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    What Do the Best Website Designers in the World Focus On?

    By John Dion

    While most web designers follow different styles, there are a few elements that draw a line between the mediocre and the best. The intricacies are not secrets, and while most designers know what the process entails, the manner in which they implement what they know is different. Understanding the factors that the best website designers in the world take into account can be important if you want your website to deliver the desired results.

    best website designers in the world


    Providing Custom Design

    With more than 1.1 billion websites the world over, it is important to stand out. According to Siteefy, the internet becomes home to three new websites every second, which translates to around 252,000 new websites each day. This is why you need a designer who is creative enough to build a completely unique site that portrays your brand and its offerings in the best possible light. It can even be a simple website that is easy to navigate; designed to attract visitors and drive conversions.


    The best design company in the world is sure to steer clear of using templates and online website builders because it knows that they fail to produce the desired results. For example, using a template largely limits how you can tweak various components like the header and footer, and incorporating different elements of your branding into the design can also be a challenge. Besides, websites created using such tools tend to falter on the user experience (UX) front.


    The top web designers favor custom web design for multiple reasons. For starters, it helps differentiate your business from its competitors and helps build recall value. Custom web design is great for search engine optimization (SEO), through which websites appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). It comes as no surprise, then, that the best web design companies in the world have in-house SEO teams.


    Another important reason why the best web designers prefer building websites from scratch is to deliver a great user experience. The process starts by identifying your target audience, followed by determining its needs and expectations. By understanding these aspects, a web designer can focus on creating a website that your audience finds engaging, which is ideal if you want to achieve and maintain high conversion rates. Besides, custom web design also paves the way for creating responsive websites that are mobile-friendly.


    Using a Good Content Management System

    Another common factor that links the best web design companies in the world is their use of good content management systems (CMSs). You may think of a CMS as software or an application that web designers use to create and store content, manage workflows, and optimize the digital experience. Some of the most favored content management systems include WordPress, Drupal, and Wix.

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    Getting the Branding Right

    Branding plays a crucial role in the success of any business, no matter how big or small. From a web design company’s point of view, it needs to ensure consistency in branding when it designs any website. Your brand essentially refers to the story that connects your target audience to the products/services you offer. By ensuring that your website’s look and feel align with this narrative, a web designer can make your business appear more authentic, and this can go a long way in gaining recognition.


    Some of the intricacies that go into getting digital branding right include strategic placement of your logo, determining which colors to use, using white space in the right manner, opting for simple fonts, adding personal details, complementing your content with graphics, and ensuring consistency. The best website designers in the world realize that they don’t need to make these elements loud or cluttered, but still draw enough attention to make the desired impact.


    Effective Use of Space

    Space will always remain an important element in web design. This is because it dictates the flow of the content on the website and determines its readability. Designers who know what they’re doing use space in ways that you could not have imagined a while ago. They are using more space between text lines and general vast spaces on the sites. The most important aspect here is consistency. There needs to be consistency in spacing, especially with similar elements. Space also plays a major role when it comes to the creation of focal points. Text or images surrounded by white space appear larger and help attract attention.


    Bear in mind that space is not always white; it refers to the background without elements and can take different colors. Expert web designers start with important elements such as the menu and calls to action (CTAs), and organize them while paying due attention to space to ensure that they are clear and stand out on their own.


    Simplifying Navigation

    Contrary to what most people think, navigation should not be complicated. Instead, visitors to your website should be able to navigate it in an easy manner. It is also very important to keep navigational menus simple to avoid overwhelming users. Depending on the website in question, you may limit the number of items on the navigational menu between five and 10. Professional designers make sure the navigation includes elements that help visitors find their way through websites. For instance, there need to be directional arrows on a website that uses parallax scrolling.


    The main reason why designers make sure that the navigation is easy is because the easier it is, the more interactive users get on the site. When users find it difficult to navigate a website, they will probably leave soon after they arrive. Chances are that they will go to your direct competitor, which cannot possibly be good for your business.

    best website(s) in the world


    Reliance on UX-Based Writing

    Until not so long ago, web designers focused on visual interface and graphic elements when working on improving user experience, with writing typically taking second spot. However, this is no longer the case, and the top web design companies now pay adequate attention to getting their textual content just right. By focusing on UX, writers come up with copy that helps visitors with the navigation process, be it through the menu, buttons, notifications, or error messages.


    Now, the top web design companies focus on implementing UX-driven content marketing strategies to boost business. For instance, providing content that people find relevant and beneficial helps build trust, which then paves the way for building long-lasting relationships.


    Clarity on the About Us Page

    Creating a clear and easy-to-understand About Us page is crucial, and this is something you may expect from the best web design company in the world. It is very important, especially for small business owners, to tell their target audience who they are and what they do. This page should offer insight into your business as well as its history, the values it represents, and its functionality. Your website’s designer can also create a section with testimonials or success stories to show your audience what your business has been doing and how its customers feel.


    A common mistake that people make is having a long or wordy About Us page. You should keep this page concise and clear but with enough information to let visitors know who you are and what your business represents.


    Providing Contact Information

    As visitors navigate a website, it’s common for many to look for contact details. Without this important information, it can be stressful for users to contact you. This is why you need a special page for contact information. The key here is to make the page and the information highly visible. Apart from making your business appear legit, it is a good way to communicate with potential clients/customers.


    Using Effective Calls to Action

    Every good designer knows the importance of a website’s call to action (CTA). This is the statement that gets visitors signing up for memberships, subscribing to newsletters, buying products, or visiting other sites. The secret is to have a convincing CTA and place it at strategic points. To make sure this happens, it needs to be strong and obvious. This means the CTA should reflect what the website is about and guide its visitors into performing desired actions. Placement should be in visible areas, one of which could be the bottom of all the pages of a website.

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    Offering a Search Function

    There are numerous instances when visitors want to find information on a website but don’t have the time to navigate through everything. This is where designers can make things easy for your website’s users. With a search feature, visitors only need to enter words related to the information they seek and click a button. This gives them all the content related to the keywords they use. Finding information becomes easy for your visitors, which ensures that they engage with your website and move further toward conversion.


    Using Images and Videos

    It is clear that most people find images and videos more attractive than text. If you look at the best website in the world, you’ll notice highly effective use of imagery in different forms. A good web designer ensures that images and videos make it easy for a visitor to understand a website and the business it represents. While people love to see things in action, it’s important to use images and videos that your target audience finds relatable.


    Paying Attention to Security

    Your website serves as the digital representation of your brand and needs to be secure. Remember that the online world has its fair share of nefarious elements, and there might be people who are interested in acquiring information from your website unlawfully. This is why you need to pay due attention to website security and ensure that your website is safe from hackers. So, if you’re hoping to give your target audience access to the best website design in the world, your designer should set a strong foundation for a secure website and ensure checking all the right security-related boxes.

    best design company in the world


    Having a Good Team

    Even the best website designers in the world need support from other specialists to deliver optimum results. When you partner with a good web design company, you’ll notice that it has people who specialize in different realms. Oftentimes, collaboration is crucial for success.

    • Digital strategists carry out market research and establish the goals for a website.
    • Graphics designers work on visual elements like logos, colors, styles, and typography.
    • Copywriters create textual content.
    • User interface (UI) designers focus on getting the interactive elements right.
    • User experience (UX) designers focus on your audience’s behaviors, needs, and expectations.
    • Back-end developers use coding to develop complex behind-the-scenes functionalities.
    • Front-end developers use coding and focus on a website’s visual aspects.


    Some of the top web design companies in the world offer digital marketing and branding services as well. They also have digital marketers and branding experts on their team.


    How to Select the Right Web Design Company?

    There is no single best design company in the world because selecting a winner is largely subjective. However, there are several that deliver great results consistently. If you’re thinking about getting a top web design company to work on your project, you need to pay attention to different factors when making a decision. For starters, take your budget into account because not all agencies charge the same. How quickly you want your website to launch might have a bearing on the company you select. Looking for companies that have experience in your industry might work in your favor.



    Web design has come a long way over the last two decades, which is mainly because of evolving technologies. The best website designers in the world know that this realm continues to change rapidly, and that they need to keep up with the times if they wish to stay on top of their game. Besides, they also know they need to get every web design element right to find success with each project. While many may claim to be completely unique in how they function, commonalities will always remain.

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