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    What is the Best Adobe Business Catalyst Alternative?

    By Derek

    Launched in 2004, Business Catalyst worked as an excellent one-stop solution for building and managing different types of websites. Adobe bought the company in 2009. However, Adobe Business Catalyst developers have been looking for alternatives for some time now.


    According to an announcement made by Adobe, no new websites were available for purchase on this platform from June 18, 2018. The company retained customers’ data so it remained available for download and migration until March 26, 2021. Adobe Business Catalyst support stayed in place till March 26, 2021. The hosting platform eventually shut down on September 26, 2021.


    This announcement left many website owners, web developers, and web development agencies in a lurch. With Business Catalyst discontinued, people looking for alternatives need to pay attention to individual requirements before making a selection.


    If you turn online to look for a solution, you will notice that finding a suitable alternative for Business Catalyst migration depends on the kind of website in question. The three basic types include lead generation, eCommerce, and custom websites.


    adobe business catalyst to wordpress

    Business Catalyst Alternatives for Lead Generation Websites

    A lead generation website is the most basic kind. It offers information to visitors and lets them get in touch with a business through a contact form, a phone button, and social media buttons. Two prominent Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) alternatives you may choose for such a website include WordPress and Wix.


    While using Wix is simpler than WordPress, non-developers may still use WordPress to create functional and good-looking websites. However, WordPress scores over Wix when it comes to customization and flexibility.


    Apps and Plugins

    If you wish to make your Wix website more functional, you have to limit your search to the Wix App Market, which currently has around 500 apps. In addition, tweaking or adding code comes with various restrictions. WordPress, on the other hand, lets you play with functionality by offering over 50,000 free plugins and scores of premium plugins as well.


    Data Control

    If you’re wondering about data control on both platforms, WordPress scores over Wix. While you may move your Wix website to another platform, the process is not particularly easy. In addition, the company’s policy surrounding exporting or embedding your Wix website states that “In order for your site to work properly, it needs to be hosted and operated on Wix’s servers.” It also adds that “If you embed your site into an external location, Wix cannot provide support, and Wix is no longer in control of the way your site appears or functions.”


    If you shift from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress, you remain in complete control of your data, and you may download or export it easily, as and when you like. You may also migrate your WordPress website to a different hosting platform.

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    Business Catalyst Alternatives for eCommerce Websites

    eCommerce websites are ones that sell products online. People looking for alternatives to migrate their eCommerce Business Catalyst websites may benefit by looking at what Shopify and Adobe Commerce (previously Magento) have to offer. While the latter was the go-to option until a few years ago, Shopify currently leads the race according to Ecommerce-Platforms.com. Others on the list include:

    • Wix
    • BigCommerce
    • Squarespace
    • Sellfy
    • WooCommerce


    Often pitted against each other, while Adobe Commerce and Shopify come with similarities, they also offer completely distinct features.


    Ease of Use

    Shopify scores over Adobe Commerce on this front. Shopify gives you the ability to customize your online store by moving elements around the page and you may personalize themes by adding custom images. In addition, you can add products, set up payments, and start selling rather quickly.


    With Adobe Commerce, you need to learn basic coding and some other technical aspects to make the most of the platform. While it offers excellent flexibility and in-depth user guides, it involves learning the ropes first.


    Themes and Extensions

    Shopify currently offers over 160 customizable themes, all optimized to run on mobile devices. While it offers a few free themes, you have to pay for most. Once you select a theme, you may make a variety of changes without needing any coding knowledge. Of the handful of themes Adobe Commerce offers, only a few are mobile-responsive. While it lets you create themes from scratch, this requires extensive knowledge of coding.


    Adding to your website’s functionality is simple with Shopify and Adobe Commerce. Shopify lets you choose from more than 8,000 free and paid applications, which you may add to your website with a single click. Adobe Commerce offers thousands of free and paid extensions as well, and you may use them without any coding-related knowledge.


    adobe business catalyst developers

    Payment Processing

    Questions surrounding which company’s payment processors are better come with no conclusive answers. Shopify offers Shopify Payments, its own integrated payments processor, which lets you save money in the form of transaction fees. You may integrate external payment processors such as PayPal or Amazon Pay with your Shopify website, although you’ll then have to pay a per-transaction fee.


    If you use Adobe Commerce, you may rely on its payment provider gateway to integrate your store with one or more payment service providers. Alternatively, you may turn to Adobe Commerce Payment Services, a payment solution that lets you accept payments via popular methods such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Venmo.


    Business Catalyst Alternatives for Custom Websites

    Custom websites are typically the most complicated to migrate from Business Catalyst. Some of your options when it comes to migrating such a website include Webflow, Weebly Cloud, and Duda. platformOS, founded by Business Catalyst’s co-founder Adam Broadway, can also work as an effective alternative.



    • Coding support
    • Responsive web design
    • Responsive templates
    • User-friendly visual editor
    • Drag-and-drop web forms
    • 3D transforms and animations
    • Content management system (CMS) editor
    • Intuitive website editor
    • Dynamic content filtering and sorting
    • HTML5 background videos
    • eCommerce capabilities
    • Password protection
    • Hosting and custom domain names
    • Website backups and versioning
    • Custom branding
    • Great for search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Priority support for Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans


    Weebly Cloud

    • User-friendly website builder/visual editor
    • Drag-and-drop web forms with auto responders
    • Responsive web design
    • Free templates
    • CMS editor
    • Video backgrounds
    • eCommerce capabilities and insights
    • Hosting and custom domain names
    • Email marketing
    • Secure zones for members and groups
    • Mobile app for website management
    • SEO-friendly
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Weebly website statistics

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    • User-friendly drag-and-drop editor
    • Developer mode
    • Versatile templates
    • Ready-to-use dynamic pages
    • Completely responsive designs
    • Multi-language websites
    • Multiple widgets
    • eCommerce capabilities
    • Hosting and custom domain names
    • AI assistant
    • SEO-friendly
    • Easy widget building
    • Email marketing
    • Website stats
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Client billing tool


    Other Alternatives for Adobe Business Catalyst Developers

    While platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Adobe Commerce, Webflow, Weebly Cloud, and Duda can serve as effective alternatives for many Business Catalyst website developers, some might need to look beyond these names. A few others on the list include HubSpot, Squarespace, and Kentico.



    This cloud-based CMS finds favor with several digital marketing experts, primarily because of the inbound marketing software and tools it offers. Besides, given its CMS hub and easy-to-use website builder, it finds favor with businesses that need a website along with a marketing platform. It gives website owners the ability to steer clear of traditional marketing methods that might seem overly intrusive and reach out to their audiences through personalized experiences and relevant content.


    The main advantages of HubSpot include:

    • Completely customizable and responsive themes
    • A unified publishing platform
    • A drag-and-drop editor
    • A fully integrated CRM
    • Multilingual websites
    • SEO recommendations
    • Supports Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)
    • Supports smart content
    • Simplifies adaptive testing
    • Built-in security features


    Possible drawbacks of using the HubSpot CMS include:

    • Learning curve
    • Navigating within the dashboard might seem confusing
    • Drag-and-drop editor does not offer extensive control
    • Professional and Enterprise plans might seem expensive
    • Custom reports and advanced analytics only for Professional and Enterprise plans


    business catalyst migration


    Several Business Catalyst websites have moved to Squarespace because of its solid set of features and functionalities. For starters, it boasts of among the best customizable templates on the market, making it ideal for creating portfolios, publishing online courses, blogging, and content creation. While this platform lets you add eCommerce functionalities to your website, Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and WooCommerce tend to work better for this purpose. However, Squarespace offers some fantastic sales tools that can help promote your brand.


    Advantages of turning to Squarespace to migrate a Business Catalyst website include:

    • Like Business Catalyst, Squarespace is a SaaS solution
    • Used by businesses of different sizes
    • Can build a website with no knowledge of coding
    • Many customizable responsive templates
    • Generous page limits
    • Offers various eCommerce features
    • SSL certificate


    Possible drawbacks include:

    • Switching templates requires starting from scratch
    • Low-level customization
    • Website editor leaves room for improvement
    • Slow page loading speed
    • No deep menu hierarchy
    • Creating multilingual websites is challenging
    • No multi-currency selling
    • Limited integration with third-party marketing apps



    People who knew their way around Adobe Business Catalyst development should find Kentico fairly similar, and it shares some features with HubSpot too. However, an aspect in which this CMS stands out is that you don’t have to use third-party tools for important functions like multivariate and A/B testing.


    Given its ease of use, Kentico works as an effective Business Catalyst migration alternative for non-technical users. It gives digital marketers the ability to create personalized customer journeys with its no- and low-code tools as well as the means to try new marketing channels. Besides, it offers wide-ranging solutions for eCommerce as well as digital marketing and automation.

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    The top benefits of using Kentico include:

    • Completely customizable CMS
    • Responsive web design
    • Can import source code from eCommerce projects
    • Good eCommerce capabilities
    • Great for marketing automation
    • Built-in A/B testing
    • Highly scalable
    • Robust security features
    • Web analytics
    • Internal workgroup collaboration and intranet
    • A simulator that lets you look for bugs and errors
    • Lets you extract variables in XLS format


    The potential drawbacks of using this CMS are:

    • Building eCommerce websites requires technical expertise
    • The Kentico mobile app lacks major functionalities
    • Interface might seem cluttered if you operate at scale
    • Maintaining consistency might seem challenging
    • Rising costs of subscription plans
    • Limited freedom in customization


    Should You Partner With an Expert?

    Whether you have a Business Catalyst blog or website, when it comes to migrating, you get to choose from two basic paths. The first is to identify a suitable Business Catalyst alternative and handle the migration on your own and the other is to turn to a digital agency that specializes in web development as well as online marketing. If you don’t have the required technical expertise to make an informed decision and carry out the migration, it’s best to seek professional assistance.


    Ideally, you should look for an agency that is proficient in migrating Business Catalyst websites to different platforms. This way, it can recommend a CMS based on your existing website, its specific requirements, and the goals you want it to achieve. Partnering with an agency that specializes in digital marketing is beneficial if you want to your increase online presence and attract more traffic to your website.



    If you have a Business Catalyst website, looking for an alternative is inevitable, and the sooner you find a suitable solution, the better. Given that you get multiple options from which to choose, make sure you compare them well and make a selection based on your specific requirements. If you are unable to decide, consider seeking advice from a reputable web development company that specializes in building custom websites. This way, you can be sure of selecting an Adobe Business Catalyst alternative that works well for you.

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