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    Jumpstart Your Creativity With INC.

    By Dynasty Deann

    Inc. is a New York-based business magazine focusing on small businesses and start-ups. Published weekly, they are best known for their annual ranking of the 500 quickest-growing small businesses in the U.S. Since publishing its first issue in 1979, Inc. has been characterized by consistent growth. In 2012, Inc. boasted a circulation rate of more than 700,000. With the addition of an online publication, that number has doubtlessly grown. Being featured in Inc. is a huge deal for a small business like ours. Doing it twice is phenomenal.


    Top Notch Dezigns recently secured a place in an article titled “6 Ways to Give Your Company a Solid Start in Q1.” We were honored. But, we were absolutely astounded when it happened again less than a week later. On February 5, 2018, Top Notch Dezigns became one of the six companies highlighted in “6 Brainstorming Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing.” While the former article focused on making the best of a new fiscal year, this piece outlines six ways that everybody, and not just graphic designers, can get in touch with their inner artist.

    Three Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity

    Writers suffer from writer’s block. Artists struggle with blank canvasses. Regardless of what you do, however, you’ve likely had a moment when the ideas just wouldn’t come. Your mind buzzed, not with solutions, but useless white noise. In a world that runs on innovation and creativity, that can leave a big dent in your bottom line.


    Here are three things Inc. suggests doing next time you find yourself museless and braindead:

    1. Get Your Blood Pumping: Top Notch Dezigns knows that the sedentary and the creative rarely go together. When you find yourself stumped by a problem, we suggest doing something that gets your blood pumping. Our CEO told Inc., “A few months ago, when I was in a brainstorming session with our web design team, I could not think beyond my initial idea. A two-mile midday run had everyone around me surprised, but once I was back, I was raring to go.” If you’re not the running type, you can probably get away with a couple jumping jacks.


    1. Get Organized: Clutter can be distracting. If you find yourself running on fumes, take a few minutes to clean your desk and slip on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. This suggestion comes from Jared Atchison, co-founder of WP Forms. He expanded on his original suggestion, adding, “When my outside environment is free of clutter, my mind has more room for creative thought.”


    1. Cut the Buts: Brainstorming is best done without limits. Otherwise, we become bogged down by the things that stand in our way. It’s hard to reach for the stars if you’re preoccupied with the ‘can’t dos’ and ‘won’t dos.’ Jen Brown, founder of The Engaging Educator, explained, “The word ‘but’ creates a block in our minds. By eliminating ‘but’ and substituting it with ‘yes,’ we open up possibilities and ideation becomes limitless.”


    Learn more on 6 Brainstorming Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing and uncover three other ways to tap into your inner creative.



    Top Notch Dezigns is a company built on innovation and creativity. We come to work every day looking to push the boundaries of modern web design. This requires a lot of fresh ideas and more than a couple of trips outside the box. This featurette is just further proof that all of our hard work is worth it.


    If you are ever struggling with a problem, we suggest going for a run. You might just run into our founder.

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