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    Top 10 Reasons to use Responsive Web Design

    By John Dion

    Top 10 Reasons to use Responsive Web Design

    Concepts used in web designing are changing with every daybreak. There are new idea and platforms coming up to assist developers and designers and delivering services that meet the needs and wants of users. Responsive web design is a hot topic right now and if you understand its aim, you will know why. This is a new design concept that has proved to be a great investment for different businesses and organizations. We will highlight the top 10 reasons to use responsive web design to help you see the bigger picture of this popular concept.

    1. It Is the New Age Web Design Concept

    Responsive web design stands tall as the strongest web design concepts in the modern world. This design is preparing websites for the future which is all about accessibility and user experience. With this concept, users can comfortably access different sites without worrying about the size of the screen of the device they are using. This explains why it has become such an important topic in the world of website design and development.


    1. Improved User Experience

    It does not matter whether users are accessing websites from their desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, what matters is the experience they are having. Users are continuously looking for a great experience and there is no better way to offer this than through a responsive website design. This design ensures that your audience can use any device and enjoy the same great experience they would when using a desktop computer.

    1. You Get An Edge Over Your Competitors

    Running a successful business is all about keeping up with the competition. You need to be steps ahead to make sure that customers prefer your services. Most businesses have already discovered the wonders of responsive web design. Not jumping on the bandwagon might rob you some important benefits. As you plan your business strategy, it is important that you make sure that responsive web design is in the budget.

    1. Things Become Easier

    With a responsive web design, you will reduce the maintenance burden that you might be dealing with without it. Without a responsive design, you are forced to maintain different mobile websites and the desktop version. The new concept ensures that you are simply handling everything from one platform. This not only makes things easier, but it also cuts the maintenance cost. These websites are also simple to maintain and operate and this means that you will not have sleepless nights trying to understand the process.

    1. Cost effectiveness

    As mentioned in reason 4, you will be cutting costs. Website owners who have already made a step towards the future by using responsive designs say that the initial cost might be high but the maintenance is a walk in the park. These sites will save you from the hassles of operating different websites and the maintenance cost is considerably low. For this reason, this website design has been proven to be one of the inexpensive development options in the world of websites. If you are saving money, then it is a great idea especially considering the many other benefits.


    1. You Reach The Majority Mobile Users

    In the past few years, the number of people accessing the internet using mobile devices has increased significantly. To be exact the number in 2010 doubled in 2013. Today, the people using mobile phones are more than those who are using desktop computers. This simply means you need to take care of your customers because they are probably finding you through mobile phones and tablets. It does not make sense to have two websites, one for the mobile devices and one for desktop computers. Having a responsive web design means you will only have one platform and managing it has never been easier.

    1. Easy SEO and Online Marketing

    When you run different versions of the same site, you might have a heavy burden to carry. When it comes to marketing, things get tricky and harder. This explains why marketing and SEO companies are encouraging the shift to responsive sites. When everything is done on the same platform, you do not have to spend a great deal of money especially when hiring a marketing or SEO firm.

    1. Search Engine Preferences

    Of all these top 10 reasons to use responsive web design, this one is the most important. This is because no matter what you do, your website will go through search engines. People use these engines to find what they are looking for. To be on their good side, it is important that you meet their requirements and preferences. Search engines prefer a responsive website to other older sites. With a responsive website, you will enjoy better ranking and this is what most websites aim for.


    1. CMS Platform Support

    Content management systems, popularly known as CMS are great tools for internet marketers. There are millions of websites that are hosted through CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. These platforms have made updating and maintaining websites easier. These platforms have noticed that mobile phones are an important part of web browsing. This is why they are supporting responsive website with more features.

    1. Return On Investment

    As mentioned, the initial cost of creating a responsive web design is quite high. However, the maintenance is low and the benefits are many. Working smart is taking steps today to save later. Developing a responsive website will help you save time and money in future and will greatly improve the experience of your visitors. In the near future, this concept will be standard and it is only reasonable to invest in it today.


    The above top 10 reasons to use responsive web design show you why you should be thinking about this new age web design concept. A larger percentage of internet users are using mobile devices to access websites and this means you should consider them. If your website is not friendly to smaller devices, your business will suffer by losing traffic to your direct competitors. Make this important step today and shape your website’s future.

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