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    Business Web Consulting Services and Fees Explained

    By Kay Swift

    Staying ahead of your competitors is key in the business world, no matter your industry. Perhaps you set up your office or store at a prime location to ensure your place at the top. A website is an equally important piece of real estate in this digital day and age.


    However, in the digital landscape, things work a little differently. Firstly, there is no limit to the number of websites to which the internet may play host. Secondly, online visibility isn’t based on a set location. It relies on the design, functionality, and optimization of your business website.


    To get and keep their competitive edge, some businesses seek out the services of web consulting agencies. Read this guide to understand what web consulting services are and how web consultants may help your business.


    What Are Web Consulting Services?

    What Are Web Consulting Services?

    Web consulting services are external services offered by web consulting agencies or independent web consultants. Web consulting agencies and consultants are experienced teams or individuals, knowledgeable about web development, design, optimization, and maintenance.


    Web consulting agencies and consultants offer advice, guidance, and counsel on specific topics. Usually, web consultants don’t work directly on project tasks, but may oversee them. Businesses with inexperienced internal teams often seek out web consulting services from a web consulting agency or consultant. 


    The purpose of a consultation is to get expert advice on building or improving an existing business website, app, or both. Your business may seek to hire a web design consulting agency or consultant for a one-off consultation. However, they’re more likely to step in and work with your internal team or management for a longer period, during which they may offer guidance surrounding the website development, design, and implementation stages.


    5 Reasons Why Businesses Consult a Web Consulting Agency

    If you have an internal website development, design, and maintenance team, you may wonder why you need to consult externally. Website consultants and agencies may not always be necessary, but there are valid reasons why businesses seek them out.

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    #1. Lack Of In-House Team Experience

    Some businesses’ internal teams are not as knowledgeable as they could be about web development, design, or optimization. A website consulting agency or consultant may get called in to train and guide them through part of or the entire process.


    #2. Existing Website or App Is Not up to Par

    An intervention may be required if an existing business app or website is underperforming—perhaps due to poor design or technical issues. A web consulting agency or web consultant may troubleshoot, and then give you advice on why this issue is occurring and how best to fix it.


    #3. Unbiased External Feedback

    When you work on a long-term project such as web design, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Website consulting services offer unbiased external perspectives. This valuable feedback may help you and your team make better web design and development choices.


    #4. Expert Guidance

    Working with a team certainly has its advantages. However, internal politics, alternative viewpoints, and rivalry may hamper or even detract from the website or app creation process. An external expert’s opinion may be able to level out the playing field and iron out the creases.


    #5. A Helping Hand

    It’s challenging to get a custom-designed app or website off the ground and operational. Many businesses hire web consultants to bolster their workforce during this demanding period. Having an experienced web consultant or agency on your team ensures things go more smoothly.


    What Can a Web Consulting Agency Do for Your Business?

    Web consultants and web consulting agencies offer invaluable advice. These teams and individuals are very knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of web development, design, and optimization. As such, they have a lot to offer your business.


    Here are a few key benefits of hiring a web consulting agency or consultant:

    • Give you the competitive edge. Web consultants will help give your business website or app a leg up in the digital space.
    • Upskill your internal team. Highly-skilled web consultants will help guide and train your internal team.
    • Identify overlooked web or app issues. An experienced web consulting agency will easily spot and solve or offer solutions to website problems.
    • Optimize your website or app. Professionals know web design best practices back to front and are in tune with the latest website development trends.
    • Ensure smoother sailing: An expert’s advice may ensure that your website or app development process progresses with fewer issues.


    What Are the Types of Web Consulting Services?

    What Are the Types of Web Consulting Services?

    Website creation is a complex process consisting of many steps and demanding various types of expertise. From visuals to coding, and brand voice to user experience, it takes more than a few experts to bring a website to life.


    Similarly, specific web design & development agencies and consultants may specialize in areas such as web analytics, marketing, branding, development, and design consulting services. Here are a few types of web consulting services.


    Web Analytics Consulting Services

    Web analytics refers to the monitoring of website or app user engagement and traffic using tools such as Google Analytics. Web consultants who offer web analytics consulting services may use collected data to help you improve your website traffic and engagement.


    Web Development Consulting Services 

    Website development is the technical creation stage of a website, mainly coding, programming, launch, and testing. A web development consulting agency specializes in offering web development consulting services related to this specific process.

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    Web Design Consulting Services

    Web design is also a part of the website development process. However, it encompasses more of the visual aspects of your website and its usability, such as graphic design and UI/UX. A consultant or agency offering web design consulting services will advise you on these topics.


    Web Branding Consulting Services

    Branding is another area where businesses consult with professionals. In most cases, a company is likely to have existing branding, including colors, fonts, and logo set up. However, web branding consultants may advise how best to implement these on your site or app.


    Web Marketing Consulting Services

    Web marketing requires an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), data-driven marketing, content marketing, and other effective online marketing strategies. Web marketing consulting services help to improve your organic and paid website or app marketing strategies.


    What Are Typical Website Consulting Fees?

    Web consulting services cost extra, separate from your website design, hosting, and internal team hires. Website consulting fees vary based on expertise and experience. However, as web consultants are external professionals, they usually charge a flat or per hour fee.


    The Average Hourly Website Consulting Fees

    Website consulting fees that an agency or individual may charge your business per hour depends largely on expertise. However, hourly website consulting fees are generally similar to other types of business consultant fees. Expect to pay website consulting fees of around $50 to $500+ per hour, structured on the web consulting agency’s or consultant’s reputation and expertise.


    The Average Website Consulting Flat Fees

    If you require website consulting over a long term, you may be able to hire a website development consulting agency for a flat project fee. It might charge you for a week, a month, a year, or for the entire project. While you may get a discounted rate, a percentage or all website consulting fees might be required upfront. Expect to pay a set website consulting fee of around $300 to $100,000, structured on the size and complexity of your project.


    10 Tips to Help You Select the Right Website Consulting Agency

    Not all web consulting agencies and consultants are as experienced as the next. Furthermore, you don’t always get back what you pay. A web consulting agency or consultant may quote whatever website consulting fees it wishes. 


    Be sure to follow these steps to ensure you get the best value, service, and turnaround.


    Phase 1: Find Suitable Web Consulting Agencies and Consultants

    Your first step is to find web agencies or consultants you wish to hire for web consulting services nearby. You may find professionals online or offline, but don’t forget to carry our due research.


    1. Shop Around for Web Consulting Services

    When looking for web consulting services, be sure to shop around, and don’t just go with the first advertised agency. Ask for referrals, look at all the top browser results, and find local listings. Web consulting services don’t come cheap, so you want to make sure you find the right fit.


    2. Browse the Web Consulting Agency’s or Consultant’s Website

    A web consulting agency can only offer a consultation with results as good as its own consulting website. An easy way to find out is to take a look at its website firsthand. Navigate through its website, noting functionality, design, user experience, and mobile friendliness as you go.


    3. Read Client Reviews and Testimonials

    A long-standing reputable web consulting agency or consultant should have online reviews and testimonials. Take a look at its listing on Google Maps, social media pages, and review websites to find the information you seek.


    Phase 2: Enquire About Web Consulting Services and Fees

    Once you’ve shopped around, you should have a list of a few agencies or consultants you’d like to approach. Follow the next steps to learn more about the web consulting services they offer.


    4. Ask for a Client List

    If you can’t find a client list on a web consulting agency’s or consultant’s website, ask. They should be able to provide you with a list. Don’t just consider the high-profile clients with whom they’ve worked. Look at the industries, client company sizes, and market audiences as well.


    5. Make Sure the Web Consulting Agency Is the Right Fit

    Chances are, if a web consulting agency or consultant has worked with similar size and industry companies as yours, it will be a good fit. Be sure to ask about its area of expertise; design, branding, marketing, and the like. Then, consider whether its consultants will complement your team.


    6. Ask for Quotes of Web Consulting Fees

    Asking for quotes is a necessary step. However, never choose an agency or consultant purely because it’s the cheapest. Weigh value and fit against its website consulting fees to find the best fit. After all, more affordable web consulting services that don’t meet your needs will be a wasted expense.


    Phase 3: Meet With Potential Web Consulting Agencies and Consultants

    Now that you’ve shortlisted the top web consulting agencies that are a fit for your needs, it’s time to chat to them. Your project requirements, deadlines, and its availability are of high importance.


    7. Be Upfront About Your Needs and Budget

    Time is money. Be upfront about your needs and budget to ensure you don’t waste time. Most web consulting agencies and consultants will be open to negotiate fees based on your unique needs and budget. However, if you know you can’t afford the fees, either reconsider your budget or look elsewhere.


    8. Outline Your Web Development or Optimization Schedule

    Before consulting an agency, be clear on your web design or optimization schedule. As web consulting agencies and consultants offer one-off services, their schedules may be tight. In order to be a good fit, they need to be available for your project to remain on track and go smoothly.


    Phase 4: Select the Agency or Consultant You Wish to Hire

    Phase 4 Select the Agency or Consultant You Wish to Hire

    Once you know what your selection of top web consulting agencies and consultants have to offer, pick one. You may need to negotiate and sign a consulting agreement or contract at this point. Also, prepare your team for the exciting collaboration to come.


    9. Read the Web Consulting Service Contract Fine Print

    Most web consulting agencies and consultants will ask you to sign a contract. Even if it doesn’t, it may be in your best interest to ask for one. You may want to forward a copy to your business lawyer to ensure everything is in order. He/she may also suggest additional clauses to add depending on your expressed needs.

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     10. Prep Your In-House Team

    If you have an existing team, integrating a new team member or lead, albeit temporarily, to the mix may be challenging. Avoid nasty surprises by filling your in-house team in beforehand on who’s coming, why, and how to treat them. Doing so will avoid conflict and ensure the web consultant feels welcome, appreciated, and respected.



    Whether it’s web analytics, development, or design consulting services you’re after, you may certainly find a web consultant or web design consulting agency to assist. Now that you know more about web consulting services, you’re better-positioned to find the right fit.

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