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    Advantages Using Animation Video With Website

    By Derek Robinson

    The world of web design is changing fast. From the blocks of text that were initially used to the modern websites with videos and now, the inclusion of animation ideas, the changes are coming in fast and strong. Web animation comes in different forms and shapes and can be the subtle feature on the website or be the focus element on the page. Animation can have a positive effect on your online presence. There are a number of advantages using animation video with website and we will have a brief look at the main ones.

    Animation Is An Attention Grabber

    The World Wide Web is full of websites in your line of business. Since you are competing with millions of other sites, having a specific unique feature will work positively in making your site more notable. Animation comes in different forms for different reasons you can use animation to distract the user during loading time especially for portfolios, minimalism and flat designs. Animation can also be used in the web menu, especially with moving icons and the hidden menus that are revealed with a click of a button.


    Slide shows and galleries are other popular places where web animation is used in most websites. This is just a simple way of content display in a unique attractive way that attracts attention. Whatever form of animation selected, it should serve its purpose without distracting the visitors from the important content.

    Web Animation Makes Your Website Stand Out

    Most of the websites have static content. Adding animation to your site will make it stand out from the crowd. As mentioned, there are many different ways you can make use of animation to give your website a unique look. To get your website notices, you need great web skills and innovative content.


    As you select your animation you should remember that mobile-first principle is becoming the model of choice in web design. Keep in mind that most web views are coming from mobile devices and you should incorporate this as you add the animated content and features.

    Animation Achieves The Impossible

    In most cases, the reason why most people use animation in their websites is to achieve something that is impossible to achieve using photos or real videos. If there is something that you might find impossible to express clearly using text or photos, animation will do a great job filling up this gap.

    Messages Through Animation Last Longer

    Any message you pass through visual and audio presentation will last longer in the mind of your audience. A short animated video introducing products/service or your brand can have significant impact on traffic visiting your website. A study indicates that people are 50% more likely to remember information they got through audio visual formats. This simply means that animation can help you communicate better and sell more products and services through your website.


    Animation is flexible and can give you the advantage of introducing a number of products is short simple video. Some visitors do not have the time to flip through the website looking for specific products or services. Using an animated video can help you introduce all the services at once.

    Always Remember Less Is More

    A popular saying says that too much of something is dangerous. This applies to animation. Make sure you are not overloading your website with animated content. As mentioned, the animation should not interfere with the content. Where there is too much animated content the content might not send the message it was created for. Just make sure your website gets the right amount of animation in the right places and all will be well.

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