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    Major Web Development Trends For 2017

    By Latoya Robinson

    Website development has always been in constant evolution thanks to technology. The internet has something new and this means that websites can develop further every year. It is important to state that technology is not the only thing that influences change in web development. There are also other factors but the main one is human behavior. Websites are developed for humans and this means the user’s experience plays a major role in setting the rules of development. We will look at the major web development trends for 2017 to understand how they will influence development.


    As a business, you must be ready to take advantage of new trends to better your website. The internet is literally made of competition and being left a step behind will greatly cost your business a great deal in profits. It is only safe for you to assume that your direct competitors are taking all steps possible to beat you. This way, you will be working extra hard to be a step ahead in your industry. Websites are important parts of a business and you should make sure that yours is giving your target audience a great experience for increase engagement and conversion.

    The Minimalist Design Trend

    The minimalist design is taking over the development world. This is where a website is developed in such a way that it focuses on the input of users. All the content and elements that are unnecessary are eliminated to create a streamlined website. This trend has two main advantages, the user gets a better experience and the website is fast to load. Some people argue that the minimalist design trend is taking the flare and visual appeal from websites. Well, the fact that many organizations are putting it in use means that it must be providing more benefits that outweigh any existing drawbacks.  It however, depends on the industry you are in and what the website is supposed to do.

    More Focus On User Experience

    Today, the process of building a website is more focused on giving the user an experience they will not forget. In place of basic frameworks that build websites that are rather boring, developers are using additional tools to enhance the experience of the users. The additional changes results in things such as the parallax design where the background and the foreground move in different speeds. It also includes the highlighting of links such that they are easy to identify on computers as well as smaller screens.


    Cinemagraphs are the movements within that are improving the experience of users. They are becoming popular and use less bandwidth compared to videos and bring more versatility to the table. Developers are now pushed towards the story telling end. This is because story telling keeps the audience glued to the screen and this trend just makes this happen.

    Interface Improvement For More User Engagement

    The evolution of web design and the internet at large has greatly influence the development of website layouts. Instead of a basic link in the navigation, developers are now going for creative user interfaces that lean more on being interactive. The experience users get is more like controlling an application as opposed to a website. The main reason why this trend is major is because of the fact that most people are now using mobile phone to access the internet. There is the touch screen factor that results in larger links and buttons. Responsive design has proven that it is not simply about ensuring a site fits well in smaller screens, it is also about making it easy to navigate the site.

    Long Website Scrolling

    Close to two decades ago, experts were against long-scrolling and encouraged developers to avoid it. This trend has however become popular and all credits go to social media and the flat design. Since mobile phones are leading in internet access, you can understand why long scrolling is a major development trend. Users use their fingers to navigate the web. For most of them, it is easy to scroll long and not sit waiting for a page to load after tapping the ‘next’ button. For this reason, developers are now focusing on long scrolling that will most probably get rid of the many pages of a website. This brings us to the next trend which is lazy loading.

    Lazy Loading Trend

    Lazy loading is a new concept by web developers. The concept involves loading certain elements of the website only when they are really necessary. This is aimed at increasing the site’s efficiency and loading speed. The concept works well on any platform whether it is using a reseller hosting account or a shared server. In conventional sites, all the elements of the website, including graphics and content load at once. If the page in question is full of materials, the loading is delayed. Lazy loading makes sure that the website will load faster and this is exactly what users are looking for.


    This trend has greatly helped the slow internet connection problem. There are also older mobile phone versions that have a problem in loading heavier websites. Instead of trying to load all elements, this technology ensures that only the necessary materials load and this gives mobile and computer users a better experience. Keep in mind that there are more people accessing the internet using their mobile phones than those doing it using the traditional desktops. This simply means that any development element that involves improving mobile user experience cannot be overlooked.


    Web development trends are always changing and what was hot a few years ago might be dead today. As a web developer, it is important that you know the major wed development trends of 2017 to make sure that you are a step ahead in your industry. These trends are all geared towards improving the website to give users a better experience. There are other trends that will go big this year but all we can do is sit watch as we use the existing trends.

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