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    How Business Consultants Can Help You Grow Your Business

    By Roger Banks

    The business world can undoubtedly be overwhelming. For startups stepping onto a scene that is already dominated by the big leagues; the challenges often seem endless, sadly, many give up. According to Harvard Business Review, over 66% of new businesses fail. Growing your small or medium-sized enterprise requires staying ahead of the competition or at least having an edge that sets you apart. 


    As a small business owner, you might be tempted to do it all on your own, particularly if your business idea was born out of passion. Nonetheless, know that one of the best things you can do for your business is to seek out the right people to contribute their expertise to your dream. One such person is a business consultant. 


    Who Is a Business Consultant?

    Business consultants are independent contractors who assist business owners with navigating the business sphere. Using their expertise, they offer professional advice to businesses for better efficiency. What makes them trustworthy is a portfolio showing years of experience. This is much like how you would trust a professor in his/her field, knowing years of work are invested in the title.


    What Goes Into Startup Business Consulting?

    If you own a startup, consider getting a startup consultant. These are business consultants who specialize in helping new businesses grow.


    Startup business consulting is typically more intricate than general consulting. It influences your business in its formative stages and these early years are critical to the success of any business. Here are nine areas where business consultants help businesses develop:


    1. Development and Planning

    Without the necessary steps, a business can remain stagnated. A business consultant’s primary responsibility is to help your business succeed and this requires adequate planning. 

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    It is often said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and such is the case with business. Your consultant helps you formulate business plans that are tailored to your enterprise. These plans are essentially designed to promote your business from its current position to the next level of growth.


    Think of it this way, you most likely have a picture of where you want your business to be, the perfect picture of success, but the question remains, how do you get there? This is where your business consultant comes in, furnishing you with ideas that will launch your business into the next phase of development.


    2. Sales and Marketing 

    Businesses essentially provide goods and services, elements that require sales and marketing. Marketing directly affects the type of sales you make because it makes potential customers aware of your services. No matter how good your services are, they won’t create sales if customers have no idea they exist. 


    A business consultant shows you the best way to connect with your target customer. A consultant who is particularly knowledgeable about your niche can help create the perfect marketing campaign for your business making use of social media and influencer marketing, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), and other sales tactics.


    Excellent marketing now transcends the simple “hello, this is what I do” strategy. Companies are constantly looking for more innovative ways to lure unsuspecting customers in; ads are getting bigger and better. In addition, digital marketing for startups might just be the best way to break into the market and leave an unforgettable impression.  A competent business consultant can help you achieve this, and more. 

    3. Business Strategies 

    Having an unwavering passion for your business is good but it isn’t enough. Your passion doesn’t translate to the technical know-how needed to operate a successful business. As a business owner, you may have a clear goal in mind but you need a professional to translate your ideas into practical methods. 


    While you’re responsible for executing your business plans, your consultant handles the strategizing. He/she listens to your ideas and works out the best tactics to manifest them. Think of it this way, you have the destination in mind while your business consultant handles the logistics of getting there. 


    You should also know that business strategies change over time. Depending on which phase your company is in, your consultant may offer newer strategies. The idea is for your business strategies to adapt to the demands of your organization. For example, certain phases may require partnering with other brands or expanding your services. The business consultant will strategize accordingly.


    4. Crisis Management 

    This is often the area where business consultants are needed most. In fact, many organizations only invite business consultants into their affairs in times of crisis. While “crisis” is a scary word that no one wants to experience, it is almost inevitable in business. Whether due to internal factors like a company error or external ones like a global pandemic, every business experiences its moment of panic. How often these occur and how well they are managed are the more important factors. 


    Business consultants should be problem-solving experts. Their expertise is revealed in the quality of advice they give clients on wading through problematic waters. Entrepreneurs just launching their own businesses are particularly unprepared for the challenges they face. Having a business consultant on board prepares you for the unexpected and helps you find your way through. While you may easily panic in unfavorable conditions, an experienced consultant manages crises more effectively. 

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    In addition to managing crises, a business consultant can foresee problems ahead of time and ready your business for any contingencies that may arise. This helps prepare you for future occurrences like the proverbial wise virgins with extra oil for their lamps


    5. Human Resources 

    Having the right players on a team is key to a team’s success. As an entrepreneur, you cannot be a one-man army, you need others to join forces with you. Whether you’re a startup seeking new staff or an established business in need of personnel replacement, your business consultant can provide key insights on filling your organizational gaps. 


    In addition:

    • If you run a startup, your business consultant can help with job creation 
    • Your consultant helps you see positions you may not be aware need filling
    • Your consultant can help create a profile of the perfect candidate so you know precisely what you’re after. Your consultant may recommend certain individuals whose proficiency can be attested for available roles within your organization. 


    In addition to talent acquisition, business consultants foster better working relationships between management and the workforce by advising on how best to handle staff members. With diversity becoming a major topic, business consultants are expected to help management address inclusion and implement policies that protect the rights of staffers regardless of race, sex, and religion. 

    6. IT and Security Services 

    Information technology (IT) is a specialized part of business that demands technical skills. Businesses need to harness the benefits of technology to grow but it is also important to do it the right way. A business consultant can help you familiarize yourself with and maximize IT systems. If you’re looking at growing online, you may even benefit by looking at what business web consultants have to offer.


    From a strong online presence to cyber-security and remote work, IT covers an expansive range of business operations. Besides, with so much going on in the online space, data has become a vital commodity. Many crimes today are targeted at data retrieval, with internet fraud and hacking at an all-time high. By just clicking a malicious link, you could make your business vulnerable to cyberattacks. To protect your business, you should think about getting an IT consultant. 


    Protecting your business will inevitably extend to safeguarding your clients and customers, particularly if you are in the eCommerce sector. If you own an eCommerce business, protecting your customers’ data is of utmost importance because customers surrender vital information to shop online. Since customers’ payment details and addresses are typically registered on eCommerce websites, they are popular targets of cybercrime. As such, a consultant is needed to prevent data breaches. 


    7. Finance 

    Business finance can be a very complex subject. In addition to providing valuable services, businesses are established to make profits. Your business is supposed to help you earn a living but sometimes, efficiently managing funds could be a bit overwhelming. From salaries and wages to acquiring new infrastructure, paying off loans to reinvesting in your business, a consultant can effectively manage your business cash flow.


    Many entrepreneurs start off by just “winging it” with their finances, which might be a terrible mistake. Your business finance is something you want properly managed and if that demands getting professional help, do not hesitate. Apart from helping you manage your finances, a business consultant could also help you raise capital for various projects. This is because business consultants often offer valuable advice for securing and managing funds. 

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    Other areas where a business consultant can help with your finances include profitability increase, tax management, cost savings, investment advice, and general administrative expenses. Hiring a business consultant to provide reliable financial advice is one of the best ways to ensure your business thrives. 


    8. Risk Management 

     In business terms, risk refers to the possibility of loss due to uncertainties. In the course of doing business, you will meet some unfavorable conditions. Regardless of the pressure, you will be expected to proceed with what’s best for your organization. It takes a professionally trained eye to identify these risks and chart a course that avoids them. 


    Variables that increase the likelihood of business risks include changes in market trends, consumer preferences and government policies, increased competition, labor strikes, and natural disasters, among others. The unforeseen nature of these contingencies heightens their threat to businesses.


    Business consultants who specialize in this realm essentially minimize a company’s exposure to risk. They offer insight on how to eliminate or reduce the possibility of certain risks as well as assist with formulating plans in response to risk, should it occur. A risk consultant prioritizes your business by closely monitoring all factors, both internal and external, that could affect normal business operations. 


    9. Decision Making 

    As outsiders and industry professionals, you will find that business consultants prove to be the most valuable in decision-making processes. In addition to their expertise, they also bring objectivity to the table. While decisiveness is a commendable trait in entrepreneurs, regard for professional advice is key for business growth. 


    When it comes to business, self-sufficiency hardly fosters development. Instead of overestimating your abilities and suffering the consequences of poor choices, you ought to consider hiring a professional to help make better decisions. Business consultants are best suited to make all the necessary analyses before arriving at a decision, so you should value their input. 


    Business consultants can also help reorient the management’s decision-making methods by offering more efficient methods. For example, your business consultant can teach you to prioritize decisions with long-lasting effects over those with shorter terms. Such a principle could become part of your company’s culture. 


    Choosing the Right Business Consultant 

    Now that you know how instrumental a business consultant can be to your business’s growth, here are some tips to help you find the right one for your business: 


    • Define your business goals: Know what you’re looking for regarding the business improvements you want to see and the type of consultant you’re looking to hire.


    • Ask for recommendations: Let testimonials from others guide your decision. This way, there’s a reference point for what to expect.


    • Check credentials: Look for a successful track record In potential candidates. Evaluate their experience and look at how long they’ve been helping other organizations expand. 


    • Industry knowledge: Consider hiring a consultant who’s knowledgeable in your field of operation. 



    By evaluating clients’ requirements, business consultants identify and eliminate the factors limiting growth while maximizing other factors that promote a company’s success. Additionally, they offer expert knowledge and guidance in various areas, enabling businesses to operate more effectively. Business consulting will undoubtedly help steer your business in the right direction, toward significant growth.

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