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    The Top Charity, Nonprofit, and Fundraising Hashtags on Twitter (X)

    By Ellaine Parsons

    Is Twitter a nonprofit company? When Musk tweeted “Say what you want about me, but I acquired the world’s largest non-profit for $44 billion” in February 2023, he was referring to the fact that the company was not profitable at the time, and no, Twitter (X) is not a nonprofit organization. However, it does give charities and nonprofits the means to reach out to large audiences, and one of the ways to do this is by using the right hashtags. So, what are the best nonprofit and fundraising hashtags on Twitter?


    is twitter a non profit company


    The #Charity hashtag revolves around generosity and helping others, and is among the top hashtags on Twitter for nonprofits. After all, using this hashtag implicitly denotes you’re working for a charitable cause. You may use it to raise awareness and support for causes in different ways, some of which include:

    • Promoting charitable causes. Nonprofits, foundations, and individuals use #Charity to spread the word about their work and fundraising efforts.
    • Sharing acts of charity. The use of this hashtag to share stories about volunteering, donating, or helping someone in need is fairly common.
    • Finding charitable causes. If you’re looking to collaborate with others, the #Charity hashtag can help you discover organizations that align with your interests.



    While not as popular as #Charity, the #4Charity hashtag finds favor with millennials, ranking better than several run-of-mill hashtags. As with most other hashtags listed on this page, you may use #4Charity to reach out to a wide audience that is looking for different types of charitable initiatives.

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    This is among the most popular hashtags for Twitter because it reaches out to a large audience, making it more likely that people who are interested in supporting nonprofits will find your posts. You may use #Nonprofit to raise awareness about your organization and the causes you support. However, the broad reach of this hashtag may work as a drawback because your message might get lost in a sea of other nonprofit posts.


    While #Nonprofit is a good starting point, you should use it alongside more targeted hashtags linked to your cause or location. For example, an animal shelter might use #Nonprofit alongside #AdoptDontShop, #AnimalShelter, or #AnimalShelterNY.



    #Donate is another that finds a place in the list of Twitter’s top hashtags and it can make your posts discoverable by potential donors actively searching for ways to give. This hashtag communicates your goal of encouraging donations clearly, and it can also help you connect with individuals and other organizations that are passionate about similar causes.


    It is best not to rely solely on this hashtag to raise funds via Twitter, and you should ideally use cause- or campaign-specific hashtags too. For example, if you run a nonprofit for the homeless, you may also use #Homeless, #Homelessness, and #EndHomelessness along with #Donate. If you plan to offer matching donations, #MatchingGift is a good hashtag to use.


    top hashtags twitter


    The #Support hashtag can help you bring people together to support your cause or organization because it conveys a message of community, encouragement, and togetherness. When individuals use this hashtag on Twitter, it is typically to show solidarity with a movement or an organization.


    When you encourage your audience to #Support your cause/organization by using the hashtag in your Twitter posts, they can help spread the word and reach out to new followers. Running contests or promotions – both great nonprofit marketing strategies – with the #Support hashtag can get more people to interact with your organization.


    It is common for nonprofits to use this hashtag with a more targeted approach. For example, if you’re working toward the betterment of farmers, you could use #SupportFarmers. Incidentally, one of the trending Twitter hashtags today is #SupportKenyanDoctors, keeping in line with the members of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentist  Union (KMPDU) going on strike in March to demand better pay and working conditions.



    People who follow #Causes are typically interested in social good and might be receptive to organizations that align with their values. As a result, associating your organization with a cause can improve people’s perception of it and make you seem more trustworthy. Besides, this hashtag can ignite discussions about important issues where you get to participate in meaningful ways.


    You need to ensure that you don’t jump on the #Causes bandwagon if your organization does not genuinely support the cause in question because erroneousness can damage your reputation. In addition, when you use this hashtag, make sure that the spotlight is on a cause and not your organization. Using hashtags that represent the cause you’re fighting for along with #Causes is ideal.


    Examples of some of the best Twitter hashtags for specific causes include:

    • #SaveTheOcean
    • #ClimateChange
    • #WaterConservation
    • #WildlifeConservation
    • #GoVegan
    • #RescueDog

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    The use of the #Change hashtag is broad, given that it encompasses a wide range of social issues. This requires being specific about the change you’re advocating for in your nonprofit’s context. For instance, instead of using just #Change, consider including more specific hashtags like #FoodInsecurity, #HungerRelief, #EndHomelessness, or #ClimateAction.


    Remember that using relevant keywords and location tags helps you target the right audience, and researching other hashtags related to your cause can help you find ones that work well in your field.



    Much like #4Charity, one of the top nonprofit hashtags that millennials steer toward is #4Change. However, do not use this hashtag by itself. Add another that highlights the cause you support or draws attention to the region in which you operate. For example, if you’re fighting to preserve marine life and focus your efforts along the Californian coast, you can add #MarineLife or #MarineLifeCalifornia into the mix.



    This is among the best hashtags for Twitter if you wish to promote volunteering opportunities, given that it has millions of monthly mentions. You may use it to spark conversations with potential volunteers who are actively looking for ways to get involved. To maximize its effect, it is ideal that you pair with other hashtags that relate to your cause or location, examples of which include #AnimalWelfare, #Education, and #NYCVolunteers.


    You should also consider highlighting the impact volunteers make and the positive experience they gain in your posts. The use of #VolunteerWithUs works along similar lines.


    twitter top hashtags


    This is one of the top hashtags on Twitter for people who wish to travel and seek volunteering opportunities in different places. You may make good use of #Voluntourism if you’re looking for volunteers from different parts of the world who share your vision, be it educating the underprivileged or providing medical aid in troubled regions/failing states. One reason this hashtag works well is that it reaches out to people who are actively looking for such opportunities.


    However, volunteer tourism has faced flak because some feel that travelers looking for such opportunities might not commit to prolonged involvement. Some also associate it with superficial engagement and unskilled volunteers. As a result, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you start looking for tourist volunteers.



    When it comes to popular Twitter hashtags for the younger demographic, #Activism is hard to miss. After all, it functions as a driving force for young people, encouraging them to partake in the causes and movements they feel make an impact in improving the state of the world.


    #Activism can raise awareness about the cause you’re fighting for and your organization if it aligns with the mindset of your audience. In addition, it is best to use this hashtag with others more specific to your cause like #ClimateActivist or #AnimalRightsActivist.



    Using the #GivingBack hashtag works well in promoting acts of charity and volunteerism, and you may use it to reach out to people who care about social responsibility and want to support businesses that give back. When you use this hashtag, make sure you focus on the positive outcomes of your giving-back efforts and highlight how you make a difference.


    You may also use #GivingBack to inspire your audience to get involved with your cause or to spread the word about volunteering opportunities. After all, there are scores of people out there who have benefited from outside help in the past and now want to give back in some form or the other.


    Using other relevant hashtags like #Charity, #Community, #Support, and #Nonprofit can help you reach out to a wider audience.

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    Many people feel that charity is all about paying their good fortune forward. The #PayItForward hashtag holds the potential to spark a movement of kindness, inspiring people to do good deeds for others without expecting anything in return. It encourages random acts of kindness that create a chain reaction of positivity. The core of #PayItForward is surprising others with good deeds. This could be anything from covering someone’s coffee to offering free services.


    You may also ask your followers to share their own #PayItForward stories using the hashtag, as this creates a sense of community.



    When it comes to fundraising hashtags, the best place to start is #Fundraising as this broad hashtag helps increase visibility. However, you also need to use hashtags related to your cause like #AnimalRescue, #ClimateAction, or #SaveTheSeals.


    #Fundraising is a part of the top hashtags on Twitter because it serves diverse purposes. For example, you may use it to promote fundraising events, draw attention to donation campaigns, or drive potential donors to your website. You may also use it when you show how you use the funds you collect.



    #RaiseMoney finds its place in the list of the top fundraising hashtags because of the clear message it conveys. Bear in mind that your fundraising efforts focus on seeking donations and that you need to keep asking people for money so you may continue working toward your goal. This hashtag makes no bones about its meaning, highlighting that you are raising money for a worthwhile cause, be it by using an online fundraising tool or in any other manner.


    Given the wide-ranging nature of this hashtag, it is best that you use it with ones more specific to your cause. For example, if you’re raising money for animal shelters, add #AnimalShelter or #AnimalRescue.



    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) finds a mention in just about every business that wishes to demonstrate social accountability. It has become a significant issue over recent years, with average citizens now wanting to know where different businesses stand in this regard. It comes as no surprise, then, that an increasing number of businesses now use the #CSR hashtag to draw attention to various initiatives they implement.


    The #CSR hashtag is widely recognized and gives you a great way to connect with people interested in your company’s social and environmental impact. While #CSR has a wide reach, you should consider using it with specific hashtags to target a more engaged audience. For example, if your CSR focus is on sustainability, use #Sustainability along with #CSR. You should also use content that showcases your CSR efforts and initiatives, be it through stories, pictures, or videos.


    Hashtags for Nonprofits – Best Practices

    While hashtags are not case-sensitive, it is best to capitalize each word as it makes for easier reading. For example, it is much easier to read “TwitterTopHashtags” than “twittertophashtags”. Here are a few more pointers you should keep in mind.

    • Try to use no more than two hashtags per post.
    • Use suitable hashtags to promote all your campaigns and initiatives.
    • Use hashtags when you join discussions on relevant topics.
    • Focus on using hashtags that increase the likelihood of getting retweeted.
    • Follow hashtags on Twitter that align with your cause.
    • Make sure the hashtags you use are in line with the content you share.’
    • The hashtags that work well on Twitter can also help you increase conversions on Instagram.



    Given that Twitter has users in most countries the world over, it makes sense for charities and nonprofits to use this platform to reach out to large audiences interested in supporting different causes. A simple way to make your posts on Twitter easy to discover is by using the right hashtags, be it volunteering hashtags, fundraising hashtags, or ones that inspire people to take any other type of action.


    If you’re unsure about what it takes to find success through Twitter, consider partnering with a digital agency that has a firm grip on social media marketing. Not only will it know the best nonprofit hashtags to use, but it can also help you find the support you seek in other ways.

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