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    What is a Digital Agency and How Can it Boost Your Business Online?

    By Kay Swift

    The internet has grown rapidly over the last two decades. Data suggests that the U.S. alone has over 302 million internet users, and this number is set to grow to 321 million by 2025. Businesses that wish to stay relevant in this modern fast-paced world have no other option than to turn online, not just to attract new customers, but to retain existing ones as well. However, only a handful of businesses have the required knowhow to succeed in this realm. Not surprisingly, this has given rise to a significant number of digital agencies.


    What Is a Digital Agency?

    What Is a Digital Agency?

    A digital agency, a digital marketing agency, or a web agency brings a variety of technical skills to the table with the aim of boosting its clients’ online presence. Such agencies usually employ multiple specialists, provide different services, and formulate and implement different online marketing strategies. In addition, they might rely on using different online mediums based on analytics and user behavior.


    If you’re to look at the digital agency vs. media agency comparison, you’ll notice that the latter tend to rely on traditional marketing methods. A digital media agency, on the other hand, is one that specializes in promoting businesses online.


    You may think of a digital media agency as an advertising agency that is well-equipped to handle the changing requirements businesses have to deal with because of advancements in internet-based technologies. 

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    Good digital agencies make use of the latest in technology and marketing techniques to bring together different aspects as such graphic design and copywriting with the aim of improving user experience. End results typically come with an eclectic mix of creativity, technology, and problem-solving. 


    In 2020, the U.S. digital marketing industry accounted for over $356 billion in revenue in online advertising. By 2024, it is projected to be around $460 billion. However, while there are numerous digital agencies that account for these staggering numbers, not all are as good. 


    The best digital agencies have a deep understanding on how different online mediums work and what they need to do in order to successfully increase their clients’ online presence.  Besides, they make the most of online interactions and try to provide as much value as they can to their clients’ target audience. 


    Why Hire a Digital Agency?

    Why Hire a Digital Agency?

    Succeeding in the online world requires knowledge about various aspects. Unless your business already has a strong digital marketing department with a manager, a strategist, web designers, web developers, and content creators, working with a digital agency might be in your best interest. Not only does a good digital agency bring with it the expertise that your business needs to grow online, it also gives you the ability to focus on your core business. In addition, good web agencies remain up-to-date surrounding the latest strategies, tools, trends, and best practices.


    Compare the cost of hiring a web agency and setting up an entire digital marketing department, and you’ll see which way the pendulum swings.


    What Does a Digital Media Agency Do?

    For anyone who’s wondering “what does a digital agency do?” the simple answer is it helps promote your business in the online world and increase sales. However, there’s more to it than just creating a website or adding posts on social media. Here’s what you may expect a digital agency to do should you choose to partner with one.

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    This stage involves research surrounding aspects such as who your target audience is, what it’s looking for, how often do people look for your products/services, what type of content does your audience like, which platforms does it use the most, and what your existing conversion rates look like.


    Diverse Mix

    A good digital marketing agency relies on more than one way of getting your message to your target audience. Consequently, you may expect your overall digital marketing campaign to include:

    • Website development
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Content marketing
    • Social media marketing/advertising
    • Email marketing
    • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
    • Video production
    • Marketing automation
    • Mobile applications
    • Podcasts


    Campaign Development

    This stage involves web design and development, identifying suitable forms of media, creating content, meeting schedules, and making sure that the campaign is robust enough to work across different types of devices based on client specifications.


    Running the Campaign

    In running a successful online marketing campaign, you may expect your web agency to touch upon aspects as identifying users, determining what/who they follow, what they spend the most time doing on the internet, which digital media work best for a particular type of service or product, the location of users, as well as the actions they perform on your website that those of your competitors.


    The Results

    After an agency analyses the results of its efforts, you may expect to receive in-depth reports surrounding various aspects of the overall marketing campaign. Given the findings, it may choose to make tweaks to its strategies with the aim of further improving the campaign’s effectiveness. This is an ongoing process that every good digital marketing agency follows.


    6 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Media Agency

    6 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Media Agency

    Irrespective of the size of your business or the industry it belongs to, you need to look at the long-term picture if you hope to find success. While endurance plays an important role, so does ensuring that you keep up with changing times. Given that the online world continues to evolve rapidly – with some big businesses already turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experiences – hiring a digital agency that stays on top of the learning curve might be in your best interest.

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    1. Stays on Top of Digital Marketing Trends

    One thing you can be sure of when it comes to online marketing trends, digital marketing strategies, and updates in search engine algorithms is that they are subject to change every so often. For instance, there have been 10 major Google algorithm updates since 2011, which accounts for around one per year. Besides, minor updates happen on an everyday basis. When you hire a good digital agency, you can rest easy knowing that it will not only keep up with the latest changes but will also implement them within your overall marketing strategy. 


    2. Increases Organic Traffic

    Your website serves as the backbone of your online marketing efforts. As a result, the goal of a digital agency is to generate as much organic traffic as possible to your website. Digital marketing experts pay attention to different aspects such as search engine search algorithms, inbound marketing, and user journeys to come up with suitable strategies to boost organic traffic. 


    3. Generates Qualified Leads

    Good digital agencies strive hard in attracting qualified leads, and this leads to better conversion rates. They do this by understanding the functioning of your business, your goals, your objectives, your target audience, and your sales funnel.  They also make use of multiple tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and content marketing to deliver desired results. 


    Good digital marketing agencies realize that different tactics produce varied results based on where a lead might be in your sales funnel. Consequently, it is able to deliver the right message through the right medium at the right time. After such leads make their way to your website, there is an increased possibility of them carrying our desired actions, be it making a purchase or following your blog.


    4. Expands Your Brand’s Reach

    Just about every business’ customers can be found online. Given that the main aim of digital marketing agencies is to boost their clients’ online presence, they know just what it takes to reach out to a bigger target audience.  Among other things, the best digital agencies focus on increasing reach by developing buyer personas and by interacting with your target audience through one or more social media platforms.


    5. Identifies Strategies to Boost Revenue

    The best digital marketing agencies use different tools to determine where most of your leads come from, and then focus their efforts on identifying and implementing strategies to increase sales. The tools they have access to give them the ability to track the progress of multiple campaigns at the same time. By analyzing the data they get, they make suitable changes to their strategies or even devise new ones.


    6. Saves Time, Money, and Effort

    When you work with a digital agency that offers all the digital marketing services you need under a single umbrella, you don’t have to worry about interacting with multiple agencies to get your work done. Once you leave the online marketing part of your business in the hands of trusted professionals, you get more time to focus on others aspects. Besides, the long-term benefits of hiring a good digital media agency typically outweigh the costs you might incur.


    The Role Your Agency Plays

    All the top digital marketing agencies aim to boost their clients’ online presence by focusing on three main aspects.

    • Learn about your business. Before a web agency can get to work, it needs to get as much understanding about your business as possible. The initial interaction should focus on getting in-depth knowledge about your brand’s products/services, its goal, and its target audience. Only after identifying a target market and narrowing down on who your ideal customer is should an agency move to developing marketing strategies.
    • Get the branding right. A crucial element of succeeding in the online world is getting your branding right. The overall brand development process has an agency working on different aspects such as your website and logo as well as the use of suitable slogans and imagery. While branding helps build recall value, it also gives your business a competitive edge and helps develop customer loyalty.
    • Increasing return on investment. By ensuring ongoing testing, analysis, and changes in strategies, good digital agencies help increase your return on investment (ROI). Through all the efforts that a digital agency puts into the process, it aims to generate more leads, increase conversions, and boost your revenue. 

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    How Much Might it Cost to Hire a Web Agency?

    How much you need to spend to hire a digital media agency depends on multiple factors. For example, the services you’re after have a direct bearing on the cost. Other factors that may affect costing include, but do not limit to:

    • The size of your business (bigger businesses tend to have higher budgets)
    • The experience and expertise that comes with an agency 
    • Scope of deliverables
    • Desired turnaround time
    • Complexities in marketing strategies


    How to Select a Digital Agency?

    How to Select a Digital Agency?

    Since not all digital agencies are equally good, the one you select has a direct impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. Your selection needs to account for factors such as your goal, your budget, and just how involved you wish to be during the entire process. Other aspects that need your attention in selecting a web agency that works well for you include:

    • Will you have a single point-of-contact or might you need to interact with multiple people?
    • Does the agency have specialists to work on different strategies (SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and so on?)
    • Has the agency worked on projects of similar scales?
    • Which design and development tools does it use?
    • How does it measure success?
    • How often might you expect progress reports?
    • How does its pricing work?
    • What do previous customers have to say about its services?



    Now that you know what a digital marketing agency is, what it does, and how it can help boost your brand’s online presence, you need to select one that feels like a natural extension of your business. The agency you work with should not only reflect your core values, it should also share your vision and function as an effective shareholder in the growth of your business.


    Since your business might not be well-equipped to manage the wide spectrum of digital marketing, turning to a web agency might be just what your business needs. After understanding the specific needs of your business and how it functions, your digital agency will formulate strategies to maximize outreach. What you may then expect is a streamlined growth in revenue.

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