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    Biggest Web Design Trends Of 2017

    By John Dion

    There have been predictions of the top web design trends to expect in 2017. While these predictions have been correct, it is important to dig a little deeper to explain what these trends are really about and what you can expect from them. It is important to understand the trends and the tools and resources that will help you maximize their potential as you improve your designing. The following are some of the biggest web design trends of 2017. Clearly, there might be many others that are not here but these have what it takes to be on this list.

    Imagery Web Design

    Stock photos have always played a major part in the world of digital communication. Whether it is a blog, an e-commerce, or portfolio, stock photos always find their way on the site. The use of images is aimed at engaging users and making it easy for them to understand what the website is trying to communicate. Sites have been using the same old stock photos with people smiling and the usual cheesy images. Well, thanks to the new web design imagery trend, designers can now use more natural looking images. There are communities such as Picjumbo and Unsplash which are contributing a great deal to the use of appealing photos that do not look like the same old stock photos that are all too familiar.

    Video Background

    A website is a form of storytelling tool and telling a story is more effective when there are motion and visuals involved. The visitor will understand the content better when there are emotions and ideas transferred through motion. We have already seen business starting the use of videos in their websites, this trend is growing bigger in 2017 and there are possibilities of 3D graphics and high definition videos. This will build a real life impression that improves the user’s experience. Statistics are indicating that people are in love with videos and this explains why web designers are leaning on their side. There are over 50 billion video views each month and this is a number too high to ignore.


    YouTube is continuously growing popular and overtaking conventional TV. This is because it gives people the freedom of choosing what to see when they want to see it. It makes sense to include this popular trend in web design to maximize your website’s potential. This trend has a drawback with is a longer loading time. Speed is essential in websites and when a trend is slowing down the loading time, people will be forced to wait just a little longer for a page to load.

    Personal Branding

    Whether you pay attention to it or not, personal branding is here with us. How people perceive you and your identity are two different things. The reason why personal branding is in use it to make sure you align your mission and vision such that people perceive you as you want to be perceived rather that leaving people to speculate. Without personal branding, your audience will have different opinions about you and not everyone will think of you as you want to be perceived. This trend gives you the control you need to tell people who you are through your website.

    Mobile First Website

    If you want to succeed in your industry, you need to pay close attention to statistics especially when it comes to access to the internet. The world has gone digital and this means that more people are finding businesses online. What matters are the devices they are using to find products and services. According to statistics, more people are now accessing sites using mobile phones than those using desktop computers.


    A website that does not offer a mobile friendly version is a great hindrance to people using mobile devices. Experience is everything when it comes to users and the internet. If a user does not like how the website appears on their small screen, they will find one that looks attractive. It might not be of the same quality like the one they have left but it looks good to them and that is all that matters. For this reason, you should have a mobile first approach to ensure that you do not lock out all the mobile users trying to find your business. 2017 is full of innovations that revolve around mobile friendly sites and designs that cater to mobile device users.

     Modular Design

    Modular, also referred to as grid based design might not be all that new but has made it to the list of the biggest web design trends of 2017. This trend started gaining popularity because of its reusable nature and the fact that it is responsive friendly with tiles stack well on different screen. The layouts are flexible and will look clean and presentable on any screen size. Some of the best examples of sites that are successfully using the modular design trend include Instagram and Pinterest.

    Single Page Web Design

    Web browsing patterns are changing and it seems like scrolling is winning over clicking. The use of mobile devices is on the rise and this is significantly changing the design of websites. With smaller screens and scrolling being an easier option, most uses prefer not to click and wait for a link to open. They’d rather scroll around using their fingers on the touch screens. One page sites present a lot of information on one page. They started getting popular a while ago but they are making much more sense today.


    If you have been following the web design scene then you must have had an idea of the biggest web design trends of 2017. This is because some of these trends started gaining traction a few years ago only that they are getting popular now. Web design is a quickly evolving industry and we expect to see new trends that might even get bigger than those in this list. It only makes sense to stay updated to make sure that your website is making the best out of the available technology

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