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    Something About Ecommerce Website and Rebuilding

    By Derek Robinson

    Most ecommerce store owners will want to rebuild their websites at some point. We will tell you why working with a professional will help you get a good one. There is something about Ecommerce website and rebuilding it that you need to know before you go ahead with the project.


    This rebuilt will be for different reasons including the following:

    – The current website slow leading to customer loss

    – The current ecommerce store feels and looks old

    – Direct competitors have rebuilt or built a new store that is better looking

    – The conversion rates have dramatically dropped.

    – Current store upgrades are taking more time and spending more money


    Whatever the reason behind the rebuilt is, the storeowner will be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that having a new site will solve their problems in one blow. At this point, you need to keep in mind that the reason you have an ecommerce website is to make it easy to sell and make it easy for consumers to buy.


    If the rebuilt goes right, you might see an increase in customers, sales, profits and an improvement of operations. However, it is worth noting that rebuilds can be a pain in the neck and can result in unforeseen risks and costs.


    There are store owners with horror stories to tell. They got a rebuilt and the sales went to zero for a few days before the team could try and fix the existing problems on the new website. Prior to starting the rebuild process, there are a number of important questions you should answer.

    Can your Business Afford the Ecommerce Rebuild?

    One of the main risks that you face with an ecommerce rebuild is the fact that the process can wipe out your sales. So, can your business handle a few days without business? If the ecommerce is just a part of a larger business, it can tolerate the drop while the website is being fixed. If your business is entirely web-based, chances are that it cannot handle a complete shut down for a few days.


    If you still need to go through with the rebuild, you need a plan. You should have a plan on how you will reverse the sales after the down time. The period could be long with multiple tests and checks or it could be just a simple process that does not take long.

    What if the Rebuild Takes Longer and Spends More Money?

    Almost all rebuilds take longer than planned and this brings with it extra costs. There are always important things that are overlooked during the process and they come back to bite your business. Think about if the business can really afford the process if it lasted twice as planned and doubled the budget. Keep in mind you will be closed for a longer period and will have to dig deeper in to your pocket without any sales.


    Instead of one big rebuild that takes several months, you can think of smaller processes that will be rolled into one. This will prevent the extended downtime that might result in losses. This means that there will be limited changes which will cost less. You will also be in a position to track the process better and you can step things up or put them on hold when the budget is tight.

    What Will the Ecommerce Rebuild Fix?

    It is important to know what problems you will be fixing with the planned rebuild. The rebuild is risky and expensive and if you choose to follow this path, you should be sure that it will benefit your ecommerce website a great deal. This means that the rebuild should be fixing problems that other simpler and less expensive processes cannot solve.


    Keep in mind that the problems that warrant a redesign are not minor things such as home page rearrangements. They should be significant changes like switching to one-page checkout, redesigning the showcasing and listing of products and adding backend testing frameworks to all store components. These are major changes that could bring significant benefits to the store.


    It is, however, better to focus on one significant change than the entire project. This way you will prevent time wastage that goes to other unimportant elements that also waste resources. When the focus is on one problem, the decisions made will be clearer and this will ensure that the process is handled faster than usual. The only important thing is to ensure that the rebuild actually handles the main problems your ecommerce website has been facing without throwing it into other new problems.


    To cut the long story short, the ecommerce rebuild can work, but you should expect chaos. It is likely that you will spend more than you budgeted and the process might take longer. The impact might not have the fireworks or be as big as you imagined. It’s just good to be prepared. For a better deal, you might want to consider working with professional web designers in New York for an affordable and fast ecommerce website rebuild.

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