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    6 Content Marketing Tips to Increase Website Traffic

    By Roger Banks

    At a time when the internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life, content marketing is at its most effective. It refers to marketing strategies used to attract, engage, and retain an audience through online material like articles, emails, videos, podcasts, and other media. With more and more businesses strengthening their online brand identities, using content to push for web visibility is becoming a quintessential part of digital marketing.


    The word “content” represents the global language of the online community. With about 5.16 billion internet users according to Statista, and more people joining daily, content consumption is at an all-time high. It is a powerful tool because it reaches multiple demographics. Regardless of preferences, people can always find content that suits their tastes. It is versatile in such a way that it entertains and informs across all age groups and social backgrounds. 

    how to increase website traffic

    Additionally, content wields a strong influence over web users. According to a Harvard study, online media has the power to sway the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of people. Furthermore, it can create a social effect that encourages collective responses among audiences who constantly engage with it. Since successful marketing aims to drive large-scale consumer behavior, adopting content marketing strategies promises significant business benefits. 


    Benefits of Content Marketing 

    Among other things, the internet is a vast digital marketplace, and as home to 64.4% of the world’s population, there is never a shortage of potential customers. You can discover where their interests align with yours and use it to your advantage. Here are some of the benefits content marketing can add to your business.

    • It engages potential customers: Content marketing is a great way to stimulate the interests of potential customers. Beyond viewing a typical ad, content covertly advertises your business by offering web users eye-catching material. When you provide valuable content to your target audience, you drive sales upward because content marketing expertly blends information with entertainment.
    • Content is highly sought after: With content marketing, the trouble isn’t convincing your audience to check your content, chances are they already want to. The challenge is finding the right type to keep them interested for longer periods.According to Little Dot Studios, a digital content agency, 74% of consumers admit to consuming a brand’s social media before committing to buying its products. 66% of those consumers also admit that a company’s page strongly influences their final purchase decision. Web users actively seek content, so it’s important to offer them something worth their while.
    • Quality content strengthens your bond with consumers: It is one thing for customers to patronize your business just because you satisfy a need, and it’s another thing for them to genuinely like your brand. Wrapping their needs in engaging content heightens their satisfaction and promotes consumer loyalty. Interacting with your business becomes an enjoyable process that they can share with others, consequently helping your business convert more customers.
    • It’s less stressful for your business and potential customers: Admittedly, traditional marketing tends to annoy most consumers and typically leaves many salespersons discouraged. People are generally unwelcoming to interruptions and even less so when those unwelcome disturbances are trying to take their money in addition to taking their time. According to Backlinko, 42.7% of web users use ad blockers for this reason. However, with content marketing, your potential customer is already looking for your services online and instead of boring sales pitches, you can make a great first impression with enjoyable content. 
    • It potentially expands brand awareness: Another rewarding aspect of content is the ability to go viral. When certain materials garner enough attention from web users, they tend to spread quickly and widely, breaching cultural and geographical boundaries. When your content is engaging enough to catch the attention of several netizens, it is shared repeatedly and this is a great way to increase brand awareness
    • It increases website traffic: Content marketing dramatically boosts web traffic using your most effective traffic source, organic search. Organic web traffic is the volume of visitors your site receives through a search engine results page (SERP). When web users conduct searches on platforms like Google, the results are ranked based on content relevance. When your website has the right content, it’ll rank highly on search result pages, increasing the chances of web users noticing your site. 

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    Content Marketing Tips to Increase Web Traffic 

    Now that you understand the significance of content marketing to your business, here are six tips on how to use it to your advantage. 


    1. Improve SEO Practices

    Search engine optimization (SEO) involves tailoring your content to suit the needs of web users and is the surest way to boost organic web traffic. Additionally, it not only needs to satisfy the very specific needs of your target audience but should also be easily accessible online. In other words, your content needs to be relevant to your target audience as well as optimized for search engines.


    SEO is key to making sure your website appears on the first page when users conduct relevant online searches. Consider the words your target audience uses to search for content on search engines like Google and Bing. These are called keywords or key-phrases and on a content-saturated internet, these serve as shortcuts that lead your audience directly to you. Each time you publish or update content with relevant keywords, your chances of visibility multiply. 


    Consequently, you need to focus on SEO to ensure that your website is visible to and ranked by search engines. Carry out content research to determine the type of content your online audience is searching for and with the help of SEO, offer them precisely that. 


    2. Collaborate with Content Creators and Brand Influencers

    With the proliferation of online content, creating it has become a niche on its own. Content creators generate entertaining or informational online material through various media channels, particularly social media. These individuals are prone to high-level creativity and are capable of generating buzz with their material. 


    Influencer marketing involves using brand influencers to advertise your business and is perhaps the most popular on social media. These influencers are individuals with enough popularity to sway the opinions of other web users; they are online celebrities and you can capitalize on their celebrity status to market your product. 


    Content creators and brand influencers operate within the same industry. While you need the former for their creative capabilities, the latter have devoted fans who may convert your target audience to customers. The 2020 Influencer Marketing Report stated that at some point, influencers have affected the purchasing decisions of over 60% of consumers. With quality content and the right person to make it trend, your web traffic could go through the roof. 

    how to increase traffic to your website

    3. Create Customer-Centered Content

    A customer-focused approach to content creation should be part of your content marketing strategy. When you’re creating a product for certain individuals, you should consider their perception and usability of such a product as a top priority. Likewise, center the content you create on your target audience. 


    Audiences expect engaging and useful content tailored to their needs, otherwise, they quickly dismiss it as irrelevant. To begin with, you need knowledge of the target audience; their needs, and interests alike. Put customers at the beginning of any content conversation by asking how it aims to serve them. Your content ideation should be inspired by consumer metrics. This helps narrow down their expectations and boosts your chances of meeting them successfully. 


    Customer-centric content is more inviting than generic material and it potentially generates better leads. By addressing the needs of target consumers, you set a strong foundation for meeting business goals in a way that carries your customers along. 


    4. Refurbish Existing Content

    If you’ve relied on content that’s been around for a while and you’re still not satisfied with the results of your online presence, it’s probably time to revise your existing content. With the evolution of digital trends, some materials are bound to become outdated. Once this happens, web traffic begins to plummet. It means your content has lost its relevance and your website could sink lower than even the dreaded page two of search results.

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    There are several ways to give your aging context a facelift. Among other things, you can improve keyword optimization, update headlines and meta descriptions, fix grammar and spelling errors, include updated facts and statistics, and republish content so it appears more recent. These seemingly minor changes will significantly boost your web ranking, increasing web traffic in the process.


    The fact that a strategy works now doesn’t guarantee its perpetual success. As your audience evolves and acquires new tastes, your content must also keep up to remain relevant. Occasionally taking stock of content helps you analyze its relevance to changing consumer trends. Some may need a few tweaks while others would require a complete overhaul. Additionally, develop the habit of consistently releasing new content. This replenishes your content library and makes up for any old material you have to delete.


    5. Explore Other Media Options

    While most websites generally opt for written content, you can incorporate other forms of media to generate more user engagement. Data released by Hubspot reveals that about 70% of businesses actively invest in content marketing. With such competition, you cannot afford to limit yourself to one form of content. Explore all possible content channels and expressions. It accommodates an audience with diverse tastes and broadens your scope of influence.


    Businesses that wish to maximize their content marketing efforts need to create content in two or more of the following ways.

    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts
    • Emails
    • Videos
    • Animations 
    • Podcasts
    • Infographics


    Content marketing has advanced beyond using the right keywords and it is crucial to adapt to the changing landscape. Excessive use of text may appear clustered and bore potential customers. However, the combined effort of multiple content mediums can potentially double your web traffic and increase revenue. 


    Videos and animations are particularly powerful tools for engagement. They also serve as effective formats for communicating complex information. You can create product guides and tutorials, repurpose lengthy videos like webinars and presentations into bite-sized clips, create animated demos and explainer videos, and so much more. 

    increase traffic to website

    6. Leverage Social Media

    Social media offers one of the best ways to promote your content. By sharing your content on different social media platforms, you make it easily accessible to around 92% of netizens who use social media. Networks like Instagram and TikTok have become popular platforms for creating and disseminating content. Factors like #hashtags and algorithms that suggest trending material also aid accessibility to content on social media.


    If your posts are both entertaining and valuable, social media users repeatedly share them among themselves, even across multiple social platforms, until they catch the attention of many. When you create content that aligns with consumer needs, both leisure and business, people will want to pass it on. Once this occurs, your brand’s visibility increases.  This is an effective way to generate social media leads, which you may then direct  to your website. 


    For a wider reach, you can create business accounts across multiple social media platforms. Additionally, since various social networks appeal to different categories or users, you can assign each platform to a specific demographic. For instance, because TikTok mostly appeals to younger people, the platform can be your designated Gen Z content channel.



    Valuable content is a solid foundation to build your brand identity. You can boldly advertise your business knowing fully that you have excellent quality to offer. With content marketing, you drive traffic to your website both directly and indirectly because it is a powerful tool for gaining web visitors from all over the web. Additionally, by using material that attracts and engages visitors, you gain their trust because they respect your brand for its relevant impact.

    Creating the right content can be a challenge. Fortunately, getting curated material from a digital marketing agency can increase brand visibility, and consequently, help you reach your target audience.

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