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    An Organization That Is Striving to Create Safe and Drug-Free Communities

    The CADCA-National Coalition Institute (NCI) is a non-profit organization that has received a grant from ONDCP, a Washington DC-based government organization. It offers training, outreach, evaluation and research, and coalition development support (CDS) services with the aim of creating safe and drug-free communities across the world. It also aims to simplify how one can use research-based information for practical purposes. It currently represents more than 5,000 community coalitions that comprise individuals from sectors such as education, healthcare, law enforcement, and media.

    When NCI contacted us for a new website, it required us to create pages that served distinct purposes. For example, it wanted one page to provide links and overviews of educational opportunities from cadca.org, another to have evaluation tools, and a separate page for research and practice publications. Segregating training opportunities, coalition development resources, and technical assistance was part of the parcel. NCI also wanted a simple sitemap and the integration of Google Analytics.

    The website we designed and developed stays true to the organization’s branding, using its core colors to good effect. The navigation is simple, and the main menu lets visitors find the information they seek with ease. Integration with Google Analytics gives NCI the ability to view different metrics such as organic traffic, hits, and downloads. Our SEO efforts have ensured that the website receives plenty of organic traffic. In addition, the website also ranks well on other key parameters like search result efficiency, time on task, and task success.


    • The Training, Technical Assistance


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    • Content Marketing

    We couldn’t be more thrilled with our collaboration with Top Notch Dezigns. It’s been an absolute joy working alongside them, and their team’s dedication to excellence is truly commendable. In particular, Val Baptiste’s project management skills have been nothing short of exceptional. Val’s knack for seamlessly orchestrating every aspect of the project has been invaluable. The ability to keep things organized, efficient, and always on track has been a game-changer.

    Moreover, the design work delivered by Top Notch Dezigns has surpassed all our expectations. The creativity and precision they’ve displayed in their designs have been nothing less than outstanding. Not only did they meet our needs precisely, but they also did so with flexibility that accommodated any changes or tweaks we required along the way. Importantly, they ensured the project was completed on time without compromising the quality of their work. The communication throughout has been stellar, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flowed effortlessly and feedback was embraced with enthusiasm. Working with Top Notch Dezigns is a testament to what remarkable teamwork and dedication can achieve. Five Stars.

    Darrell James

    IT Director