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    How Much Does A Website Cost? The Truth

    By Derek Robinson

    Most people who want a website built for personal or business use always have a similar question about how much money they should invest in a website. If you do not have a boatload of money in the bank, the smallest amount of money is a big concern and you want to see it utilized in the best way possible.


    When you are paying for tangible goods, the concern is not all that intense. When intangible things such as website development or design services are things you are paying for, there are always problems. Because you cannot hold the website in your hands, knowing what it is really worth can be a little tricky.


    The cost you pay for having a website built will greatly vary. If you get quotes from as many as 20 web designers, you will get an equal number of varying rates. Some will charge a few hundred dollars while others will ask for thousands, it all depends on the company, what they offer and a whole lot of other unexplainable things. The big question is – how do you know the right amount to pay for a website?

    Factors Affecting the Cost Of Web Design

    What You Need

    One mistake that most people make is to assume that because they have what they consider to be simple ideas, they should pay lower than what the designer is willing to take. This is a mistake because what you might consider to be simple can be a great deal of work in web design. You should not be surprised to find a one page website that requires more work than a website with dozens of pages.

    Something that you might not know is that the designer will not charge you according to the amount of time they take to create your website. Some of these processes can be done fast but they will need skills and knowledge, and this is what you will be paying for. What a designer can do has been learned over years and this is why you are going to pay for their services. If anyone could do the tasks, then there would not be specialists in web design. There are things such as eCommerce, opt-in membership and forums that need extra work and this means more money in the overall cost.

    Skill Level Of The Designer

    While it is possible to get a website for $150, the quality will be so far from what $1500 will get you. The difference between the two will be like a tricycle and a sport bike. Both might get you where you want to go but one will have better results and will get you there faster. A designer who charges you more is always willing to go an extra mile to provide all the extras and make sure that your website is in accordance to your needs and preferences. What you will get from them cannot be achieved through the cheap rates. When all is said and done, you will have a value for the added cost. Low rates will only lead you to a bogus designer who might be in the learning process and what you will get is a trial website that does nothing to help you achieve set goals.

    Are You A Stubborn Client?

    This is something people in the industry only like to whisper but let us be honest for a minute. If you will be calling the designer 50 million times in a day… well, it might not be 50 million but calling the designer multiple times to change this and improve that might just cost you a fortune. Website designers have developed the ‘skills’ to identify stubborn clients and just in case one tiptoes to their business, they will make sure they get paid for bothers and the stubbornness from the client asking for thousands of things changed every hour.

    So, How Much Should It Cost?

    The following are a few things that you might want to consider before you budget for a web design:

    For A Blog

    Should I Spend On a blog?

    Well, if you have a blog that you use as a platform to share memories and photos with friends and family and do not earn anything from it, then this is not something you should spend more than a few hundred dollars on. The easiest way is to just grab one of those free themes and just leave the design at that. If you make money from your blog or you want to make money from it, then you will need to spend money to make more money.

    Benefits Of A Professional Blog Design

    If you want to attract more traffic, which will attract more advertisers and features on the big sites, then you will need the help of a professional design. It is possible that spending about $1500 now will earn you more than 5 times that money in a year. This should be motivation enough to get you going for a professionally designed blog.

    Is Outsourcing A Good Idea?

    After asking for quotes from designers, most people say that they will design their own blogs to save money. This leads to four possible outcomes:

    – They will spend hours trying to work on the blog design and the sad part is that it will still look bad.

    – They spend hours trying to figure out how things are done then give up and hire a designer.

    – They hire a cheap designer who will give the bad quality designs and end up looking for a professional designer to fix the bad design

    – They pay a designer after the DIY process because what they made for themselves is not what they really wanted.

    All of these cases are a waste of time and money; something that could have been avoided if they decided to work with a professional designer in the first place. If you are a blogger, stick to your blogging lane and let professional designers do their work. You will thank yourself later for making this decision.

    How Much Should You Spend?

    You should spend anything between a couple of hundreds to a few thousand dollars. This will depend on what your blog gives you and the audience you have. Unless you have a blog that earns you a lot of money and has a huge following, you should not spend more than $5000 on it.

    Business Websites

    Do I need A Business Website?

    In this technology era, a lot of consumers are finding businesses online and it would be a great disadvantage if you are not where people are looking. Whether you have a thousand outlets or a thousand workers, if you do not have a business website, there is a lot you are missing in the 21st century. That said, having a poor quality or outdated business website will actually do more harm than good. You might think that having any kind of website is better than not having online presence but the truth is that you will lose some customers who will look at your business as being cheap and disorganized.

    Benefits Of A Business Website

    A website can be used for a number of things such as teaching people, making appointments, making purchases, or providing contact information. There are two important things when dealing with a business website. 1. If your website is not leading to more sales, there is clearly something wrong with it. 2. If it leads to sales, you need to know how to make it work better for an improved customer experience that leads to more conversion.

    What Do Businesses Need?

    Most business owners spend time and energy worrying about the tiny things that do not actually matter like more space for the logo that pushes content down, menus that pop out in a certain way and many other things that do not really matter. While they worry about these things, they miss the bigger picture and this leads to visitors who leave as soon as they land on the website. If you do not have an idea of what your business website needs, it is time to talk to a professional web designer.

    How Much Should It Cost?

    Since business website have so many elements involved, it might be difficult to decide on a price. It is important that you budget a few thousand dollars for a professional website. To get a better picture of why you should spend that amount, put yourself in the shoes of your target customers and think of all the things you would want to see on a website. Keep in mind that though the customer wants a website that is easy to use, they want it to be professional. This can only be achieved by a professional website designer who will have all your needs and preferences in mind and still think about the expectation of the consumers in your line of business.

    For professional results, it is a great idea to let a professional web designer handle the designing as you worry about other important things in your business.

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