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    Is Web Design Dying?

    By John Dion

    In the past few years, we have experienced significant evolution in the world of web design. At different points, critics have stated that web design is a dying profession due to the many changes driven by technology in this industry. Is web design dying? Well, a lot has been said but we need to have a better look at this argument from a different perspective. Changes are always happening across industries and this does not kill professions. What happens is that professionals who change with technology are always valuable in their line of work.


    While web designers that used Photoshop and later sliced the designs into HTML lost their spot, designers with vast experience and great skills are valuable members of this industry. Even critics have said that UX designers will continue to be in demand and this just tells you that the professional is not on its death bed. Let us look at some of the reasons why web design is not dying.

    Website Maintenance And Security

    To safeguard the reputation of a business, website security is an important element. Web structure, design and maintenance are also important in SEO. Hackers are always going through the web looking for sites that have outdated security. Poor security might lead to a leak of users’ details or infection of the visitors’ computers. The main reason why a business needs a web designer and an SEO expert is to make sure that the website’s security details are updated. If you have a complex website, such as those that require personal customer details like e-commerce websites, you will need an experienced designer who is updated on security elements.

    Exceptional Online Branding

    Web design plays an important role in the facilitation of high-quality content that has been created for branding purposes. If you doubt this, you should look at large corporations. These companies have a marketing and branding team that also includes web designers. Web designers have the ability to create website pages that work positively towards marketing a company’s brand. This is the point where web design and marketing are integrated. The line that existed between marketing and technology has long been crossed. Designers have diversified their skills through the learning of marketing, branding and content which is why they remain relevant.

    Special Website Functions

    Technology is evolving rapidly, and almost everything we do on a daily basis is somehow connected to the internet. For this reason, design and development have not been left untouched. This is a clear indication that the skills of designers should evolve with the ever changing technology for them to remain relevant. Designers need to learn different skills such as customized blogging, customized apps, and android coding because this profession has gone beyond what they were used to. Is web design dying? No, it is not, this profession is just evolving and this should not be mistaken for dying.

    Marketing Expertise and Online Branding

    When a website has a digital marketing strategy, the budgeting will be efficient and will cover all the necessary marketing plans. Digital strategies also give way to correct online marketing and schedules for appropriate content. There are content planners who can work on these activities but the experience and skills of designers will go a long way to help you optimize your marketing strategies. As stated marketing and design work together in new-age design concepts to create a high-quality website. This is a website that is not only visually appealing, but one that will get to the target audience and serve its purpose which is to market the business.

    Web Design is A Form Of Art

    If a designer is still willing to learn new skills and ideas and incorporate them into their work, this profession remains highly viable for them. Today, user experience is an essential element and a hot topic. It refers to the look, feel and the content expected by visitors when they visit a website. The expectation of users is continuously growing especially when it comes to elements such as how the site feels and how it looks. Elements such as backgrounds, fonts, infographics, layouts, videos, color schemes and other related things will always be important to web designing. For those that take their time to learn a few more skills every year, the profession will always be in demand. Designing a website is now becoming more of an art than a normal process. We all know that art is more valued and plays an important role in the appearance of the things it appears on.

    Quality vs. Standard Sites

    A lot of the websites you will find on the web today are created using frameworks such as Magento, WordPress, Drupal and many others. These frameworks only provide standard websites as opposed to quality website that is foundational and have shortcuts that allow website owners to save money and time. There have been advancements in the web and you can find templates for almost anything. You will find themes with templates that can help you make almost all websites you have ever imagined. Though this is the case, there are complexities that need to be dealt with and this cannot be done with mere website templates. According to some experts, automation will be popular but it will never replace the need for a quality website but it might lower the opportunities that designers have in this field.


    Though most small business owners are only interested in a website that will give them web presence, there are still many businesses that value a high-quality website that will have more elements to improve the user experience. Designers who sharpen their skills will still have a lot of opportunities.


    Is Web design dying? As you have seen, there are many reasons why this profession is not dead. As long as designers are willing to change with technology and embrace new ideas, they will continue playing integral parts in the designing of websites across industries especially now that most people are shifting to the more flexible responsive web design.

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