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    Web Design Trends In 2016 About To Be Dismissed Next 2017

    By Derek Robinson

    Some of the most used web design trends in 2016 are going out of use, why is this happening?

    Fashion is an important matter in every field that we can think of, we all want to possess the latest version of the products that we consume daily, it´s always better to use the newest cellphone, a faster, smaller and lighter laptop, everybody wants to keep up with fashion in it´s closet, or eat in a trendy, fancy restaurant.


    Therefore, we tend to dismiss the things that are out of fashion if we are not able to take any profit from them. But, how this tendency to replace older things for cooler ones, affects web design?


    Around 15 years back, a lot of web design tendencies disappeared because of our misuse, we simply didn’t know how to use them properly in that moment.


    For example, big animated GIF displayed in front page or blackened background were put aside because then we did not know how to take good advantage from them.


    So, if you tend to abuse from a misused design resource, it will end to negatively impact your business in regards to your objectives accomplishment (conversion rates, number of subscriptions, closed sales and, of course, your return on investment).


    Let´s see some web design trends that are about to disappear this year, maybe we will have the opportunity to see them later, but for now is better to be putted on hold till we can give them an appropriate use:

    Pop-up aggression:

    Even when the pop-ups are regularly used to highlight important information or promotional content, most of users consider them very annoying and have low impact with conversion rates, you don´t need to get rid of all pop-ups, just be moderate about it.

    Front page carousels:

    in addition to affect your search engine optimization, everlasting carousels are way too heavy for mobile devices navigation, which represent an important portion of your leads. Always try to set a lighter configuration to your site.

    Huge information forms:

    No, remember that you want people to subscribe to your page in order to increase conversions, so you better use simple forms, easy to be filled, ask only for essential information, otherwise you risk to lose an interested lead.

    Overelaborated interface:

    Sometimes less is more. Make sure that your page is able to display all the information that you want to sell very fast and in a crystal clear way, remember that you will only have a couple of seconds before losing your visitor´s attention. For example, you can concentrate your main information in the upper left corner of the landing page in order to arouse reader´s heed and hook him to the rest of your site.

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