefront all year round. Though this is the case, Skeumorphism is expected to make a comeback. Skeumorphism refers to the concept used in design to make items look like the real-world items. Skeumorphism will sneak into attractive material design interfaces in website and mobile design projects. all this is to give the user a better experience through what they see on your website.

  1. Scrolling and Parallax Are Here To Stay

While some design trends come and go and some change, some just stick around for a very long time. Scrolling is one of the trends you should expect to join the mainstream list in 2017. This is courtesy of the increase in video-based content. This content is based in playing and pausing the video or animation as the user scrolls and moves. The changes are all based on the movement the user makes. Most UX experts do not support scrolling, but we can expect a number of innovative ways scrolling will be incorporated without affecting UX negatively. When parallax is implemented properly, it becomes a great visual treat. There will be lifting of elements off screens, creation of dynamic 3-D effects with the foreground moving faster than the background.

  1. Video Has Got Big, and Will Get Bigger

Visuals have dominated the imagery department on sites and there will be a lot original images replacing the common stock images we have all become used to.  We will see more brands engaging professional designers in the creation of the products images. Video editors are already having a laugh in their work as the demand goes high. Photography gigs have gone up by about 22% in the 3rd quarter compared to the previous one.


Videos are being used and will continue being used in 2017 as a means to bring a better dynamic experience. It is emerging `as a great delivery of content. Videos have already become popular through social media networks in the display of short videos and live streaming.

  1. Progress in AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages will be an important element for Google in the coming year. For this reason, you can expect that brands will be quick to optimize the content for mobile to allow faster loading. Google is expanding AMP and we believe UX designers will be following suit. People accessing the internet through mobile devices have exceeded the people who are using desktop computers. It only makes sense to make sure that your site is loading faster on these devices or you will lose business.

  1. Interactions Within Interactions

In 2016, microinteractions gained a lot of popularity. Users have been rating apps, replying to push emails and setting status messages. These are good examples of microinteractions. This interaction will be working towards keeping the user informed about what to expect and asking for information as they handle their business.

  1. Colors Out of The Ordinary and Bold Topography

It is evident that website designers are already experimenting with bolder colors and moving away from the ordinary colors that have been common in this industry. We can expect to see a range of colors working together to create a bright display on mobile and desktop screens.


Topography is emerging as a style and tone setter for websites. It is building a personality for sites and evoking emotions which are important for any business with a website. UX designers will start experimenting with bolder and bigger fonts. We will now have dynamic font types accompanied by original beautiful images to improve the user’s experiment through visuals.

  1. Rapid Prototyping

Albeit Prototyping has become a norm in the UX design world, rapid prototyping is the new bandwagon capturing all the focus. This involves the creation of quick prototypes with important functionalities, workflow changes and complex interactions. Rapid prototyping allows changes in technology and design for purposes of enhancing the user’s experience. With the continued and increase in use, we should expect to see a rise in new rapid prototyping tools. These will be used to simplify things and allow experts to test the experience without a need to write code. At least designers can have an easier time showing the experience to the clients without necessarily going through all the processes involved.

  1. Feedback Will Attract More Attention

The collection of data and information through the conventional means is slowly disappearing. You will start seeing less of questionnaires and surveys and more of newer techniques that capture the thoughts, requirements, likes, dislikes and reactions of the user.


Technology used to capture feedback includes heat maps and will blend biometric and neurometric devices with eye tracking movements. The feedback coming from the technology will be useful to UX designers because they can provide actual evidence indicating what is happening. The evidence can then be used to convince the stakeholders to make all the necessary changes that are aimed at improving the user’s experience.

In Conclusion

The world is moving at a faster pace compared to a while ago. With this trend, we can expect to see more innovations and changes that are geared towards improving the experience of the user. The world of UX design is not any different.  UX Design is a very important in the World Wide Web and mobile development and design will benefit a great deal from in the coming years.  We also expect that the trends will bring about innovation and creativity and better experience for all uses regardless of the device they are using to access the internet.

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Important Tips To Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Important Tips To Make Your Website More User-Friendly

By Derek Robinson

If you have ever seen a good website, it is important that you know it is a combination of a number of elements in design, navigation, content and the functionality of the site Today, having a business website has become the center of attention in an era where people heavily rely on the internet for information. For this reason, your website needs to be as friendly as possible to your target audience. Your site needs to be intuitive, engaging and not overly complicated. Below are some of the important tips to make your website more user-friendly and improve your business’s performance and boost the sales.


Ignoring a professional website is no longer an option in this digitalized age. If you have a business website, you expect you’re a target audience to flood on it every day. The question now is, is the website user-friendly? Well if it is not, then the following tips will help you in improving the user’s experience on your website.

  1. Comprehensive Readable Content

Content will always be king. This is because to convince your audience, you need content on your website. If you can deliver content that is fresh, readable and interactive, then you will be on your way to making your site friendlier to the user.

Always Make your Content Easy To Scan

We are not talking about the technical scanning with a scanner; it is about scanning with your eyes. Internet users will always skim through content on a site and not read every word you have written. This means that you need to keep the paragraphs at minimum length. You can adopt the newspaper column formatting as it makes scanning easier. Use paragraphs, bullets, lists, headings and subheadings properly to help in breaking text and making it easy for the audience to get the important points with ease. You can also add images to break the monotony of text blocks.

Color Schemes To bring Contrast

It is very important that you find the balance between the website background and the content. It is a basic task but among the most important. If there is no contrast, it might be a bit difficult to read the content. When selecting your color schemes, make sure your content is visible. Special attention should be given to colors on black backgrounds because they are the most difficult to read.

It Is a Good Idea To Have White Space

If you would like to highlight elements and make them prominent, you might want to consider the use of white space. Crowded pages can lead to users not finding the essentials. White space will work positively towards giving the content space required to breath. According to web design trends, it is not extravagant to have lots of white space since it makes your design cleaner and less cluttered.

Choose your Fonts Carefully

There are elaborate styles that appear enticing but they are not necessarily easy to read. Choosing readability over style is one of the most important decisions you will make. In print, serif fonts are widely accepted while San serif fonts are recommended for online purposes. If you select many different fonts, then your content might be difficult to scan. It is important that you highlight links and keywords to make them stand out.

Avoid Broken Links

Broken links on the content will confuse users and make the site appear unprofessional. These links have a negative impression and will negatively affect the credibility of your content. This means that you should check all your links before launching the site of posting the content. Double check and triple check if you want just to make sure the links are working. You should have another eye looking at your site for broken links and always go through the site.

  1. Work On Your Navigation

Making sure that your navigation is clutter free is among the best things you can do for your website. Make sure your menu is not full of items because this just complicates the navigation. Simplified navigation is effective and improves the browsing experience.  The following are some of the ways you can use to improve your site’s navigation:

Start With Cleaning Your Layout

If your website has a confusing layout, it might be among the reasons your business is losing customers. Making sure the navigation is simple for your users will help a great deal in keeping the visitors on the site. The most important pages such as About Us and Contact Us should be highlighted to make them easily visible. If you want to use layers for different categories, make sure everything is organized and clean. This will give users an easy time to navigate.

Place The Navigation Strategically

The navigation carries options your users will be looking for, to make it easy for them to navigate, place it in a strategic position. The best place is on the top or left hand side. Just ensure that regardless of the device used, the navigation appears above the fold.

Do Not Forget About the Site Map

Site maps are not only important for search engines; they are very useful just in case the user wants to find a particular page on the website. If you give the user a map they can use, your website will appear friendlier to them.

Search Bars Do The Trick

It is a good idea to have a search bar on your site. This is because it will greatly help them in finding what they need many times faster than without the search functionality. On your end, you will get information on what people are searching for money on your site and this will help you make some changes to improve their experience.

Stay Away From Acronyms and Abbreviations

Avoid abbreviations and acronyms in titles as much as you can unless they are obvious. It is easy to confuse the customer and spoil their experience if they do not know exactly what the acronyms and abbreviations stand for. Just use common words such as ‘home, offers, contact us, support and blog’ to make things easy for the users for find the important pages on your website.

  1. Speed Really Matters

Time is an important factor and people will never have enough of it. When a visitor lands on your website, they want things to work as fast as they can so that they can move to other important things in their life. This means that it is quite easy for them to get really impatient. To avoid frustrating them, you MUST work on the website’s load time. To keep the visitor on the site, make sure it is loading within 4 to 6 seconds. Anything longer than this will be detrimental to your website. Faster load time will keep your visitors on the site and lower speeds will send them to a different websites which probably belong to your competitors. The speed will affect your traffic and your website ranking which will further affect your traffic. When Google looks at your site, one of the important things it focuses on is speed, so Speed up your loading time.

Avoid Large Files

It is very important to avoid large photos, videos, flash and any other large files. These things might seem like they are making your website appear amazing but they will actually slow it down and increase the clutter. Before you rush to add all these heavy files, think about the speed and loading time.

Use Compressed Files

If your website has many images, you might want to use them in compressed form. This will reduce the heaviness that will affect the loading time. Make sure you resize the images before you upload them. To be on the safe side, avoid resizing through height and width, use Photoshop instead. This is because Photoshop will resize the image without losing the quality and this is valuable for a website.

Reduce Redirects

It is obvious that with time, some pages can be altered or become outdated. This results in external links pointing to some old pages. The most important thing is to make sure that the users are getting a good experience and this starts with avoiding external redirects and only sticking to internal redirects that will not disappoint. Always check whether the links are working properly once in a while.


These tips are geared towards making a website friendly to the audience. They will also improve functionality can be great elements in the success of the website and business. You just have to make sure that you do everything carefully and take your time. Being in a hurry might give you unsatisfactory results. Making changes on your website is a continuous task that will ensure it is always accessible, ranked well and giving your users a good experience.  The best step to make is keeping a close eye on the site and testing it occasionally to check usability, optimization and check what your users are looking for.

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