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    What Is The Future Of Web Development In 2017

    By John Dion

    In the past few years, the web has become a part of our everyday lives. We use websites for a lot of things from banking, shopping to reading daily news. Because of the high use of websites, the demand for web development is at its highest. What web developers can do is huge and this is why we have different sites despite there being so many.  As 2017 progresses, we cannot help but ask ourselves, what is the future of web development in 2017? In this post, we will have a look at the many different technologies and additions that we expect to grace this year in relation to web development.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Whenever there is a mention of the future of web development, you cannot lack the topic of artificial intelligence. Right now, it will not just be a mention because there have been a lot of advancements and research in the AI field in recent years. Google DeepMind built the first program, AlphaGo, which beat a professional Go player. Most of the largest corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook are releasing artificial intelligence programs to the users. This technology is already being used in applications such as Google to improve search and by Wikipedia in identification of articles that have been damaged or are inaccurate.


    Since this technology is becoming easier to access, we can all expect to see more web developers using it in their work. For instance, you can expect to get an artificial intelligent web designer that will ask you about colors, branding, content and layout and it will give you a website. The machine will be learning as it does thing for a better implementation in future.

    Virtual Reality (VR)

    When you answer the question what is the future of web development in 2017, you can expect that virtual reality will crop up somewhere in your conversation. This is a trend that has already started taking over the gaming world and is expected to spread to other industries. Large companies such as Mozilla and Google are already working on APIs that will help in the transition of virtual reality technology to the web. According to the momentum of this technology and the trends that we have already witnessed, we can expect that VR will get into more industries and be used in more applications. You can expect to see VR in news coverage and real estate tours in the near future.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Internet of things is a technology that involved the connection of non-internet connected things such that they can send and receive information. These things can be kettles, toasters, blenders and sensors in concrete to detect cracks. While web developers might not be directly connected to developing this technology, they will very much be involved in developing applications that help in their operations. They will also be involved in the analysis and display of data collected from these devices. There are companies that have already started working on APIs that will be used by web developers in communicating with these internet of things devices. Though this technology is expected to be on the rise this year, there is a growing concern about security. It is clear that web developers will have to face a number of challenges especially in protecting these devices from hackers.

    Rails 5

    Rails 5 is the newest Rails version and was released mid 2016. This version is still young but is expected to gain a lot of popularity in 2017. Web developers are already excited by the new additions that came with the new Rails 5. These include Turbo 5 which allows developers to create Single page like applications right from the Rails stack. It allows links to fetch the full HTML pages and replace the body without the client-side JavaScript frameworks. There is also ActionCable which is a new way of using WebSockets in rails aimed at the creation of real-time apps. This addition has made the creation of chat and notification features easy while still giving access to all the resources of ActiveRecords. Rails 5 has also merged the rails_api into its database. This means that a developer can create API only apps in Rails and hook them to native or JavaScipt frameworks.

    Angular 2

    In 2016, there was a release of Angular 2. This release was accompanied by a lot of changes such as the redesign of Google’s Frontend JavaScript framework. After this release, Angular announced that there will be a regular release that will be scheduled. According to their statement, they will be releasing 3 minor updates and a major updated once every six months. This means that 2017 web developers can expect a lot of changes from this widely used framework.

    Yarn Package Manager

    Package managers have become incredibly popular especially for fronted JavaScript communities. These tools have increasingly made things easy for developers especially in the installation, updates and configuration when dealing with app development. Bower and NPM are the most popular package managers in JavaScript. However, Facebook has developed a new package manager working together with Google, Tilde and Exponent.  We can expect this trend to continue this year. Yarn is aimed at addressing the problems that Facebook has been facing with other packages such as NPM especially in matters related to security, consistency and performance.

    Static Site Generators

    Static site generators can develop a website from plaintext. The text is stored in files as opposed to databases. The use of static generators has advantages such as speed, security and deployment ease. The problem is that they do not have user content like comments and these are a must today. While this technology might find its way in 2017, it might not carry as much weight as expected.

    What is the Future of Web development in 2017 – Conclusion

    There are obviously a lot of web development trends that will be witnessed in 2017 and beyond. If you are in development, you need to keep your eyes wide open because some of these trends will play a major part in your work. For now, we just have to wait and change as changes come.

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