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    The 10 Best HVAC Websites and Tips to Improve Yours

    By Derek

    Increasing an HVAC company’s exposure and attracting new customers has become increasingly simple or difficult, depending on how someone approaches the process. For example, the online world offers great potential for growth, but this requires that you embrace technology and give your target audience what it’s after. It comes as no surprise, then, that the best HVAC websites meet their visitors’ needs and expectations. From the business perspective, having a good website results in more high-quality leads and it can help boost your revenue.


    When it comes to the best HVAC website designs, one of the first things that catch your attention is the consistency they maintain with regard to branding and identity, which typically reflect across different elements. Paying due attention to web security is common, as is making use of effective calls to action (CTAs).


    While there are numerous trade associations and organizations that cater to the HVAC industry, none has constituted an award for websites from this realm. As a result, there is no official list of the best HAVC company websites. The ones you find on this page have gone through a stringent selection process that accounts for different parameters such as ease of use, user experience, and responsive web design. The names appear in no particular order because selecting any of them as the best HVAC website is largely subjective.

    1. With Pride HVAC

    best hvac websites

    The With Pride HVAC website uses the brand’s colors to good effect, including them in textual content, CTAs, and as background in a few places. The website has a simple and uncluttered layout that makes for pleasant viewing. It provides the business phone number and email address in the form of clickable links in the header section, and you can also find other contact details further down the homepage. The dropdown menu lists all the services the company offers, and it also features a button for scheduling an estimate.


    The homepage gives adequate space to highlight that the company provides financial help, which is great for people who need access to funds to move forward with their HVAC plans. Showcasing the prominent brands it has served is a good way to establish customer trust. As is the case with other websites mentioned on this page, it’s plain to see that this website is the work of a professional web design company.


    2. John Duffy Energy Services

    best hvac website design

    The John Duffy Energy Services website underwent an overhaul in 2023 and has made significant improvements when compared to its previous avatar. Given that the company has diverse offerings, the homepage lets visitors choose between home services, business services, and motor fuels. Then, each sub-section of the website carries information specific to that realm.


    The header section of the website allows users to toggle between the three main sections. It also carries links to the company’s history, service areas, and phone number. Each sub-section of the website has a dropdown menu that lets you view all the relevant services on offer.


    The header of the home services section draws attention to existing special offers through the use of an attractive and clickable GIF. The motor fuels section carries a savings calculator, which is perfect for those who wish to determine how much money they can save by switching to this company. Each section also provides different types of resources for people who wish to learn more about the company’s services.


    3. BrainBox AI

    best hvac website

    Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, BrainBox AI has its presence in over 15 countries, the U.S. included. This company claims to have developed the first artificial intelligence (AI) technology specifically for HVAC systems. When you visit the homepage of the BrainBox AI website, you notice that it draws your attention to three main aspects – the use of AI to optimize HVAC systems, multi-site energy management, and building decarbonization. 


    The HVAC website design agency that has worked on this project has done well to use the brand’s colors in the overall design. The main menu is simple, giving visitors easy access to information about the services the company provides. The header image comes with links to educational resources that users might find beneficial.  


    Highlighting how much you may expect to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs by in numbers is perfect for establishing trust. This is also the case with the testimonials you find on the homepage, as they come from high-ranking officials of different clients. 


    4. Preferred Home Services

    best hvac website

    You may see the use of the colors you find in the company’s logo throughout its website, which is a good branding exercise. A brightly-colored section above the footer attracts your attention and highlights an existing offer. A link to reviews the company has received in the header section is good for building trust. Effective CTAs find a place in different sections of the homepage and other pages alike.


    The dropdown menu of the Preferred Home Services website carries all the information you might seek about the company’s services and offers. The menu has a section for people interested in working with the company. The hero image makes way for an easy-to-use booking tool and this section highlights an existing offer as well. The website also has a blog where readers get to check different industry-related news, trends, and tips.


    5. Modern HVAC

    best commercial hvac websites


    You can find effective use of blue and red, the company’s branding colors, across the Modern HVAC website. Like many others, this website makes it to the list of the best HVAC websites because of its simple layout and ease of use. For example, the header section lets you call the company or send an email through the use of clickable links. While this section allows you to schedule a service, a distinct feature is that it lets you register your Carrier Wi-Fi thermostat to get remote access.


    The dropdown menu provides information about the company’s services, products, special offers, financing, and service areas. The hero image on the homepage keeps things simple, letting users schedule services or contact the company. Further down the homepage, you can see reviews of previous customers that highlight its proficiency. A regularly updated blog aims to educate the website’s visitors about different HVAC-related topics.

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    6. BJ Refrigeration

    modern hvac website

    While the name of this business might seem a tad misleading, know that it offers professional HVAC services in addition to refrigeration services. Its website follows a simple yet bold approach, and it does well to highlight aspects that customers might find useful. For example, the hero image on the homepage mentions that the company provides 24/7 service and 0% financing on approved credit. It also includes the company’s phone number in the form of a hard-to-miss clickable link.


    The header section uses a reasonably large font size to draw attention to the menu that provides links to the company’s products and services, FAQs, and information about air quality. Including mention of the company’s partners and testimonials from its customers on the homepage is a good way of establishing trust.


    Like the NRG Heating & Air Conditioning website, the BJ Refrigeration website also offers multiple accessibility tools to ensure that all its visitors have good user experiences.


    7. East River Energy

    hvac website design services

    The green and orange colors that are part of the East River Energy logo feature prominently throughout the company’s website, which is pretty much in line with the branding strategy that all the top HVAC companies follow. The header section comes with a clickable phone number and provides a link to a page where visitors can view its service areas.


    The dropdown menu provides links to the company’s services, industry-related news, and safety tips. A section for human resources includes job postings, employee information, and more. Unlike most other websites on this page, this modern HVAC website lets its customers make online payments by logging in to their accounts.


    8. Expo Heating & Cooling

    best hvac websites

    The Expo Heating & Cooling website follows the mantra of using the brand’s core colors, which, in this case, are red and white. The header section lets visitors make bookings, it provides the company’s phone number, it has links to a photo gallery, a blog, and customer reviews, and it also includes a search box. However, it does not look cluttered at all.


    The dropdown menu provides links to information about the company, its services, and its service areas. The website features the awards and recognitions the company has received on the homepage, which is a great way to build a reputation and establish trust. A Connect With Us button remains static but non-intrusive, allowing you to get in touch with the company in a quick and easy manner from any page.


    9. Air America

    best hvac website design

    In addition to HVAC services, Air America provides electrical and plumbing services as well. Its website makes good use of red, white, and blue, much in line with its overall branding. Right up top, it mentions that the company provides emergency services, and the header includes links to the company’s financing solutions and promotional offers too. Its phone number and an option to request a service are also part of the header.


    The Air America website keeps navigation simple by providing sections and a few sub-sections under its main menu. The hero image lays emphasis on the fact that this company serves South East Florida, which is perfect for getting qualified leads. It also includes a form that prospective customers may use to get in touch with the company. This simple feature can work as a time-saver for many.

    Customers’ testimonials find a place on the homepage, and it lists existing promotions quite prominently toward the bottom portion.

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    10. Wheeler’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

    best commercial hvac websites

    The Wheeler’s Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling website believes in simplicity, as is apparent from the moment you make your way to its homepage. The hero image highlights that this is a family-run business and invites readers to learn more. The dropdown menu in the header section gives viewers access to all the information they might need about the company’s products, services, and special offers. Mention of brands this company has served helps instill trust. A clickable phone number right on top makes it easy for customers to call the company from any page on the website.


    Tips to Improve Your HVAC Website 

    Going through the common features of the best HVAC websites should give you some indication of where your website lacks. In addition, here are some important points to keep in mind if you plan to redesign your website. 

    • Determine the purpose you want the website to serve, which can be attracting new customers, positioning yourself as an industry expert, or providing better customer service.  
    • Narrow down on your target audience based on the specific services you provide. 
    • Give your website’s visitors all the information they might need about your services. 
    • Ensure that visitors can find the information they seek quickly and easily. 
    • Optimize your website for search engines. 
    • Focus on conversion rate optimization. 


    Redesign Mistakes to Avoid 

    Some of the common website redesign mistakes you need to avoid include: 

    • Not setting the right goals. 
    • Not paying due attention to functionality. 
    • Not carrying out an in-depth audit of your existing website. 
    • Cutting corners when it comes to budgetary allotments. 
    • Setting unrealistic timelines. 
    • Ignoring your customers’ needs and expectations. 
    • Selecting a company that does not specialize in providing HVAC website design services. 
    • Using outdated, lackluster, or poorly-optimized content. 
    • Not going the responsive web design way. 
    • Ignoring the revamped website after its launch. 


    Now that you’ve looked at what the best commercial HVAC websites have to offer, you’ve probably noticed that they come with a bunch of similarities. For example, all stick to using colors that appear in the brand’s logo or name. They are responsive in nature, which means they function well across all types of devices and screen sizes. Among other things, they also focus on delivering a great user experience.


    If you have an existing website that does not produce desired results or if you haven’t marked your entry in the digital landscape yet, now is as good a time as any to look at what the latest tools and technologies can do to take your business to the next level. If you’re unsure of how to move forward, getting in touch with a company that provides HVAC website design services might be just what the doctor ordered.

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