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    7 Great Ways to Generate Leads Through Social Media

    By Roger Banks

    A business or sales lead refers to a consumer who is interested in the products and services your company has to offer. This show of interest separates leads from other consumers because they are easier to convert. It is also why lead generation is integral to commercial enterprises and is perhaps the most important business strategy within any organization.  


    Generating leads should be a priority for every business owner. When there is a consistent flow of leads within your organization, it keeps your business profitable. This is because interested customers translate to sales, which in turn, leads to profit. While several methods of lead generation exist, social media has proven to be one of the most effective. Data released by Statista shows that of the 5.16 billion internet users across the globe, 4.76 billion use social media platforms. Leveraging such platforms brings your business to the netizens who make up about 64.4% of the global population. 


    Over the years, social media has evolved from merely connecting people. Governments and public agencies have also utilized social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok to disseminate information. However, its most popular evolution yet is becoming a vast marketplace that connects sellers and buyers from all over the world. 

    generating leads with social media marketing

    As businesses continue to grow their customer base on social sites, the alliance between social media and eCommerce is clearer. This bond was especially strengthened by the Covid-19 pandemic


    With the lockdown forcing people indoors, social media usage increased. Seeing this as an opportunity, businesses made up for the reduction in physical interaction by intensifying social media marketing efforts. While social distancing ruled the material world, the virtual one encouraged more interactions than ever before. This trend has continued even after the resumption of regular movement. 

    Advantages of Social Media in Business 

    For businesses that know how to harness it, social media is a powerful marketing tool. Here are some of its benefits:

    • Expands reach: With billions of internet users around the world, social media advertises your business to the far ends of the globe. It breaks geographical barriers by making your brand accessible to people from various regions.
    • Increases brand popularity: Just as social media is responsible for jumpstarting the careers of several individuals, it can also create awareness for your brand. By amassing more followers on various social networks, word about your business continues to spread.
    • Offers interesting ways to attract customers: Social media platforms offer an informal way of converting customers. This includes using exciting trends and creative posts to attract users.
    • Improves referrals: Technology sure has made things easy. So much so that with a simple click, potential customers can access your business accounts on social media. Customers can also share links to your business, making it easier to refer your brand to others.
    • Serves as an effective communication channel: With a developed online presence, consumers can always refer to your social media channels for important information. While print ads and radio commercials are okay, it’s faster, easier, and more cost-effective to announce promos and other details on social media.

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    Lead Generation Through Social Media 

    If you’re thinking about joining the online networking bandwagon or improving your social media marketing strategy, here are seven effective ways to generate sales leads through social media:


    1. Create a Social Media Presence

    Begin with the basics. To make sales online, you need a professional web presence. Various social media networks exist for different purposes and appeal to different audiences. While the younger generation prefers TikTok, older people find Facebook more appealing. Your business model should have an ideal customer profile from which you may determine the suitable social platforms for your organization. 


    Once you narrow down the ideal social networks, create a profile that reflects your brand identity. While you can retain some degree of formality, strip away all unnecessary officiousness since most web users go on social media for leisure. Design a profile with compelling content that immediately catches the attention of your target customers. Advertise your business but more importantly, engage your followers.


    Additionally, social media growth requires consistent effort. A consumer who lands on your page and notices that your most recent posts date back months or a year will immediately be discouraged. It’s like following a series with sporadic episode releases. No matter how interesting the narrative is, the inconsistency will turn audiences off. Consequently, in addition to creating a strong profile, you need to actively engage your followers. 


    2. Establish Your Target Audience

    While good digital marketing can break stereotypical barriers, it pays to have an ideal fraction of the populace in mind. This percentage of people makes up for customers who are most likely to use your services and buy your products. For instance, maternity products and services are mostly produced with expectant and nursing mothers in mind. For such products, sales are optimized by identifying the interests of these women, their likes, dislikes, and all else in between.


    It is possible to categorize web users into several types based on various demographics. Depending on each category, you can pinpoint suitable social media practices for your business. By arming yourself with relevant facts about your target consumer, you can leverage their interests and lure them in with strategic posts. You can determine what, when, and how to post content that drives social media engagement. 


    Tailoring your social media presence to attract potential customers is the essence of generating social media leads. By piquing their interests, you extend the amount of time they spend on your profile and increase the chances of converting them to customers. Gain insight into your target audience and engage it with the online patterns it favors most.

    simple ways to generate leads with social media

    3. Design a Functional Website

    While many businesses trade directly on social networks without a website, the presence of several scams on these platforms scares many consumers away. When your business has a functioning website, it reinforces trust in your first-time customers. Social media simply acts as the means to an end, the end being your website. Your profile displays the goods and services available, and consumers are then encouraged to visit your website to make their purchases. 


    It is famously said that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you must get a business website, design the best option for your budget. Avoid frustrating web visitors with underwhelming user experiences that compel them to abandon your website and discourage them from further exploring your social media page. 


    Design a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate with stress-free functionality. When potential customers see this, they are further convinced about your business’s credibility.


    To lead consumers to your website from social media, attach clear and clickable links to your profile and posts. Instagram, for instance, helps businesses by providing multiple ways for consumers to access their websites while interacting with their profiles. Consider taking advantage of each option. 


    4. Share Engaging Posts

    An amazing attribute of social media is the ability of things to go viral, breaching cultural and geographical boundaries. When posts garner enough attention from users, they tend to quickly and widely spread online. This is because web users repeatedly share the post among each other, even across multiple social platforms, until it catches the attention of many. 

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    These viral posts can also be in the form of virtual trends called social media/online challenges where several web users participate in popular online activities. The challenges serve as exciting ways to popularize various social media trends. A fantastic example is the ice bucket challenge that went viral. Several web users, including celebrities, posted videos of themselves getting dunked with buckets of ice water. The challenge was used by the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALSA) as an interesting way of promoting awareness about ALS. 


    You can create viral posts or begin an interesting challenge to promote your business. That would improve your social media visibility and make it easier for web users to find your business. Online contests and special promotions can also generate leads. Drive more social engagement by incentivizing your followers to interact more with your profile. They can comment on your posts, share them with others, or repost them on their personal pages. All of these increase brand awareness and generate social media leads.


    5. Run Social Media Ads

    Sponsored ads are an effective method of lead generation on social media. They leverage the habits of web users by showing them profiles that are relevant to their interests. For instance, if a web user interacts with various clothing brands on social media, the algorithm begins to suggest similar businesses. Once you run ads on social media, the platforms then recommend your business to users whose interests match your services.


    The biggest advantage of social media ads is that they offer your services to the target audience. Social media platforms have algorithms that monitor the habits of their users. Consequently, they feed users personalized content to keep them engaged. By using paid ads on social networks, you may feed your services to a curated audience specifically targeted by the platforms.  


    Social media advertising is a necessity if you want to generate leads online. You can hire a social media ad specialist to get you started. 

    generate sales leads with social media

    6. Consider Influencer Marketing 

    This method of lead generation is perhaps the most popular on social media. Influencers are individuals on social networks with enough popularity to sway the opinions of other web users. Simply put, they are online celebrities. Businesses take advantage of their celebrated online personas by contracting them to advertise their products and services on social media. 


    This method of advertising is effective because of the strong social influence involved. Some influencers have cult-like followings of devoted fans that make it easy to influence the buying habits of their followers. The 2020 Influencer Marketing Report stated that influencers have, at some point, affected the choices of over 60% of consumers aged 18 to 34 years. Therefore, a single post encouraging followers to patronize a business could generate massive leads.


    By collaborating with these social media celebrities, you get increased visibility through their popularity. Additionally, you can add incentives like a special discount code for customers referred by influencers. Apart from the motivation of reduced prices, it would make them feel seen and valued. Social networks like Instagram and YouTube are popular platforms for influencer marketing.


    7. Reward Follower Engagement 

    We all love to be rewarded for the work we do. A nod here and a pat on the back there encourages us to work harder at whatever it is we’re being commended for. When you reward social media followers for their engagement, it motivates them to continue as well as invite others. This increases awareness for your brand.

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    Discounts, promos, and referral bonuses encourage social media interaction and ultimately generate leads for your business. Referral bonuses are particularly potent because they essentially reward existing customers for introducing new ones to your business. This easily converts new customers and strengthens the loyalty of existing ones.


    Occasional giveaways are also a great way to encourage your followers on social media. Tie the giveaway requirements to factors that improve your visibility on the platform. For instance, you can ask interested followers to refer their friends and families, share your posts, or tag you on their pages to qualify for a freebie. As your followers compete to win gifts, your business generates leads from their efforts.



    Social media lead generation is an indispensable part of digital marketing because many online networking platforms are optimized for profitability. By harnessing all they have to offer, you can identify and capture leads who are already interested in your brand. With any of the outlined social media lead generation techniques, your business may enjoy an increase in lead count and online revenue. 


    Nonetheless, social media can be a little intimidating if you are new on the scene. From knowing what and when to post to understanding how hashtags work, it can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when your following doesn’t seem to be increasing. If this is you, don’t fret. Consider seeking help from a professional digital marketing agency to handle all your social media needs.

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