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    Top Notch Dezigns Featured On The Next Web

    By Dynasty Deann

    Since 2006, The Next Web (TNW) has been shedding light on the developments and inventions shaping the tech industry. Working with contributors and companies from around the world has allowed TNW to make a significant impact on the technologies of tomorrow. Though best known for their informational pieces about great companies doing amazing things, Some of TNW’s most popular articles include Ghoshal’s “Stop Supporting Tech Companies As If They Are Sports Teams” and Tauber’s “This Startup Wants to Clear Cities of Cigarette Butts Using Crows (Yes, the Bird).”


    TNW also lets the particularly tech-savvy contribute opinion pieces to their platform. It is not easy to meet the requirements laid out by their style guide. But, we managed it. TNW recently featured one of our articles on its contributors’ page. It’s already been shared more than 1,000 times. We could not be prouder.

    We are a Featured Article! We’re Not Kidding!

    “You still need to learn JavaScript in 2018 (I’m not kidding)” stresses the importance of learning plain old, vanilla JavaScript. Many programmers these days jump right into working with premade templates and frameworks. They do it to boost their productivity. However, in doing so, they lose the chance to build a sturdy foundation in the language itself. This makes it difficult for them to become a world-class developer.


    Currently used by 95-percent of the world’s websites, including heavy hitters like Google and Facebook, JavaScript is the backbone of the internet. Though there are some concerns about the dangers it poses to web security, JavaScript’s speed and versatility ensures it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


    Here are some other facts about JavaScript:

    • Developers well-versed in JavaScript can earn upwards of $100,000 a year
    • JavaScript the go-to method for client-side processing
    • JavaScript can create web games and is the foundation for that
    • There are dozens of free JavaScript courses offered by sites like EdX, Coursera, and Udemy


    Many of our web designers hold JavaScript near and dear to their hearts. When you create websites as responsive and intuitive as ours, you really do not have a choice. To learn more about how it is still relevant in the age of pre-made codes and templates to learn JavaScript you can read the article in its entirety on why you should learn JavaScript.

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