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    Best Personal Injury Lawyer Websites + How to Improve Yours

    By Ellaine Parsons

    The website of a personal injury law firm, lawyer, or attorney is an important digital asset that gives potential clients the information they seek and helps convert them into leads. If you look at the best personal injury websites, you’ll notice they pay due attention to educating their visitors, and they share several other traits too. For example, all of them rely on custom web design to deliver a great user experience.


    Some of the other common features of the best personal injury law firm websites are that they are responsive, their pages are quick to load despite the liberal use of graphics, they use a limited number of fonts, they incorporate different elements of the firm’s branding into the design, they use effective calls to action (CTAs), they include testimonials of previous clients, and they provide a secure browsing environment.


    Without any further ado, here is a selection of the best personal injury lawyer websites in the U.S. This list is in no particular order.

    Rosner Russo Shahabian

    best personal injury websites

    A distinct feature of this law firm’s website is the absence of the traditional menu. This paves the way for a clean and clutter-free header section. Instead, it relies on the hamburger button, upon clicking which visitors get access to a rather simple menu.


    Once you get to the homepage of the Rosner Russo Shahabian website, the three main faces behind the firm welcome you through the background of its hero image, highlighting that they are “devoted” to meeting their clients’ personal injury needs. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about the firm and request free consultations through strategically placed CTAs.


    A regularly updated blog gives visitors access to a wide range of helpful personal injury-related posts, which is great for search engine optimization (SEO) too.


    This law firm operates out of Farmingdale, New York.


    West Coast Trial Lawyers

    best personal injury attorney websites

    Although not a very common feature in the best personal injury attorney websites, this one mentions the amount the firm’s clients have received in compensation since it began operations through the hero image. It highlights up front that it serves the West Coast and lists all its locations in the footer.


    Just below the hero image on the homepage, the website lays emphasis on the reasons visitors should use its services, some of which include being around for 150 years, serving celebrity clients, a Harvard connection, and multilingual support. Another aspect that works in favor of boosting the confidence of potential clients is the mention of the firm not charging any fees until they win.


    The homepage of the West Coast Trial Lawyers website gives visitors a clear indication of the firm’s practice areas in a crisply sectioned layout. A chat option gives people the means to connect with the firm in a quick and easy manner. Accessing the website in Spanish is possible.


    A dedicated page that highlights the firm’s recent results, along with dollar amounts, is perfect for boosting confidence in the website’s victors. An informative blog gives readers insight into various personal injury-related matters and works well for SEO too. One possible drawback is that the CTA to request a free consultation appears only once on the homepage.

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    This firm has offices in:

    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco
    • Beverly Hills
    • Long Beach
    • Newport Beach
    • Solana Beach
    • Irvine
    • San Jose
    • Sacramento
    • Pasadena
    • Woodland Hills
    • Bakersfield
    • Fresno
    • San Bernardino
    • Glendora
    • Riverside


    Wattel & York

    best personal injury law firm websites

    A distinct feature of the Wattel & York website is that it uses a real-world video in the hero image section that plays in the background without having a negative effect on page loading speed. The fact that the video features attorneys from the firm is reassuring. This section also includes a simple form that visitors may fill out to request a free consultation. When you click on the live chat button, you get to view a video presented by David E. Wattel, a founding member of the firm. The video plays on mute until you choose to unmute it, which is perfect.


    Right below the hero image, you get to view the firm’s awards and recognitions, followed by its results across different types of cases. While you get to see the firm’s practice areas further down the homepage, you may also find them easily by using the menu just below the header section.


    The Wattel & York website presents a variety of information and data on the homepage without making it seem cluttered or burdensome. An interesting aspect is that you can check the results of different cases where the firm highlights the difference between pre-litigation offers and final settlements, which, in most cases, is significant.


    In the form of resources for the website’s visitors, it provides answers to various frequently asked questions as well as a range of articles and blog posts. Access to the website comes in English and Spanish. It also uses individual pages to highlight the expertise of all its attorneys.


    While this firm is located in different cities across Arizona, it also has a presence in California and Washington. It has offices in:

    • Chandler
    • Glendale
    • Phoenix
    • Tucson
    • Yuma
    • Newport Beach
    • Fircrest


    Arnold & Itkin

    best personal injury law firm website

    The Arnold & Itkin website uses the hero image to highlight how much it has won for its clients over the years, which helps instill a level of confidence in its users. The website makes good use of blue, the color of the brand’s logo, and the design is simple yet impressive.


    The designers of this website have ensured that the content is easy to understand without the use of legal jargon. It is compelling as well, which encourages visitors to schedule a consultation. This, after all, is the website’s main CTA. In addition, the homepage comes with sections that break the content up in an effective manner, be it in the form of testimonials or FAQs.


    The layout of the menu is straightforward, keeping the navigation simple. Visitors have the option of accessing the website’s content in Spanish, which is a great way to increase its outreach. However, the website does not have a blog, which is not ideal from the search engine optimization perspective. In addition, visitors cannot click on the phone number to make a direct call.

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    This firm has offices in:

    • Houston
    • Louisiana
    • Dallas
    • Midland


    Gray Law Firm

    best personal injury lawyer website

    Like a few others that vie for the best personal injury law firm website spot, the Gray Law Firm website uses a minimalistic design to rather good effect. Besides, it boasts of providing access in Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese, which is one step ahead of most of its competitors. Once you move below the hero image that indicates the firm’s overall winnings, you get to see the faces behind it all. This helps add a very important personal touch.


    The website’s menu is easy to use and it lets you find the information you seek seamlessly. While the menu lists the practice areas, you can find them on the homepage as well. A separate page highlights the results of different cases the firm has worked on in the past; including mention of how much money its clients have won. The placement of CTAs is strategic and effective. Like most others on this list, this website offers a regularly updated blog.


    This firm has offices in New York and New Jersey.


    Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco

    best personal injury lawyer websites

    This website makes it to the list of the best personal injury lawyer websites for multiple reasons. For starters, the hero image on the homepage clearly highlights the areas the firm serves, with specific counties finding a mention just underneath. Information about the firm and the types of cases it handles below the hero image gives visitors insight into what they may expect.


    With the aim of building confidence in visitors, the homepage highlights the firm’s extensive knowledge and experience. It also mentions various prominent media outlets that have recognized the services of this law firm.


    While this firm specializes in personal injury cases, its expertise also extends to criminal defensive and commercial litigation. Given the wide range of services it offers, the website makes use of two distinct menus, but the header section remains clean and uncluttered. The Success Stories page lets viewers filter results based on different types of cases.


    This firm has three offices spread across New York.


    Flanagan & Bodenheimer

    best personal injury websites

    When you land on the homepage of the Flanagan & Bodenheimer website, you see a welcoming picture of the firm’s partners, which adds a great personal touch. Since this law firm provides services on weekends, which is not particularly common in this field, this aspect finds a prominent mention in the header section.


    The web design company that has built this website has done well to include the online agent/live chat feature that remains static in two places without it being intrusive. Just below the header image, the website displays the results the firm has delivered based on different types of cases. Further down the page, you get to see the firm’s practice areas. Like the other top personal injury law firm websites, this one has a regularly updated blog too.


    This personal injury law firm has offices in Coral Gables and Hollywood.


    McClellan Law Firm

    best personal injury attorney websites

    Given that establishing trust plays a key role in an attorney-client relationship, the McClellan Law Firm website features the people who run the show through its hero image, while also highlighting the importance that experience plays. It points out that it has won well over 100 settlements and verdicts in excess of $1 million each, which is a noteworthy achievement. Just underneath, it lists its awards and recognitions, which are plentiful.


    This aesthetically appealing website with a muted color palette keeps navigation simple. Users can check the different types of cases the firm handles through its easy-to-use drop-down menu. They also get access to a variety of law-related content through the website’s blog. Being able to use the website in Spanish is another advantage.


    In addition to handling personal injury cases, this firm also specializes in business litigation. It is located in San Diego.


    How to Improve Your Personal Injury Website?

    Upon paying close attention to the best personal injury lawyer websites, you will find various common factors. By doing so, you may identify the shortcomings of your website and make the required changes. When it comes to redesigning a website, here are some aspects that need your attention.

    • Establish your website’s purpose. This could be attracting more leads, building brand awareness, or generating sales.
    • Understand the needs and expectations of your target audience.
    • Provide in-depth information about the services you provide in an easy-to-understand manner.
    • Keep your website’s navigation simple and seamless.
    • Pay due attention to SEO and conversion rate optimization.

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    It’s fairly common to make mistakes when redesigning a website, and avoiding them is crucial if you want your website to deliver optimum results.

    • You don’t audit your existing website.
    • You set the wrong goals.
    • You favor form over functionality.
    • You go through the process in a hurry.
    • You don’t research your target audience.
    • Your redesigned website is not responsive.
    • You provide outdated content.
    • You don’t optimize your content for search engines.
    • You don’t allocate enough funds for the project.
    • You use the services of an amateur.
    • You don’t think beyond the launch of your website.



    An important factor in building a website that delivers results is to go the custom web design way, which is the case with all the websites listed on this page. If you don’t, you may expect your website’s visitors to have a below-par experience and head to your competitors instead. The best personal injury lawyer websites are ones that work well in generating leads. However, just how well a revamped website performs depends on various factors, and sometimes even a small change can have the desired effect.

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