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    How Much Does Google Ads Cost? Everything You Need to Know

    By Nicole Harvey

    In days gone by, businesses typically turned to billboards, print ads, and signage as well as ads on the radio and TV to get their brands in front of people. Today, while much remains the same, it’s crucial to look at what the online world has to offer. This is because digital ads like Google Ads serve as an important tool in getting your potential customers to find your business in the online world, and when done right, the returns outweigh the cost.


    With business being business, you are probably interested in crunching the numbers. So, how much does it cost to put an ad on Google and is it worth the money? Delve into this post to understand the ins and outs of Google Ads costs and to determine if you should invest in this platform.


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    The Need for Google Ads

    According to Google, three of four people browsing online are on the lookout for relevant brands and products. In addition, 73% become more interested in brands/products after they see online ads that are in line with their shopping requirements.


    However, the digital marketplace is highly competitive and only a small percentage of online users move past the first five results of their searches, let alone getting to the second page. If your website isn’t at the top of the first page, it might as well not exist. Google Ads is a powerful tool that you may use to shortcut your way to the top. Alternatively, you need to position your product, service, or brand affordably on high-traffic websites.


    How Much Are Google Ads Going to Cost?

    Have you ever advertised in a popular publication such as a magazine or newspaper? Perhaps you’ve enquired about the cost of placing a billboard or ad in a high-traffic area. If so, you probably know that pricing is usually set and often very high for these types of ads.


    Google Ads, previously Google Adwords, is a little different, and it works on the paid search advertising model.


    How Much Does a Google Ad Campaign Cost?

    The beauty of Google Ads is that it costs as much as you want to spend. For instance, you may set your daily Google Ads budget and your maximum cost-per-click bid (more on this later). Besides, there are no limits to how high or low these figures can be.


    When it comes to Google’s paid search advertising cost, you can set your maximum cost-per-click or daily budget to 0.01 cents or $1 million. However, your average Google Ads spend will dictate your results. If you allocate more money to one or both, you will get more conversions and exposure. Like most other things in life, you get what you pay for with Google Ads.


    No minimum or maximum Google Ads advertising spend limits are why this platform is excellent for sole proprietorships, start-ups, and businesses of different sizes. All budgets are welcome, too. You may allocate a few dollars a month or invest your entire monthly marketing budget.

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    How Much Does Using Google Ads Cost?

    The Google Ads platform comes with a variety of useful features and tools and is free to use. You don’t pay for a Google Ads account or the tools included. You only pay for ads that are live and converting.


    The tricky part is to understand how to use these tools to get the most out of your Google Ads spend. When you partner with an advertising and marketing agency that specializes in Google Ads, you may look forward to running captivating custom campaigns that maximize ad conversions.


    When advertising via Google Ads, all individuals, companies, and organizations must adhere to specific advertising policies. A digital marketing agency will ensure that you don’t break any rules and get your Google Ads account suspended.


    What is the Average Google Ads Spend?

    According to Techjury, SMBs, on average, spend around $9,000 to $10,000 on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising each month. Established companies may spend even more.


    Thousands of dollars may sound like a lot of money. However, if you have a marketable product/service that appeals to a large audience, the conversions may justify the cost. After all, advertising on Google can earn businesses a tidy profit, even if it’s four to five figures.


    how much are google ads

    Is It Worth Outsourcing My Google Ads Marketing?

    Advertising via Google Ads can help propel a business’s online presence. However, a Google Ads campaign may flop even if you spend a lot of money. Hiring a digital marketing agency to create and fine-tune your Google Ads campaigns is worthwhile if you’re a marketing rookie.


    Not only will you save precious time better spent elsewhere in your business, but you’ll also avoid making costly mistakes. Professional marketing agencies have the required knowledge to create and implement successful campaigns, and they ensure staying on top of the latest tools and trends.


    It is worth outsourcing Google Ads campaigns if you:

    • Are new to Google Ads, marketing, or advertising
    • Don’t have an in-house marketing team
    • Are launching a new business, product, or website
    • Are launching an online store and want it to rank high in search results
    • Want to run an extensive ad campaign featuring many unique ads
    • Don’t have adequate time to devote to the process
    • Have a sizable Google advertising budget
    • Don’t know much about search engine optimization (SEO)


    Google Ads Agency Pricing

    If you’re wondering “How much does an agency charge for Google Ads?”, know that the cost of outsourcing your campaigns boils down to two main expenses – your Google Ads spend and the agency’s fees. While you get to pick your Google Ads spend, agency fees tend to vary, and you need to pay these in addition to the money you spend on the ads.


    An agency may charge a set fee or hourly rate for managing your Google Ads campaign. Alternatively, it could bill you a percentage of your Google Ads spend as fees. If this is the case, you may expect to pay around 10% to 20% of your Google Ads budget as agency fees.


    The more experienced and reputable an agency, the higher its fees are likely to be. However, leaving your campaign in the right hands is more likely to yield the results you want. If the return on investment (ROI) is important to you, spending that little extra might be well worth your while.


    How Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

    Google Ads is an advertising platform that offers different types of ads, with pay-per-click ads being among the most popular, especially display network and search network ads. Understanding how the Google ads cost-per-action system works is ideal if you wish to make the most of your advertising budget.

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    Pay Only for Clicks on Google Cost-Per-Click Ads

    One of the best aspects of running Google Ads pay-per-click campaigns is that you only pay for the times people click on your ads. If a viewer sees your ad but doesn’t click on it, you don’t need to pay anything. PPC campaigns conserve your advertising budget while still getting your brand or product in front of qualified customers.


    Choose the Action You Want People to Take

    A person viewing your Google Ads ad can engage with it in various ways, depending on your ad type. For example, a user may click on your ad to visit a product listing, your website, or a particular web page. Alternatively, someone may tap a button on the ad to call your business or get a quote.


    Google Ads campaigns allow you to choose the actions for which you wish to streamline your ads. When a viewer engages in the desired action or “converts,” you get charged. To improve conversions, skilled marketers include captivating and professional calls to action (CTAs) as well.


    Set Your Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising Rates

    According to Semrush, the average Google Ads cost-per-click (CPC) across industries is $0.63 for display network ads and $2.69 for search network ads. CPC varies depending on various factors such as your industry, ad type, and ad quality. You may cap your Google Ads CPC to any amount you wish by using the Google cost-per-action (CPA) setting.


    However, setting your rate too low may have an adverse effect on your campaign results. A digital marketing agency will set your campaigns with CPC rates in mind, helping you get results without blowing your budget.


    The Quality of Your Ads Affects Your Google Ads Cost-Per-Click

    Google Ads takes into account the quality of your ads, including content as well as linked websites and pages. The platform allots your ad a quality score. It then combines this quality score with your Google cost-per-click limit when it bids for ad space.


    If your ad is of good quality, it is more likely to win a bid, even against a competitor with a higher CPA limit. Your ad quality can also lower the amount you pay per click for your ads. That’s why it pays to hire professionals to create quality ads, titles, descriptions, graphics, and websites.


    How much does it cost to make a Google ad? This depends on the agency you select and the quality you’re after. However, the quality then affects how much you spend in the form of CPC.


    google ads cost per action

    Get the Most Out of Your CPC Spend

    Using data, artificial intelligence (AI), and algorithms acquired over many years, Google Ads optimizes your ads to convert. The platform will even play around with your daily budget to get optimum results. For instance, Google Ads may spend more (up to twice) your daily budget in a day to maximize conversions. Then, it ensures not blowing your budget by spending less on quieter days.


    Get Unlimited Exposure

    Google Ads cost-per-click advertising isn’t just about making a sale. Up-and-coming businesses spend money on Google Ads campaigns all year round to turn their brands into household names. You should consider investing in this type of digital marketing if you want to position your brand as an industry leader.


    If a potential customer regularly sees your company or product advertised online, you become a leading name in that industry to them. When it comes time to buy your category of products or services, they’ll think of you first. They may even purchase your products or services offline.


    One of the ways in which a good marketing agency can help improve your online branding is by turning to Google Ads. Conversely, an unprofessional ad campaign can tarnish your brand, confuse potential customers, and result in your target audience overlooking your business in favor of its competition.


    What Do Changes to Google Advertising Campaigns Cost?

    Have you ever published an ad in print only to realize it contains typos or incorrect information? Alternatively, is your ad not getting the results you desired? You know how much changes or cancellations can cost. In some cases, they may even be impossible.


    How Much Do Changes to Google Ads Cost?

    Unlike most print or tangible ads, adjusting a Google Ads campaign is easy and completely free. You can fix mistakes, and you may tweak, optimize, or completely change the ad or budget at any time – even on a live Google Ads campaign. Changes are effective immediately.


    How Much Does Pausing or Cancelling a Google Ads Campaign Cost?

    You may pause your Google Ads campaign if funds are tight or you’re awaiting feedback on important changes. Then, you can resume the campaign when you’re ready to go. Your ad won’t be live while paused, so there will be no more clicks or engagement on it for which to pay.


    You may also pause a Google Ads campaign indefinitely. Then, either delete the ad or keep it and its data for future campaigns. Bear in mind that a marketing company may charge for changes or cancellations. However, due to the flexible nature of Google Ads, it will be more open to discussing changes with you.



    Is Google Ads worth the money? For one, it is a cost-effective and versatile advertising platform. As the backbone of one of the most popular internet browsers and foremost PPC platforms, it’s worthwhile to advertise your brand, services, and products using Google.


    You may set your budget, decide on the results you want, and modify and optimize your ad campaigns to suit your needs. Google Ads appeals to many different types and sizes of brands, companies, and organizations.


    If you need more information about Google Ads costs, wish to know how much to invest in Google Adwords, or want to get the most out of your Google Ads spend, consulting with a professional digital marketing and advertising agency might be in your best interest. It can help position your brand in the right manner and maximize conversions, while saving time and money on your campaigns.

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