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    Top Notch Dezigns Featured on INC

    By Dynasty Deann

    Based out of New York City, Inc. is an American business magazine focusing on startups and small businesses. Published weekly, Inc is best known for annually highlighting the 500 fastest-growing small companies in the U.S. First published in 1979, the magazine has a pretty impressive growth record itself. As of 2012, the last time the data was publicly available, Inc boasted an annual circulation of well-over 700,000. That number has doubtlessly ballooned since then. So, in short, being featured by Inc is kind of a big deal.


    Top Notch Dezigns as a leading digital marketing agency managed just that on January 29, 2018. We were one of six companies featured in an Inc.com article titled “6 Ways to Give Your Company a Solid Start in Q1.” The article highlighted some fun and unique ways to get your team excited for a brand new fiscal year.

    Three Ways to Start Your Year Off Right

    Every business is different. Regardless of your industry though, it’s important to use the beginning of the year as a launching point for what follows. While it’s obvious you should not skimp on the goal-setting or budgeting, you also shouldn’t skimp on the team-building. Below are three ways you and your company can start the year off on the right foot:


    Plan a Kick-Off Party: This gets everyone in the same place to share strategies and goals for the next twelve months. “This facilitates global understanding of our objectives among every individual involved, as well as a shared desire to help everyone — team members and clients alike — reach those goals,” Kelly Woo of Profectus Financial adds.


    Get A Change of Scene: Shaking off the winter chills with some time outside can be a fantastic way to promote team engagement. Our CEO and founder, Derek Robinson, explained, “We plan to take to the outdoors for a four-day team-building exercise at the start of the new year, simply because I have seen it work wonders in the past.” Many of our staff swear by these events.


    Put a Number On It: Scott Baxter of PlayYourCourse starts the year by requiring every employee to set tangible goals for the year ahead. He said, ” Each quarter, every employee sets a specific, number-based goal. For example, Jessica will drive 1,200 new users a month to our site with Facebook, or Keith will increase our conversion rate at checkout by 1% this quarter. It’s amazing what your company is capable of when each employee has a tangible, clearly defined goal they’re working to achieve. We then meet monthly to make sure we’re on track.”


    We are proud that our company’s yearly kick-off justified notice from a magazine like Inc.com. We look forward to continuing these outdoor excursions for years to come and hope that every one of our staff feels the same. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work in 2017 and wish them the best of luck in 2018!

    Click here to read the article on six ways to get your company a solid start for Q1 in its entirety.

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