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    Custom Animation

    Giving you easy means to enhance your brand’s perspective

    The use of animation as a marketing tool is not new and you have probably seen it in videos, icons, logos, and applications.

    By using the right production values, our team creates unique and differentiated animation that gets your message across effectively, often more so than other mediums. Given the creativity that animation allows,
    we can bring just about any concept to life.


    Why Use

    Animation, when used in the right way, makes marketing material more attractive and impressive, helping businesses attract more customers.

    Freedom in diversity. The freedom animation presents enables our team to create characters in different forms. They successfully represent diversity without the need of actually casting actors from different ethnicities.

    Flexibility. Sliding scales and bending laws of nature are easy with animation, giving our team the creative flexibility they need to bring your ideas and offerings to life.

    Conceptualizing. Using animation gives you an easy way to demonstrate steps in a process. It works well in adapting literal to conceptual by actually demonstrating the thought behind a process.

    Adding context. Imagine a long shot of our planet that zooms into a city, a neighborhood, and then your business. No matter what your need, our team can use animation to put it into perspective.


    How We Do It

    Our experts to get work only after taking into account your target audience, the purpose of creating the animation, your preferred tone, and the call to action. They come up with a script which is sent to you for approval, and this is followed by making any required changes.

    Next, you get to see the storyboard we create, at which point you may suggest further changes. Once the animation is complete, our voice-over artists do what they do best.

    Some kinds of animation videos we create include:
    • Sales videos
    • Explainer videos
    • Storytelling videos
    • Corporate videos
    • Product/service overview videos
    • Landing page videos
    • Social media videos

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