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    All You Need to Know About Digital Marketing for Real Estate

    By Ellaine Parsons

    Digital marketing has transformed the landscape of various industries in recent years and real estate is no exception. The market is developing in such a way that buyers may no longer have to physically assess properties before making their final decisions. This is all thanks to digital marketing. 


    Undoubtedly, the Internet has revolutionized advertising. These days, local newspapers and billboards are no longer the standard for advertising property. Digital marketing in real estate creates better publicity by showcasing property listings to a global audience. Additionally, certain digital innovations allow prospective buyers to thoroughly inspect houses without having to set foot in them. This eases the burdens of the seller/agent and the buyer alike. Suffice to say, digital marketing doubles as a savvy real estate agent. 

    Digital Marketing for real estate


    What is Real Estate Digital Marketing?

    Real estate digital marketing is a sales strategy that uses the Internet and similar technologies to sell properties. It leverages various online opportunities to promote your real estate business. After all, the Internet serves as a borderless global marketplace that allows unhinged interactions between users from diverse backgrounds. 


    Digital marketing transcends traditional advertising by overriding several inhibitory factors like time and location. When you partner with a real estate digital marketing agency, you can seamlessly connect with prospects from anywhere in the world through electronic channels like websites, social media, and email.


    Bear in mind that there are several professional agencies that offer premium real estate digital marketing services. They work as outsourced experts who can help your business grow exponentially using digital strategies like SEO content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, and web development. You can focus on other aspects of your business while these professionals develop and execute effective marketing schemes.


    Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Real Estate Businesses 

    The online ecosystem is a thriving community of active users. Statista reports an estimated 5.18 billion of them. Two key factors set the stage for successful real estate Internet marketing, the necessity of housing and an ample supply of potential buyers. However, these very factors make the real estate market highly competitive. Consequently, it is in your best interest, whether you’re a realtor or property owner, to understand how digital marketing can help you edge out the competition. 

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    Today’s world is largely digitized and so is your target audience. The National Association of Realtors reports that about 95% of home buyers first view property listings online before purchasing. 35% end up finding the the agent whose services they use to look for or purchase a home. These figures demonstrate how crucial digital marketing is to the buyer and seller.


    Almost all your clients will do their online background checks before contacting you. In a sense, your digital marketing plan is like a spokesperson who offers preliminary information to willing buyers. It satisfies their initial curiosity and leads them to you. Consequently, you need a solid online presence backed by effective real estate digital marketing. 


    The beauty of digital marketing is that it offers various avenues for successfully connecting with potential buyers. From simple to sophisticated or even trendy, digital marketing strategies are so diverse that you can easily find one that works for you. In addition, digital marketing is notorious for its precision. Such accuracy is enabled by data-driven algorithms that span multiple marketing channels like targeted advertising and tailored search engine results. With today’s technologies and the availability of data, it has never been easier to digitize your business. 

    real estate digital marketing agency


    Benefits of Real Estate Digital Marketing 

    Here are a few more reasons why digital marketing is a worthy ally for your real estate business. 

    • It targets a wider audience. One obvious area where digital marketing outshines more traditional methods is its wider reach. Local newspapers, billboards, and banners, while effective in their own right, are all forms of localized advertising. They primarily cater to consumers within a specific locale. However, digital marketing advertises to a global audience. As long as you have access to the necessary tools and technologies, potential buyers from all over the world may view your property listings online. Connecting to more audiences has never been easier. Fortunately, cyberspace offers multiple avenues for expanding your client base. Some of these include social media engagement, paid advertising, and SERPs (search engine results pages).
    • It increases brand visibility. A larger and more engaged audience is the perfect equation for brand recognition. The more people know about your business and the easier the access, the more they can interact with it. By connecting with a larger audience, your business enjoys higher engagement and, inevitably, better recognition. With digital marketing, you develop a strong online presence that stays relevant to your target market. Simultaneously, you increase brand awareness.
    • It offers comfort and ease. Digital marketing is undoubtedly a powerful and convenient way to advertise any product or service. Web users enjoy interacting with businesses that meet their needs using captivating techniques. Consequently, digital marketing is all the more advantageous for easy access. With enough tech savviness, you can offer various interesting and compelling digital solutions to potential buyers. Additionally, it eases your workload by digitizing otherwise tedious assignments. For instance, real estate demands rigorous paperwork. With digital marketing, you can reduce printing expenses and reinvest the money in better alternatives.
    • It keeps you ahead of the competition. Given the competitiveness that’s part of the real estate industry, effective digital marketing helps you gain the upper hand over the opposition. With the level of ease and immersiveness that digitization offers, cutting-edge cyber solutions effortlessly captivate and convert audiences. It comes as no surprise that many realtors have already embraced digital marketing, and it would be a disservice to yourself to lag behind while others forge ahead. With an effective digital marketing strategy, you stay competitive and grow your business professionally.
    • It attracts potential buyers with established interests. Digital marketing helps you target potential buyers who are already in the market for property. Earlier-mentioned statistics revealed that willing buyers are already scouring the Internet for available properties. Marketing your real estate business online is a great way to connect with ready buyers. Additionally, by bypassing the disinterested broader market, you eliminate bad leads and unprofitable business interactions. Essentially, digital real estate marketing ensires that your efforts help find your target audience with ease.


    How to Do Digital Marketing for Real Estate?

    In today’s highly competitive real estate market, it is impossible to get far without a winning digital marketing strategy. Here are some real estate marketing techniques to help you drive better engagement and secure better sales outcomes.

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    1. Optimize Your Website

    A business website is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy. As your online brand ambassador, it represents your business by conveying who you are and what you do to web visitors. Often, websites serve as the first point of contact for businesses, which makes it important that they leave lasting impressions. Websites are of particular importance in the real estate industry because they serve as digital brochures. When potential buyers search the Internet for available properties, your website should address their queries in a quick and efficient manner. 


    An optimized website has user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) working together to create a positive brand experience. It should tick certain boxes like easy navigation, accessibility, speed, and mobile responsiveness. 


    User-friendliness is non-negotiable when it comes to web design and development. You need a website that is easy to navigate. Visitors should easily find their way without feeling frustrated. Additionally, you need a fast-loading website that is responsive and adapts to mobile devices. 


    Datareportal reveals that mobile phones remain the dominant device for Internet use across most developing economies and a close second in developed ones. It accounts for over half of all website traffic worldwide. This is why it’s crucial that your website should be optimized for mobile devices. 


    Online customer service begins with showing visitors a good time as they browse your website. It should feature exhaustive information about your property listings. Before prospects schedule in-person meetings, your website should already intimate them with all the important details of the property. You may also offer virtual tours of your listings so buyers can get a better feel of the properties they wish to purchase. The goal is to provide buyers with a premium and productive experience so they leave your website feeling satisfied. 

    real estate digital marketing services

    2. Leverage Social Media

    Social media marketing wields a powerhouse of influence within the digital marketing space. According to Forbes, more than half of the world’s population uses social networking platforms. Not only are they a hub for networking, but they also boast a vibrant digital marketplace. With elements such as #hashtags, viral content sharing, and the likes, social media promotes your business on a global scale, and this makes advertising your business rather exciting.


    An additional benefit of social media is that algorithms curate content. These technologies tailor social media feeds by relevance. For instance, if a user has a history of interacting with real estate businesses and other related posts online, the algorithm assumes that real estate is important to such a user. Consequently, the said user gets more content suggestions relating to real estate. By advertising on social media, the algorithms showcase your real estate portfolio to interested users. 


    Creating business accounts across several social media platforms, particularly photo and video-sharing ones like Facebook and Instagram, is ideal. Regularly post about new listings and open houses so people can follow your updates easily. In addition, your posts should be immersive. Don’t just rely on shabby photos and videos. Instead, get a professional photographer to take flattering shots of the property. 


    Remember to use relevant hashtags so your posts get more visibility. For instance, you can may the hashtag #condosinnewyork for a condominium available in New York City. Social media users who search for those keywords can then find your posts. 


    3. Use SEO Content

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the heart of digital marketing. It is perhaps the best way for any real estate business to generate leads. With so many people searching for properties online, SEO holds the potential to catapult you to the top of their search results. 


    Here is how it works. Web users rely on search engines like Google to help them sift through vast amounts of data for information that is relevant to their search queries. Therefore, search engines function on certain optimization principles that allow them to offer the most relevant and reliable resources to their users. This is why the first page of search results is considered an authority. 

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    Backlinko’s click-through-rate analysis of four million Google search results revealed only 0.63% of web users opened page two of the results. Essentially, most people limit their inquiries to page one. If you want good visibility, your business needs to appear on the coveted first page of search results and SEO helps you you get there. 


    You need to invest in keyword research, especially for local SEO. This is because most property-related search queries contain specific locations. For instance, “houses in X” or “apartments near X”. Local SEO is advisable since it tailors your property listings to their locale, thereby making them visible to interested buyers. Consider publishing articles, blogs, and reviews about real estate or the home-buying process. 


    By using the right keywords, you can attract web users whose interests align with yours. Besides, SEO principles that apply to content marketing also apply to social media. Ensure that you caption your posts with the relevant keywords and hashtags. These contribute to higher visibility.   



    Any business aiming for online success needs to understand how the digital marketplace works. For real estate, the herculean task of rousing customers’ interests is a nonissue since most already search online. You only need to leverage the right channels for them to notice you. Furthermore, with effective real estate digital marketing strategies, you not only retain client engagement but also record increased customer satisfaction. For thorough strategizing, you may hire an agency that provides quality digital marketing services. With its input, you may achieve your business goals in a streamlined manner.

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