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    What Website Development Consultants Do and Who Needs Them

    By Roger Banks

    From small enterprises to large corporations, websites have become an indispensable part of doing business. These digital platforms are powerful tools for reaching your target audience and expanding your customer base. However, it takes professional input to create a website that establishes a strong online presence, accurately conveys your brand identity, and offers an outstanding user experience. This is where website development consultants enter the picture. 

    web development consulting


    Who Are Website Development Consultants?

    Website development or website building consultants are specialists who offer professional advice on developing and maintaining websites. Whether it is an already existing project, a work in progress, or one you are starting from scratch, they offer expert guidance and supervision every step of the way. Web development consultants transform your ideas into tangible web products that meet your business’s digital needs. 


    A competent consultant can steer you in the right direction by assisting with website content, navigation, navigation menus, search engine optimization (SEO), website hosting, and much more. Their professional advice offers a blueprint for developing the website you have always wanted, or something even better.


    It is important to note that web development consultants and web developers occupy entirely different positions with separate goals. While a website development consultant adopts a problem-solving approach by formulating and suggesting the best solutions for your web project, a web developer or programmer focuses on writing code that meets a project’s specifications. Simply put, web developers are primarily concerned with writing the necessary code to build your website based on the plans formulated by a web development consultant.


    Why Your Business Needs a Website Development Consultant

    With digitization on a steady rise, people are becoming increasingly aware of how to leverage advanced technologies. Chief among these is the internet; a global convergence of networks. The World Wide Web has undeniably made an impact on business operations. Considering the teeming population of netizens across the globe, entrepreneurs have identified the need to take their dealings beyond the walls of a building.

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    Developing and managing a standard website encompasses several processes that require expertise. People often say that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you have identified the need for a business website, then invest quality resources in its development. A poorly designed website frustrates your business plans by presenting your brand as shabby and inferior. Recovering from a reputation like that could take a while. A quality web presence to take your business to the next level requires a professional touch. 


    Web development consulting is a cost-effective way to successfully execute a website that specifically meets your business demands. Consultants are equipped with the skill set and resources to build you a functionally efficient and user-friendly website among other things. Here are some of the areas where web development consultants offer assistance.


    1. Website Audit

    If you have an existing website, an audit helps measure performance and identify flaws that need fixing. Web development consultants can evaluate your site and offer trained insights into necessary improvements. Additionally, several conditions make a website standard. These include accessibility and privacy requirements to assist and protect users. An audit will reveal any loopholes that need covering up in these areas, ensuring that your website is up to standard.


    To the untrained eye, a website may appear adequate. However, professionals like web development consultants look beneath the surface to scrutinize every aspect of your site’s digital performance. 


    2. Web Design

    Consumers deserve a smooth-sailing digital journey through your website. Offering them a superb user experience (UX) is one of the easiest ways to convert them into customers. This involves providing easy access and navigation as well as an appealing and functional user interface (UI). 


    Web development consultants help you polish your web design and enhance the experiences of your web visitors. Given that they rely on data-driven insights and other digital trends, they can determine the needs and preferences of your target audience, and then use the information to develop a website with an efficient UI and UX design. Additionally, they conduct UI/UX testing to measure the success or failure of an attempt before releasing it to the public. 

    web development consultants

    3. Web Development

    A web development consultant’s role encompasses the entire development phase. It involves choosing the technologies that best suit your business, defining the site architecture, and monitoring the development, launching, testing, and scaling processes. With their supervision, web developers can build all the necessary codes for the smooth operation of a website.


    Web development consultants also have knowledge of  front-end and back-end development. While UI and UX make up the front end, the back end handles requests that are incoming from user actions. These concepts can be very challenging which makes technical know-how a necessity. Website building consultants skillfully guide the in-house team as well as other professionals involved through the web development process.


    4. Digital Marketing

    Simply put, website development consultants have all it takes to help you sell your business online. Unlike traditional marketing, the internet already gives you access to billions of people around the world, eliminating time and space constraints. At any given time, people from various countries can access and interact with your digital products. While this is good news, acing the digital marketing process requires a professional touch. 


    Companies that provide web development consulting services craft digital marketing strategies that are best suited to your business needs. By collaborating with one, you can increase brand awareness, drive web traffic, and boost customer conversion rates. Consequently, your business gets better visibility, and revenue multiplies. 


    5. Search Engine Optimization


    As far as web visibility is concerned, SEO is king. In a sea of digital competitors, maintaining the best SEO practices is what sets you apart from the rest. Most consumers locate websites through search engines like Google. This accounts for organic web traffic, the most rewarding source of online engagement. However, only optimized websites rank favorably on search engines because the algorithm can easily find and suggest them.


    When people use search engines, the results pages direct them to various websites. However, you don’t just automatically appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) because the algorithm ranks websites based on factors like how relevant their content is. A website development consultant can help you formulate SEO plans like content strategies and keyword optimization to improve your website‘s relevance and visibility.


    How to Choose the Right Website Development Consultant for Your Business 

    Choosing the right web development consultant is just as crucial as having the website itself. Your website is a big deal. It contributes to your business’s public persona and is capable of reaching and converting more customers than a brick-and-mortar store. 

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    The internet serves as a global marketplace where businesses can interact with consumers from all over the world. Think of your website as your digital home. Several plans must be in place to guide consumers to it, encourage them to stay, and offer them a great experience overall. With the right website development consultant, you can achieve all this and more. Here are a few pointers to help you choose a consultant that is best for your business.


    1. Conduct Background Checks

    When choosing a web development consultant, you need to carry out due diligence. This involves scrutinizing your candidates to determine the best fit for your business. Your investigation should reveal their level of experience and skillfulness, the brands they have worked with in the past, and their overall reputation within the industry. 

    • Experience and expertise: While how long doesn’t always determine how well, knowing that a professional has years of experience to his/her name is encouraging. It conveys the idea that you are placing your business in capable hands, hands that years of experience have fine-tuned. After the “how long”, what’s left is knowing how well a professional works. Expertise is perhaps the most important thing because it assures you that the web development consultant knows what to do, and how to do it best.
    • Portfolio: Portfolios reveal work history and offer insight into a professional’s creative capabilities and experience. Any credible website development consultant should confidently provide you with a portfolio, and you may view the absence of one as a red flag. 
    • Reviews: While it is normal for businesses to present the best versions of themselves to convert new customers, their truest form can be found in the testimonies of previous and existing customers. Testimonials give you firsthand insight into the experiences of people who have worked with the web development consultant you are considering. By looking into such unfiltered reviews, you are privy to the client’s perspective and will have an idea of what to expect.


    An additional tip is to evaluate their official websites. A top-notch web development consultant should have an appealing and functional website. If they do not have a site that reflects their touted expertise, then they are not likely to offer you a better one. 

    web development consulting services

    2. Evaluate Their Team and Work Ethics

    This has a lot to do with compatibility. Every organization has a work culture that is determined by its personnel and their values. For a smooth collaborative experience, you should decide beforehand whether or not you can work with certain kinds of people. By investigating the work culture, you get an idea of a web development consultant’s approach to business as well as insight into the kind of people you’ll be working with. 


    If your work ethics do not align, it could lead to frustration down the road. You need to ask questions like: 

    • Will they carry me along the development process and value my opinions?
    • Can they communicate effectively?
    • Is their team available on multiple communication channels?
    • Who will be the point of contact for concerns and feedback?
    • Are they willing to revise areas I disagree with?
    • Do they have access to the best resources in the industry?
    • Can I trust them?


    By asking questions such as these, you can determine the most suitable candidate for your business and eliminate doubts about your choice.


    3. Ensure They Understand Your Business Demands

    When web development consulting services do not match the demand, it wastes time and resources and could create even more problems. Before you begin working together, clearly state your requirements and ask if the consultant understands your needs. You can also ask for a theoretical approach to a problem. This helps you determine their understanding of the situation and whether or not they can meet your demands.

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    Knowing that every organization has unique needs that require specific attention, competent website development consulting companies do not offer generic solutions. They view each problem from a client’s perspective and offer tailored solutions that will meet your specific needs.


    4. Agree On a Budget

    The final step is to agree on a budget. You should choose a web development consultant that fits your budget. However, your budget should be realistic. Expecting cheap work might land you in the hands of incompetent people. Request a quote and evaluate how their asking price compares to other competent consultants in the industry. It is most likely a red flag if they expect you to pay a lot more than the usual fee. It communicates greed and dishonesty, traits you don’t want to have in a business partner. 


    Additionally, request a breakdown of their expenditure. You have the right to know how they are spending your resources. 



    You don’t just need a website, you need the best one possible. As an essential part of your business, your website deserves top-notch services for it to deliver the best results. A smooth-sailing website should make you proud and leave your customers feeling satisfied with their user experience. 


    With the unique skills that website development consultants offer, your online presence can thrive in today’s competitive digital space. For a stellar website, customized to your business needs, consider hiring a web development agency. With its experience, expertise, and resources, you can establish and maintain an enviable web presence. 

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