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    Reasons Why Your Website Design Is not working

    By Derek Robinson

    So you have had a website made and now your business is up to date with the current technology. Unfortunately, your website is not serving the purpose it was created for properly. The only reason behind failed web design and development is in the creation. We will have a look at some of the common reasons why your website design is not working as expected. You need to talk to a web design expert to have this corrected immediately.

    Cluttered Homepage

    If your design is involves a cluttered home page, then you can expect that the visitors will be greatly slowed down and this will significantly affect your website’s performance. We are not saying that your website home page should have limited things. What it means is that you can have all the topics you want but they have to be presented in an orderly manner. This way, your visitors will find what they are looking for faster. The reason you have a website is to provide information about your business online. When the website is not doing this, then it has failed.

    Your Web Design Just Involves Paragraphs Of Texts

    When your website is all about long paragraphs that have no visual breaks or some images to break the monotony it is highly unlikely that you will pass your message to enough target audience. Most users are in search of information they can scan through quickly and get an idea of what they are looking for. Simply put, blocks of text without any breaks or without some images are boring. Not many people will read through these blocks of texts and this just limits your website’s ability.  Web design professionals will help you with the layout of a perfectly balanced website content that will attract users and keep them reading what you have to say.

    No or Improperly Placed Call To Action

    Your web design and development is all about driving your visitor to what you want them to do. This is why you will explain what your business has to offer then tell your visitors what to do or where to go next. This is what is referred to call to action. If your site does not have a call to action or the call to action is not properly placed, then this will be a big problem. As your design is laid out, it is important to give the call to action the attention it deserves.

    Unresponsive Web Design

    It is sad that there are still many websites that will not format properly to fit in a small screen of mobile devices. This means that the design is unresponsive and you are losing a lot in matters of target audience. Note that most people now use mobile devices to access the internet.


    If you think your design is not working properly, it is time to talk to a professional web design company.

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