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    Top Notch Dezigns CEO Featured on Forbes

    By Dynasty Deann

    With more than 42 million visitors across different social media touchpoints and over 150 million Forbes unique monthly visitors across its digital ecosystem, the company is reputed to have one of the world’s most premier business and leadership websites. To have your article featured on Forbes lets the world know you have something worth saying. It is a sign that you are an expert in your field. That is why Top Notch Dezigns takes great pride in announcing that we got an article featured in the Entrepreneurs section on Forbes.com.


    top-notch ceo

    Answers to Common Landing Page Questions

    Published on December 20, 2017, “How Your Landing Page Design Can Help Lead to Better Conversions” reinforces the importance of well-designed landing pages. It also aims to answer some of the most popular landing page riddles, including:

    • How to perfect your landing pages for B2B markets? Make heavy use of video and multimedia content to cater to busy business professional’s short attention spans.
    • Should you opt for an elaborate or minimal landing page? The answer to this depends on the complexity, pricing, and importance of your product.
    • What can you do design-wise to make your landing pages more effective? Always keep the source of your visitors in mind.


    Addressing Conversion Rates

    The article also highlights a variety of tips and statistics meant to take your conversion rate from mediocre to great. While you may find some of these in other Top Notch Dezigns blog posts, it does not hurt to remind you about key aspects surrounding landing page designs.

    • Highlight customer benefits. Customers rarely care about your product and services. Instead, they care about what your products and services can do for them.
    • Include clear calls to action. Tell your customers what you want from them by including clear calls to action (CTAs). If you need them to subscribe to an email list, just ask.
    • Keep it clutter-free. Constrain every main page to one goal. A cluttered landing page can be a huge turn-off.
    • Stick to easy-to-read fonts. If your customers cannot read the content on your website, you may expect them to move to the next alternative.
    • Include testimonials. People tend to refrain from trusting the claims of advertisers. However, they are usually willing to rely on the feedback of real customers.
    • Avoid grammatical errors. People can be picky about grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. To those individuals, a lack of proper editing makes your business look sloppy.



    Getting featured on Forbes is no easy task, and our agency feels great about making the cut, all thanks to this article. If you want to draw increased attention to your brand by leveraging the reach that Forbes has to offer, remember that it pays to establish yourself as an industry expert and thought leader first.


    Bear in mind you also need to provide content that readers find engaging and beneficial. If you can manage this, you might just find your name featured on Forbes, either as a top notch CEO or a top notch executive.

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