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Why a Website Redesign Can Boost Your Traffic

Derek Robinson

By Derek Robinson

So, have you been planning to redesign your website? If you haven’t then you probably should start thinking about that. It is a good idea to give your website a new look and we have a number of reasons why a website redesign can boost your traffic and consequently increase your sales.


The world of business on the internet is on a constant change. There are trends that will stay with us for a week, some for months and some for years. They all share a common element; they become outdated at a particular point. A while ago, owning a flash website was the in thing. Today, not a lot of people have flash sites. This website as a technology is slowly dying and giving way to new technology of today.


Let’s dive into more details and explain why it is important to give your website a different design.

  1. A New Look Gives Your Website Professionalism

Quick question; can you dress like you are straight from the 1950’s and meet a client for serious business that is not about dressing like you are from the 50s? We don’t think so. The impression the client will get is that you have outdated and still stuck to the old era.


Similarly, you cannot invite people to a website that looks like it is from the 90s. You do not want the cheesy, mobile unfriendly and bad graphics to give your clients doubts about your business. Most clients will start questioning your products and services based on how old and uncared for your website looks. To give it a boost and a new face, a redesign is one of the best ways to do this.

  1. Your Site needs to be Friendly to Mobile Devices

It is likely that when your website was built, the only thing a mobile phone would do is to call and text. There have been major changes and mobile phones have surpassed computers in access to the internet. Not most people actually thought we will come to this but now that we are here, it is important to make the necessary changes.


People are now accessing social platforms, reading news and buying items from their phones. Smartphone have become the new computers and are convenient because they are easy to carry around. If your website is unfriendly to these devices, the users will move on to another website very fast. A redesign with make sure you are not losing this important traffic and the consequent sales to your competitors.

  1. Changes are Inevitable

Initially, your visitors were attracted to your site because it looked innovative and professional.  Time passes and what used to attract them is now not that interesting. It is natural that clients will start looking forward to changes on your website. They will want to see fresh content and a different look. The best way to do this is through a website redesign.

  1. Most Old Websites are SEO Unfriendly

The reason SEO is very important is to ensure that the website is found and ranked by search engines. Most old websites do not follow the modern SEO practices and rules set by major search engines such as Google.  Not all new websites do but it’s more common in older sites.


There is not much that can be done on older websites in relation to SEO. There will be a time when the website will not be doing any good to your business without these practices. The best solution is to change the design and include the practices.

  1. Your Call to Action Needs to Work

Initially, most websites did not have a call to action on all pages. Today, you do not simply expect people to browse through your site and go to the contact page. You should therefore have a call to action on all the site pages. This will ensure that your visitors know the next step when they come to the end of the text. Whether it is downloading something, buying goods or services, subscribing or getting a quote, you need to be clear on what you want the visitors to do.


These are some of the reasons why you need to redesign your website if you have not done it in the recent past. As you make this important step, it’s a good idea to work with professionals in this web designing.


If you have any more reasons why redesigning your website is important or general ideas about redesigning feel free to share.

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