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Top Web Development Trends 2016 You Must Know

Derek Robinson

By Derek Robinson

We are already past halfway in 2016. Before the year goes too far, it is important to have a look at the top web development trends 2016 you must know to make your website better and improve user experience. This year has seen new frameworks, evolving technology and powerful development tools. In short, it has been and will be a great year for web developers and users alike. The following are some of the trends to keep an eye on:

Motion UI (Motion User Interface)

This is a Sass library that makes one part of the 3 parts of Zurb Apps foundation. The main reason it is widely used it its high speed in CSS transitions and animation creation. The use of Motion UI makes the transition of application is smoother and richer with the predefined motion. The process is also less complicated. The manner in which animation elements are integrated seamlessly in websites is the main reason why Motion UI has become a top preferred library by web developers. Motion UI has not been in operation for long, but it shows all the signs of staying for a long time.

New Responsive Designs Through Advanced Platforms

There is a lot of advanced technology getting into the market and this means things will change before the end of the year. The new technology is not only showing advances in 2016, the introduction of new applications will set a stage for years to come.


The introduction of responsive designs will not only be limited to mobile. This is because there are a bunch of other devices that require responsiveness such as wearable gadgets like the glasses and smart watches. The technologies used in better responsiveness are growing in popularity. In addition to all the other technologies, Sematic User Interface is a new design framework that has become quite popular and in demand.

Internet Of Things Is SEt To Be Huge

IoT, or internet of Things has become a significant part in development of apps. According to statistics by Technavio, Internet of Things is projected to enjoy a 31.72% growth from the year 2015 to 2019.


Gartner has also predicted that at least 50% of Internet of Things development will be from young startup companies that have been in business for three or less years.


IoT makes exchange of data easy in a way that was not possible before. This is through internet linking of smart devices.


We should expect to see more devices connected to the network. This will make sure users can access these devices. Developers will be upgrading solutions to make the communication between users and gadgets and equipment an easy affair.

Browser-based IDEs

Chances are that there is a development environment you love and are used to. It might be you are a fan of VIM or you love using IntelliJ. Well, let’s just say that this will be changing soon. Many people have started using Cloud based IDEs and we can expected that more will jump into the bandwagon.


The main reason behind this shift is because these IDE versions are faster and more accessible. Some of them enjoy huge communities behind them. The most important element here is the flexibility. While these IDEs might not be your fulltime tools, it is important to be aware of their existence and how accessible they are especially if you want to handle a quick bootstrap code of jade test without the need of downloading any files.

Full Screen Navigation designs

This is an important feature geared towards improving mobile user experience on their devices. For instance, if a mobile user is using their mobile device to navigate a website and they come across a form they will need a different view. With this feature, a simple tap will have the form jump to full screen and this will give the user an easy time filling it.


We have seen many developers and designers develop and design websites that carry the full-screen navigation design and this trend is expected to continue.

Foundation For Apps

Foundation for Apps is a new single page framework for apps. It is created around the flexbox grid framework and Angular JS. The framework is geared towards quickening the creation of responsive web application through facilitation to a quick code writing unique to the app.


The framework was initially introduced in 2014 and featured the unique clean code and positioning capabilities. These features have not yet been fully discovered. However, we can expect to see the rise of foundation for apps as many companies have started the use of the advanced version of the framework in 2016.

Everything Real-time

2016 has seen the rise of multiple apps that operate in real-time. The implementation of real-time analytics in mobile and desktop apps has been on the rise. In social medial marketing, we expect to see the increase in use of live streaming. This is in a time when applications such as Meerkat and Periscope are becoming popular. With all the changes and the developments of real-time applications, real-time services such as Pusher.com will become more popular in the industry.

Containers Will Be Bigger

Though Containers have been in use for a long time, they have only become more popular with the Docker introduction. Docker is the container introduced to enable faster software development. The increase in speed is also seen in isolated environment. A container has the dependencies required to run an application and therefore it can do it on its own.


What this means for developers is faster building, testing and deploying of applications anywhere. This service will run in just about any environment. We expect that Docker will add new features and gain security.

Advertisement Blocking On Websites

Website owners have been losing money around the world courtesy of advertisement blockers. In UK, ad blocking grew by about 82% reaching 12 million users. This greatly affects the earning of small sites that depend on ad revenue and also big publishers.


2016 has seen the minimization of ad blocking effect by site owners.  You can expect new technology to be used in neglecting the advertisement blocking plugins you also will see the use of innovative alternative methods of delivering advertisements to users.

Security All Over

Mobile is becoming more popular by the day and this can have its own drawbacks. This is because mobile has become the new focal point for security issues. This year, and the future will see advances in security measures aimed at ensuring mobile is safer for users.

Improved Power Of The Browser

In the recent past, there have been significant developments in what you can do with your browser. There have been and emergence of different frameworks such as tracking.js and binary formats such as WebAssembly and this has positioned JavaScript as one of the main languages of browsers.


This has given more power to the browsers. It is yet to be clear which JavaScript frameworks and which tools will be preferred in this area. The one thing that is absolutely clear is that JavaScript has made its mark and will continue being important. It will retain its position as one of the most effective language in programming.

Bots Become Standard UX

Bots have been here with use for a while. The technology that exists today will make sure that these bots will get smarter and be involved in more activities. For example, if you sign up for a new Slack account, a bot will welcome and on-board you. The Slackbot will ask you for your name and automatically save it in the slack account and also ask you a number of other things. Keep in mind that this is not only about Slack. There are many bots that are emerging in most of the tools and apps we use whether it is WeChat, Telegram or Facebook. This is probably a new era, an era that we will see many bots that will make our lives easier.

We Can Expect A Lot

If you look at the web development trends 2016 you must know, and the current status of the industry, you will see that there is a lot on its way. Web developers are clearly dedicated to making the development process faster and easier. This is great news for anyone interested in web development or owns a website. These developers save time from their day-today activities to come up with applications and tools that will improve the user’s web browsing in future. You just need to keep an eye on new emerging trends that will make your operations easier and save you time.

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