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    4 Proven Techniques To Get FREE Traffic To Your New eCommerce Website

    By Latoya Bryan

    Starting out, you may not have a big budget to market your new online store. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you a few effective methods you can use to get free traffic to your new eCommerce website.


    All you’ll really need is persistence, patience and an hour or two every day to put these techniques into action.


    You’ll learn:


    • How to take advantage of influencers
    • Leverage email marketing
    • Make use of good copywriting
    • Use the power of search engines
    • Connect with your potential audiences
    • Attract new customers using product reviews
    • Make good use of social media


    All these methods are incredibly effective ways to get free traffic to your new eCommerce website without spending a dime on ads (people hate them anyways!).


    Let’s get started with tip # 1:

    1. Use Social Media To Amass A Following

    Use Social Media To Amass A Following

    The best place to make people aware of your brand, company or online store is through social media.


    People love to ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘follow’ and ‘tweet’ posts they think are awesome.


    So do your best to create extremely attractive and entertaining social media pages which shows off your products.


    Interact with people on Facebook and Twitter, especially influencers which might get them to reply to you back. Also, follow influencers in your industry and hope they follow you back. If this happens, chances are their followers will follow you as well.


    Take slick pictures of the products you sell on Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure they are so awesome people will definitely share them, pin them and Instagram them!


    Even more than that, check out popular tags trending in your industry and connect with people who you think might be interested in what you have to offer.


    It’s a slow process but it definitely works. Soon you’ll amass a big following interested in what you have to say.


    After that, it’s just a matter of time when free traffic starts flowing to your eCommerce store!

    2. Connect With Influencers In Your Industry


    Your audience, the people who are interested in your products, is surely hanging out on forums, blogs and social media accounts of famous influencers.


    Influencers are people who are regarded as experts successful in their fields of interest. It can be anyone from a timid software engineer to a superbly confident fitness guru.


    People trust them to give valuable advice and information.


    Connect with them.


    Ask them whether they’d be interested in publishing an article written by you with a mention of your product or website.


    Be sure not to bombard them with ideas and pitches. First get to know their work, praise something about it you like and kindly ask their permission whether they’d be interested in publishing an article by you.


    Be warned, most of them won’t agree, especially if they have a big following.


    That’s why at the start, connect with small influencers with a minor yet engaged audience. They’ll be more likely to talk to you and listen to your requests.


    And who says you have to connect with one influencer? Connect with as many as you can!

    3. Build A Blog And Get Free Traffic With SEO


    A blog is not necessary for your eCommerce website.


    But it is if you want free traffic.


    Build a blog, fill it up with genuinely useful content which really helps people out and then leverage its power to fulfill your goals, which in this case is to get free traffic.

    But there’s one small problem. 70% of people who visit your blog never visit it again, even if they found what you wrote to be interesting and helpful.


    There are two ways to solve this and you should implement both these techniques.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Your Blog Posts

    SEO involves doing keyword research, performing backlink techniques and creating interesting content which increases the time users spend on your page.


    Doing SEO helps you get free traffic from search engines. A user searches for something on Google and if Google deems your content relevant to the question the user asked, your blog gets showed in the search results.


    Google gets asked the same question hundreds, even thousands of times. And if your content is part of the answer, well, get ready to get lots of free traffic to your new eCommerce website!

    Add A CTA (Call-To-Action) On Your Blog Asking Users For Their Email

    Email marketing is an extremely powerful marketing tool which allows you to get in touch with a potentially limitless audience. You have a far greater control on what you can do with it than say, your Facebook page or Twitter following (You also get greater conversions).


    But people don’t give away their emails for nothing.


    That’s why as we’ve said countless times, make sure the content on your blog is top quality so people feel like reading your future posts.


    And at the end of each article, and on your blog, place a small form asking users for their email. Gradually build your email list, make a killer campaign and watch the free traffic roll in!

    4.  Optimize The Copy On Your Ecommerce Website


    These days, people have extremely low attention spans.


    They don’t have the time – or the patience to read through blocks of texts, vague descriptions, and misleading details and offers.


    That’s why you should improve the copy of your website.


    Your front page should clearly make an impression on your audience. They should know instantly that this is where they will find what they want.


    The design should be easy to see and the user interface easy to navigate.


    Your audience should have fun browsing your eCommerce store and they should feel they are being educated on your products, not sold on.


    In addition, offer them valuable information and advice. Make sure they feel as though you are serving them. Don’t force your promos and advertisements in their face with constant pop ups.


    Build their trust by allowing user reviews. They greatly increase a potential customer’s confidence in what you are selling.


    All these tips might not seem to be connected with getting traffic, but be assured they are. Providing a positive and fulfilling experience to those who visit your website will definitely get you free traffic to your new eCommerce store.


    People will want to return again and again to your website to buy from you and will recommend your website to their other friends as well, which is the most effective (and free) way for your store to be advertised.

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