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6 Top Uses of Web Animation

Derek Robinson

By Derek Robinson

Category: Animation

6 Top Uses of Web Animation

6 Top Uses of Web Animation

By Derek Robinson

Animation gives the visual appeal you see on a website and this is why most sites have adopted it. However, there is more to it than just the appearance. Web animation will also improve the experience of visitors by making things more polished and smoother. The following are the 5 top uses of web animation and how helpful they can be in your effort to get more engagement.

  1. Animation Reveals Information

If your effects are animated, the message will get home better and clearer. Animation is used as a communication aid; animation will reveal more information as the user clicks or hovers over certain areas. When there is a box that crawls from the site, a slow fade or UI card spins, the user will get the revealed information better than when it just appears from thin air. In addition to giving you a chance to add delightful character on the site, animation will make the revelation of information less jarring. A good example is what happens on Flickr, there is a slow fade when users hover over the images.

  1. Transition

Windows with new information are not the only jarring elements in user-site interactions. When scrolling, switching pages and tabs or activating buttons on the site, animation can be a great benefit. To avoid abrupt changes noticed by the human eyes, motion during transition will help a great deal.


A good example is the Take It app. There is use of transitional animation and you will notice it as you scroll down through the pages. The same 6 images will change and move with you. This makes the move fun, comprehensive and smooth. This will help a great deal in the demonstration of the purpose and points of each of the pages that you view.

  1. Notifications

As mentioned, eyes are attracted to motion and this means animated effects are the best way to make an announcement when there is a change. Such animation is highly useful in sites such as ecommerce websites.  This is because it can assist in the creation of immediate gratification of an in-shop purchase.


There are ecommerce sites that use an animated ‘+1’ which will fly to the shopping cart at the top. This tells the user they have added something to the cart and draws attention to the cart telling them that they can check out what they have added in it.

  1. Emphasizing

The fact that motion attracts attention is useful in more than just the notifications. It can help in directing the user’s focus on a particular area of the page. A slight motion will grab the user’s attention. This is as long as you do not have other moving elements on the screen. This explains why the cursor blinking on text fields makes it easy to find it when it is idle.


Sites use such motions to attract attention to important areas of the page such as crucial instructions. This is especially the case where there might be many details that lead to the user not focusing on some of the important parts. The important thing is to keep things subtle to avoid giving the site a spammy appearance.

  1. Delight

In some cases, animation is use for delight purposes. The animation will mostly be employed to avoid distractions that might interfere with the user’s experience. This includes things such as missing pages and loading time. Using motions that are activated by scrolling or hovering can add life to what would otherwise be a boring page. A lot of people would rather see some motion on a page they are visiting than stare at content that looks boring.


When adding animation to your website, it is important that you ensure that it is done right because overdoing will do more harm than good. To be on the safe side, you should consider working with professionals in the industry and if you are here, you are in the right place.

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Reasons Why HTML5 Is The Future

Reasons Why HTML5 Is The Future

By Derek Robinson

Reasons why HTML5 is the future has become quite clear that more people are now accessing the internet via mobile devices than those using desktop computers. For this simple yet important reason, it is important that all businesses ensure that their websites are responsive to these widely used devices. There are many types of mobile devices and different operating systems which increase the challenges for the support of mobile devices.


Are you in search for a solution that will work perfectly? Well, HTML5 might be the solution you need. To start with, its capability to run anywhere is the main reason it manages to stay influential in the mobility world.


A while ago, HTML5 was mostly used for purposes of static catalog development and light weight micro sites structuring. However, HTML5 has since evolved and moved through many changes to attain WORA maturity in handling different applications in different mobility levels. The levels may include social engagement, gaming, trading business intelligence, entertainment and lifestyle. According to statistics, HTML5 has a share of about 68% in the mobile development world and its growth is progressive. The following are the benefits and reasons why HTML5 is the future:

The Semantics

Essentially, this means that there is a new set of tags that will enhance your HTML code and this will make it increasingly meaningful. Conventional developers use a lot of tag div. Now they can easily develop with the new tags which include nav, header and footer and this makes HTML more productive. When it comes to classification of different web page parts, HTML5 will provide all the necessary semantic elements.

Storage And Offline Benefits

If you are worried about the storage of user’s data for fast upload to servers, you shouldn’t. HTML5 will give you a bank you can use to store the data and synchronize it to the server when you need to. This feature will ensure that your application is working even when the user is to online and will greatly enhance performance.


It is not a good thing to have an application that will still function well without internet connection? It is and HTML5 can help you achieve this. HTML5 can create an experience that can be reached by users with or without the internet. In addition to this amazing feature, you will also be able to save important data to databases locally.

Interesting Connectivity

HTML5 has the capability of speeding up and boosting real time chats, and games. It also works in the delivery of improved communication. The connection and the video conferencing control is done in the browser directly and this does not require external applications or plug-ins.

Video Multimedia

HTML5 has the ability to integrate video and audio smoothly into browsers. This will not require any Silverlight or Flash. Initially, there was no solid way videos could be incorporated into website pages. This resulted in a need for video player development. These players were functioning well but the need for external plug-ins meant that you had to go through the annoying process of downloading them. Today, HTML5 does the work for you. Videos will run smoothly and users get a good browsing experience without any delays.

3D Graphics and Special Effects

Initially, developers had to use JavaScript or Flash/CSS in the fabrications of animations for website visual effects. HTML5 comes with new tags such as canvas which gives developers the ability to provide great visual effects that are similar to those produced through flash.  It explains why experts are saying it might be the right point to say goodbye to flash. Additionally, you will get other mazing features geared towards web graphics. These include WebGL, 2D Canvas among many other features. This just gives HTML5 more credits and authority in this sphere.

Integration and Performance

HTML5 will ensure that all your apps are fast and robust. This will allow you to handle multiple threading in the browser directly. There will be a JavaScript web worker running in the background and this will not need the assistance of any other scripts. Most importantly, it will not in any way affect the pages performance. Though the web worker will be busy running in the background other functions such as selecting and clicking will be much faster.

Flash Replacement

Without a doubt, mobile devices have won the computer vs. mobile devices war. They have taken over the world and more people are starting to use them in internet based activities. HTML5 is one of the most ready tools for a future full of mobile devices. It has the capability of developing modern applications and mobile sites. Adobe is already indicating the death of flash and developers will have to depend on HTML5 to handle web app development in the near future.


Mobile browsers have already embraced the use of HTML5 in the creation of mobile ready project. This is based on its uncomplicatedness in designing and building projects for smaller screen displays operated through touch. It will improve the markup tags including audio and video, animation canvas aspect, and modern semantic elements such as header, article and aside. This will give a different appearance and meaning to web page elements.

So, why Is HTML5 The Future?

According to statistics, about 60% of developers have already transformed to development through HTML5 for major projects. 19% native mobile developers are now using less of the traditional technology. For this reason, it is quite clear that HTML5 is becoming the new platform of choice. The technology in web development is maturing and improving every day. It is a matter of a short period before development through HTML5 surpasses any other native development methods.


There will always be people who believe they need native mobile application for more important platforms. Most of the developers are opting to go with the working smart and not hard bandwagon. In the near future a web application will be required to work for most of the mobile platforms if not all. For this and many other reasons, HTML5 is believed to be an important tool in future web development.

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advantages using animation video website

Advantages Using Animation Video With Website

By Derek Robinson

The world of web design is changing fast. From the blocks of text that were initially used to the modern websites with videos and now, the inclusion of animation ideas, the changes are coming in fast and strong. Web animation comes in different forms and shapes and can be the subtle feature on the website or be the focus element on the page. Animation can have a positive effect on your online presence. There are a number of advantages using animation video with website and we will have a brief look at the main ones.

Animation Is An Attention Grabber

The World Wide Web is full of websites in your line of business. Since you are competing with millions of other sites, having a specific unique feature will work positively in making your site more notable. Animation comes in different forms for different reasons you can use animation to distract the user during loading time especially for portfolios, minimalism and flat designs. Animation can also be used in the web menu, especially with moving icons and the hidden menus that are revealed with a click of a button.


Slide shows and galleries are other popular places where web animation is used in most websites. This is just a simple way of content display in a unique attractive way that attracts attention. Whatever form of animation selected, it should serve its purpose without distracting the visitors from the important content.

Web Animation Makes Your Website Stand Out

Most of the websites have static content. Adding animation to your site will make it stand out from the crowd. As mentioned, there are many different ways you can make use of animation to give your website a unique look. To get your website notices, you need great web skills and innovative content.


As you select your animation you should remember that mobile-first principle is becoming the model of choice in web design. Keep in mind that most web views are coming from mobile devices and you should incorporate this as you add the animated content and features.

Animation Achieves The Impossible

In most cases, the reason why most people use animation in their websites is to achieve something that is impossible to achieve using photos or real videos. If there is something that you might find impossible to express clearly using text or photos, animation will do a great job filling up this gap.

Messages Through Animation Last Longer

Any message you pass through visual and audio presentation will last longer in the mind of your audience. A short animated video introducing products/service or your brand can have significant impact on traffic visiting your website. A study indicates that people are 50% more likely to remember information they got through audio visual formats. This simply means that animation can help you communicate better and sell more products and services through your website.


Animation is flexible and can give you the advantage of introducing a number of products is short simple video. Some visitors do not have the time to flip through the website looking for specific products or services. Using an animated video can help you introduce all the services at once.

Always Remember Less Is More

A popular saying says that too much of something is dangerous. This applies to animation. Make sure you are not overloading your website with animated content. As mentioned, the animation should not interfere with the content. Where there is too much animated content the content might not send the message it was created for. Just make sure your website gets the right amount of animation in the right places and all will be well.

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The Wonders Of Animation In Marketing

By Derek Robinson

You must have watched an animation filmed and loved it; these films are adorable. Animation is the creation of motion through the use of illusion. The process takes advantage of rapid display of static images that have minimal differences. When the images are displayed, they create a motion and this is the foundation of the complex animation that is turned into our favorite films. Away from the films and into marketing, animation has found its place in the effective marketing of businesses online and on television. Of late, animation is becoming an effective tool in marketing and there are a number of reasons why this is so.


Have you ever thought of creating an advertisement for your business and found something difficult to achieve? Well, this kind of restriction is not known in animation. This is because professionals in animation can create just about any kind of illusion and not have to deal with the limitation of using a camera and actors. With animation, your pizza will fly to its destination and your products will transform into talking toons. Whatever you want to achieve with the advertisements, expert animation artists will deliver.


We all know how expensive commercial advertisements are. You will need to pay an advertisement firm to take care of the advert and the amount you pay will not be anywhere close to peanuts. The problem is that there are many commercials out there and for yours to be exceptional you will have to do something out of the ordinary. This is tricky especially if you are shooting the advert with a camera and real people. With animation you will not have to worry about your wallet because the advert will not cost you as much money and the limits will no longer exist.


People are in love with animation and would not mind watching an animation video on your website. This is how you attract attention and ensure that your visitors are staying on your site long enough to grasp a few important details that will lead to them actually buying something from you. You can also use the animation in your video marketing campaign on video websites such as YouTube. The most important thing is to ensure that the animation video is professionally done and that it contains the kind of content that can easily convert a visitor into a buyer and a buyer into a loyal customer.


Animation is obviously not everybody’s cup of tea and you will need to find the best animation artists to deliver what you are in search of. Luckily, you do not have to search far and wide, we have a team ready to start working on your ideas and transforming them into a short but interesting animation video that will market your business. Unlike the normal kind of videos, a simple animation video will not take a lot of time to create and thus you will use it within a short period of making an order. The good thing is that you will be working with our team of professionals who will incorporate you in the process to ensure that everything goes according to your will.

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